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1. "I never play a villain that I don't have something I can either do or say so the audience sees there is something redeemable about them. In other words, I don't want to do evil for evil's sake. I don't want to do Jason slasher movies. There's no point in that."
Author: Brion James
2. "I was never a big fan of horror. I got into it making these films, but I don't ever see myself doing slasher movies. The kind of horror film I like is 'The Shining.' I don't really like slashers, but I love thrillers with tension."
Author: Caity Lotz
3. "I get offered a lot of the same type of thing... The teenage slasher movies."
Author: Casey Affleck
4. "I am very, very anti-slasher."
Author: Cassandra Peterson
5. "I'm not a big slasher film fan."
Author: David Naughton
6. "I don't like the slasher stuff, myself, but I do like the psychological horror of Roman Polanski and that world. But, it's curious to me why people do like to be afraid."
Author: Dylan McDermott
7. "We are all overdressed in our little flashy frocks, our slasher heels, and we all eat small plates of food bites that are as decorative and unsubstantial as we are."
Author: Gillian Flynn
8. "All these horror movies are slasher film now. I like them, they're fun, but they wink at the audience and you're really not terrified through the movie."
Author: Gina Philips
9. "Slasher Hathaway marks his territory by spending money. He might as well have pissed on her. It means nothing."
Author: Marian Keyes
10. "What's your pick?""Jesus Camp""Never heard of it, Is it a slasher flick?"'It's a documentary." We all laughed but he didn't seem to be joking. "I'm telling you, if that movie doesn't scare you, nothing will."Jared looked at hi in astonishment. "A documentary about religion?""It's not about religion. It's about fanaticism. Not the same thing."Angelo was looking thoughtful, and I knew we'd have a copy by the end of the month."
Author: Marie Sexton
11. "'Ravenswood' is horror. It's not slasher, but it's psychological and spiritual horror."
Author: Tyler Blackburn

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