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1. "The cross where Jesus died became also the cross where His apostle died. The loss, the rejection, the shame, belong both to Christ and to all who in very truth are His. the cross that saves them also slays them, and anything short of this is a pseudo-faith and not true faith at all."
Author: A.W. Tozer
2. "In a swordfight, a man's surest defense is the swift stroke that slays his foe, not cringing behind a shield."
Author: George R.R. Martin
3. "The brave man slays with a sword, the craven with a wineskin."
Author: George R.R. Martin
4. "Purity is not imposed upon us as though it were a kind of punishment, it is one of those mysterious but obvious conditions of that supernatural knowledge of ourselves in the Divine, which we speak of as faith. Impurity does not destroy this knowledge, it slays our need for it."
Author: Georges Bernanos
5. "Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive."
Author: Havelock Ellis
6. "Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves."
Author: Henry Ward Beecher
7. "…If one who slays one is a murderer then he who slays a thousand is not a hero,' said Lalu.- Pg. #112, Across the Black Waters."
Author: Mullk Raj Anand
8. "Boredom slays more of existence than war."
Author: Norman Mailer
9. "Tis all a Chequer-board of nights and daysWhere Destiny with men for Pieces plays:Hither and thither moves, and mates,and slays, And one by one back in the closet lays."
Author: Omar Khayyam
10. "For Man's grim Justice goes its way, And will not swerve aside: It slays the weak, it slays the strong, It has a deadly stride: With iron heel it slays the strong, The monstrous parricide!"
Author: Oscar Wilde
11. "If the red slayer think he slays,Or if the slain think he is slain,They know not well the subtle waysI keep, and pass, and turn again.Far or forgot to me is near,Shadow and sunlight are the same,The vanished gods to me appear,And one to me are shame and fame.They reckon ill who leave me out;When me they fly, I am the wings;I am the doubter and the doubt,And I the hymn the Brahmin sings.The strong gods pine for my abode,And pine in vain the sacred Seven;But thou, meek lover of the good!Find me, and turn thy back on heaven."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
12. "Clear communication between selves - the surface self and the deep self - is the enemy of self-doubt. It slays confusion."
Author: Stephen King
13. "God raises from the dead he who man slays, he whom his brothers have rejected, finds his father once more. Pray, believe, enter into life the father is there."
Author: Victor Hugo
14. "Your love has wrested me away from me,You're the one I need, you're the one I crave.Day and night I burn, gripped by agony,You're the one I need, you're the one I crave.I find no great joy in being alive,If I cease to exist, I would not grieve,The only solace I have is your love,You're the one I need, you're the one I crave.Lovers yearn for you, but your love slays them,At the bottom of the sea it lays them,It has God's images-it displays them;You're the one I need, you're the one I crave.Let me drink the wine of love sip by sip,Like Mecnun, live in the hills in hardship,Day and night, care for you holds me in its grip,You're the one I need, you're the one I crave.Even if, at the end, they make me dieAnd scatter my ashes up to the shy,My pit would break into this outcry:You're the one I need, you're the one I crave."Yunus Emre the mystic" is my name,Each passing day fans and rouses my flame,What I desire in both worlds in the same:You're the one I need, you're the one I crave."
Author: Yunus Emre

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