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1. "To sober up seems to many like making life "so serious," as if seriousness precluded joy, warmth, spontaneity and fun. But there can be a delusional, blind quality to non-sober festivities. To have our eyes open soberly with all our senses and memory intact allows some of the most rewarding, soul-nourishing, and long-lasting pleasures possible."
Author: Alexandra Katehakis
2. "Para bailar, hay que merecerlo. Bailar sobre un escenario y delante de público constituye la mayor de las felicidades. A decir verdad, incluso sin público, incluso sin escenario, bailar es el colmo de la embriaguez. Una alegría tan profunda justifica los sacrificios más crueles. La educación que os damos aquí tiende a presentar la danza como lo que es: no un medio sino una recompensa."
Author: Amélie Nothomb
3. "Cuando advierta que para producir necesita obtener autorización de quienes no producen nada; cuando compruebe que el dinero fluye hacia quienes trafican no bienes, sino favores; cuando perciba que muchos se hacen ricos por el soborno y por influencias mas que por el trabajo, y que las leyes no lo protegen contra ellos, sino, por el contrario son ellos los que están protegidos contra usted; cuando repare que la corrupción es recompensada y la honradez se convierte en un autosacrificio, entonces podrá, afirmar sin temor a equivocarse, que su sociedad está condenada."
Author: Ayn Rand
4. "It seemed that I performed better sober than drunk. Who knew?"
Author: Craig Ferguson
5. "I got sober. I stopped killing myself with alcohol. I began to think: 'Wait a minute - if I can stop doing this, what are the possibilities?' And slowly it dawned on me that it was maybe worth the risk."
Author: Craig Ferguson
6. "As he dropped the last grisly fragment of the dismembered and mutilated body into the small vat of nitric acid that was to devour every trace of the horrid evidence which might easily send him to the gallows, the man sank weakly into a chair and throwing his body forward upon his great, teak desk buried his face in his arms, breaking into dry, moaning sobs."
Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
7. "But the child's sob curses deeper in the silence than the strong man in his wrath!"
Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
8. "To conclude, therefore, let no man upon a weak conceit of sobriety or an ill-applied moderation think or maintain that a man can search too far, or be too well studied in the book of God's word, or the book of God's works, divinity or philosophy; but rather let men endeavor an endless progress or proficience in both; only let men beware that they apply both to charity, and not to swelling; to use, and not to ostentation; and again, that they do not unwisely mingle or confound these learnings together."
Author: Francis Bacon
9. "Las dos veces anteriores, sólo su sabor había causado que los instintos de Noelle se propulsaran sobre una cornisa que no podía ver hasta ser muy tarde. Él era una droga para ella, capaz de destruir cualquier barrera, rápidamente adictivo, calentándola inexorablemente, haciéndola girar más y más hasta el fondo de lo que podría llegar a ser una profunda y oscura caverna de soledad, o un brillante y devorante lecho de pasión."
Author: Gena Showalter
10. "Der Schlaf, den wir ersehnen, der vollkommene Schlaf, ist traumlos. Wir werden von Träumen heimgesucht, sobald wir gelernt haben, uns zu erinnern und Reue zu empfinden"
Author: Golo Mann
11. "He was bored now when Emma suddenly began to sob on his breast; and his heart, like the people who can only stand a certain amount of music, became drowsy through indifference to the vibrations of a love whose subtleties he could no longer distinguish."
Author: Gustave Flaubert
12. "Zdjecia ksiecia Williama moglabym ogladac w ilosciach hurtowych, najlepiej w calej gamie strojów, ale oczywiscie zdaje sobie sprawe z tego, ze zadza ta jest czyms niepozadanym i niewlasciwym"
Author: Helen Fielding
13. "Kiedy przywolujesz demona, dajesz mu sposobnosc wplywania na wydarzenia w twoim swiecie. Pomniejsze demony po prostu wyrzadza szkody, ale wieksze potrafia byc subtelniejsze. I grozniejsze."
Author: Herbie Brennan
14. "I pondered some time without fully comprehending the reason for this. Father Mapple enjoyed such a wide reputation for sincerity and sanctity, that I could not suspect him of courting notoriety by any mere tricks of the stage. No, thought I, there must be some sober reason for this thing; furthermore, it must symbolize something unseen. Can it be, then, that by that act of physical isolation, he signifies his spiritual withdrawal for the time, from all outward worldly ties and connexions? Yes, for replenished with the meat and wine of the word, to the faithful man of God, this pulpit, I see, is a self- containing stronghold - a lofty Ehrenbreitstein, with a perennial well of water within the walls."
Author: Herman Melville
15. "Civil disobedience, as I put it to the audience, was not the problem, despite the warnings of some that it threatened social stability, that it led to anarchy. The greatest danger, I argued, was civil obedience, the submission of individual conscience to governmental authority. Such obedience led to the horrors we saw in totalitarian states, and in liberal states it led to the public's acceptance of war whenever the so-called democratic government decided on it...In such a world, the rule of law maintains things as they are. Therefore, to begin the process of change, to stop a war, to establish justice, it may be necessary to break the law, to commit acts of civil disobedience, as Southern black did, as antiwar protesters did."
Author: Howard Zinn
16. "I never drink while I'm working, but after a few glasses I get ideas that would never have occurred to me dead sober."
Author: Irwin Shaw
17. "A disobedient child is one who blinks of his own volition, without being told to or even looked at. That's usually when I get out the Behavior Cloth (a blindfold)."
