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1. "It's early days. A few skeletons are bound to keep jumping out of the closet."
Author: Alan Moore
2. "Every town has its secrets." He began. "San Felipe is no different. Skeletons are hidden in closets for a reason my friend. And trust me when I tell you, San Felipe has many skeletons. The moral of the story is; don't go snooping into strange closets. You will only find sins and betrayal. Why do you think we drink tequila so much?"
Author: Carroll Bryant
3. "My dear sister, you can't escape God, and you can't escape your skeletons in the closet. They will always be there until you take them out from behind those dusty old moth-eaten coats. Your exterior facade of ‘everything is alright' only works for a little while, and then the cracks begin to show. You can only hide behind yourself for so long. You can't keep running!"
Author: Corallie Buchanan
4. "No. . .I mean, I'm sorry he. . .You know, said those things to you." "It's part of being a 'good' family. Everyone's got skeletons in their closet."
Author: Richelle Mead
5. "Everybody's got skeletons in the closets. Every once in a while, you've got to open up the closet and the let the skeletons breathe. Half the time, the very thing you think is gonna destroy you or ruin you is the very thing that nobody cares about. My advice to people with skeletons is to dust them off every now and then-- as long as your closet's aint full of them. It's not good to have more than two or three."
Author: Tyler Perry

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