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1. "Your heart of devotion and obedience is not in vain. Who knows but God how many people have come near to you and were forever changed simply by the fragrance of his love in you? Who knows but God if he will put you before kings and leaders to speak the truth, redirecting the future of nations? Who knows when that small crack in the dam of our enemy's plans will give way and God's glory will truly cover the earth as the sea? Do not become distracted or discouraged by the death around you. Death must always give way when the life of Christ enters the picture."
Author: Amy Layne Litzelman
2. "As I move along the line, other food items are plunked onto my tray: a small salad of iceberg lettuce and bacos, a slice of white bread with a pat of Hotel Holiday butter and blob of red Jell-O with fruit cocktail trapped inside. Instantly, I feel compassion for the trapped fruit."
Author: Augusten Burroughs
3. "Enough small empty boxes thrown into a big empty box fill it full."
Author: Carl Sandburg
4. "You could know a man not by what his friends said about him, but by how he treated his servants."
Author: Cassandra Clare
5. "One day a man sees the sun setting and decides that his fortune is where the sun touches the land. He sets off towards it. He walks and walks and walks, and after a long time he arrives back in the village where he started. He has travelled the globe but when his friends ask him to describe the wonders of the world he is unable to reply, for his eyes have been blinded by the sun."
Author: Danny Scheinmann
6. "In the years when teenagers really need to be connected to somebody, they aren't; especially in small towns where kids are bored and look for something to get them going."
Author: Dash Mihok
7. "Blessed is he who can call his family friends and his friends family."
Author: David Alejandro Fearnhead
8. "Disciples of Jesus Christ understand that compared to eternity, our existence in this mortal sphere is only "a small moment" in space and time. They know that a person's true value has little to do with what the world holds in high esteem. They know you could pile up the accumulated currency of the entire world and it could not buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven."
Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
9. "Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference."
Author: Emil Ludwig
10. "Small talk comes from small bones"
Author: Ezra Pound
11. "I wasn't normal, and no matter how hard I tried, I was never going to be. And though I didn't hear it at the time, a small part of me exclaimed "Good!"
Author: John Goode
12. "It's funny, but we were living on this small island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina when I was 9."
Author: Josh Lucas
13. "All of his life he had feared the darkness and what it could bring; no one, not even his father, had told him how beautiful the night sky was, how it made you feel both small and large at the same time, while also a part of something vast and eternal."
Author: Justin Cronin
14. "Like most young Annawadians, the girls considered the caste obsession of their elders to be an irrelevant artifact. Manju and Meena had become friends because they both loved to dance, and stayed friends because they could keep each other's secrets."
Author: Katherine Boo
15. "One belief is that it is easier to die, than to live. I'd rather make friends with Death, as a means to learn a few truths, than to allow life to lead me blindly astray within its subjective views and enraptured sciolism."
Author: Lionel Suggs
16. "So far as it goes, a small thing may give analogy of great things, and show the tracks of knowledge."
Author: Lucretius
17. "We enjoy sailing small boats, two of which I have designed and built myself."
Author: Martin Ryle
18. "But Madonna has a small amount of talent when it comes to movies."
Author: Norman Jewison
19. "What at first had seemed to be no more than a small bump in the road was turned into a full-scale misfortune"
Author: Paul Auster
20. "Babies did not attract me, and I was altogether without the maternal sense so highly developed in small and adolescent girls."
Author: Rita Levi Montalcini
21. "Is it a small thing to quench the flames of hell with the holy tears of pity -- to unbind the martyr from the stake -- break all the chains -- put out the fires of civil war -- stay the sword of the fanatic, and tear the bloody hands of the Church from the white throat of Science? Is it a small thing to make men truly free -- to destroy the dogmas of ignorance, prejudice and power -- the poisoned fables of superstition, and drive from the beautiful face of the earth the fiend of fear?"
Author: Robert G. Ingersoll
22. "She was wearing a dark-red swimsuit consisting of two small triangles up above and a mere suggestion of something down below. If she took everything off, Dill thought, she would look a lot less naked."
Author: Ross Thomas
23. "I always write things that entertain me, and one of the things that I find really enjoyable to explore is the idea of love. I like looking at my own life and my friends and family and how love changes who you are. It fascinates me."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
24. "People in coats and ties were milling around the Talley gallery, and on the wall were the minimally rendered still lifes by Giorgio Morandi, most of them no bigger than a tea tray. Their thin browns, ashy grays, and muted blues made people speak softly to one another, as if a shouted word might curdle one of the paintings and ruin it. Bottles, carafes, and ceramic whatnots sat in his paintings like small animals huddling for warmth, and these shy pictures could easily hang next to a Picasso or Matisse without feeling inferior."
Author: Steve Martin
25. "I made a lot of friends over the years and I would always look at what they were eating. All of them were skinny. I would think that I would like to eat like that."
Author: Suzanne Somers
26. "To an ignorant, a small garden is a forest."
Author: Vikrant Parsai
27. "When there was fear, men huddled in small groups and counted their friends on their fingers, and all else was Foe."
Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.

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