Author: Jarod Kintz
18. "Alcohol makes you do some crazy things, like speak openly of your love, fornicate with strangers, and occasionally commit murder. That's why I stopped drinking. Been sober now for over three days."
Author: Jarod Kintz
19. "Even the soberest judged it requisite to sacrifice one part of their liberty to ensure the other, as a man, dangerously wounded in any of his limbs, readily parts with it to save the rest of his body."
Author: Jean Jacques Rousseau
20. "They leave things behind sometimes, the guests. A bottle of scent. A crumpled handkerchief. A pearl button that fell off a dress and rolled under a bed. And sometimes they leave other sorts of things. Things you can't see. A sigh trapped in a corner. Memories tangled in the curtains. A sob fluttering against the windowpane like a bird that flew in and can't get back out. I can feel these things. They dart and crouch and whisper."
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
21. "Sobre a mesa ainda se viam a poncheira e as taças, espalhadas na desordem costumeira após a debandada dos ébrios."
Author: John Cleland
22. "Of Man's first disobedience, and the fruit"
Author: John Milton
23. "Si tengo que definir la poesía y no las tengo todas conmigo, si no me siento demasiado seguro, digo algo como: «poesía es la expresión de la belleza por medio de palabras artísticamente entretejidas». Esta definición podría valer para un diccionario o para un libro de texto, pero a nosotros nos parece poco convincente. Hay algo mucho más importante: algo que nos animaría no sólo a seguir ensayando la poesía, sino a disfrutarla y a sentir que lo sabemos todo sobre ella.Esto significa que sabemos qué es la poesía. Lo sabemos tan bien que no podemos definirla con otras palabras, como somos incapaces de definir el sabor del café, el color rojo o amarillo o el significado de la ira, el amor, el odio, el amanecer, el atardecer o el amor por nuestro país. Estas cosas están tan arraigadas en nosotros que sólo pueden ser expresadas por esos símbolos comunes que compartimos. ¿Y por qué habríamos de necesitar más palabras?"
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
24. "¿Qué estás haciendo?Esperar.Pues vas a esperar un montón.Tengo tiempo de sobra"
Author: Kami Garcia
25. "The woods played on our imaginations the most after dark, in our dorms as we were trying to fall asleep. You almost thought then you could hear the wind rustling the branches, and talking about it seemed only to make things worse. I remember one night, when we were furious with Marge K.--she'd done something really embarrassing to us during the day--we chose to punish her by hauling her out of bed, holding her face against the window pane and ordering her to look up at the woods. At first she kept her eyes screwed shut, but we twisted her arms and forced open her eyelids until she saw the distant outline against the moonlit sky, and that was enough to ensure for her a sobbing night of terror."
Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
26. "Laila's warning from Wajma: This is why the Holy Koran forbids sharab. Because it always falls on the sober to pay for the sins of the drunk."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
27. "I lay down on the bed clasping the pictures and buried my face in the pillow in a vain attempt at silencing my sobs. But it was as if all my life's accumulated grief had finally found an outlet and was allowed to take its course. I screamed, I cried, until the grief became bearable. (174)"
Author: Linda Olsson
28. "Oh, my poor little hawthorns," I was assuring them through my sobs, "it isn't you who want me to be unhappy, to force me to leave you. You, you've never done me any harm. So I shall always love you." And, drying my eyes, I promised them that, when I grew up, I would never copy the foolish example of other men, but that even in Paris, on fine spring days, instead of paying calls and listening to silly talk, I would set off for the country to see the first hawthorn-trees in bloom."
Author: Marcel Proust
29. "El debate tan machacón como hipócrita (porque en realidad se trata de una campaña de exterminio) sobre la inminente desaparición del libro, pese a que las editoriales siguen abarrotando librerías, quizá requiere una interpretación (...) No es seguro que el libro esté destinado a desaparecer mañana, pero sí es seguro que desaparecerá cada uno de nosotros especímenes humanos. Y es posible que cuando dejemos este mundo, algunos libros nos echen de menos."
Author: María Elena Walsh
30. "¡Creedlo, ciudadanos, aquel a quien la espada material de las leyes no detiene tampoco se detendrá por el temor moral de los suplicios del infierno, de los que se burla desde su infancia!. En una palabra, vuestro teísmo ha hecho cometer muchas fechorías, pero jamás ha evitado una sola. Si es cierto que las pasiones ciegan, que su efecto es tender ante nuestros ojos una nube que nos oculte los peligros de que están rodeadas, ¿cómo podemos suponer que los que están lejos de nosotros, como lo están los castigos anunciados por vuestro dios, puedan llegar a disipar esa nube que no disuelve siquiera la espada de las leyes, siempre suspendida sobre las pasiones?"
Author: Marquis De Sade
31. "Pessoas com vidas interessantes não têm fricote. Elas trocam de cidade. Investem em projetos sem garantia. Interessam-se por gente que é o oposto delas. Pedem demissão sem ter outro emprego em vista. Aceitam um convite para fazer o que nunca fizeram. Estão dispostos a mudar de cor preferida, de prato predileto. Começam do zero inúmeras vezes. Não se assustam com a passagem do tempo. Sobem no palco, tosam o cabelo, fazem loucuras por amor, compram passagens só de ida."
Author: Martha Medeiros
32. "Entretanto, mesmo o fogo mais ardente deixa apenas as brasas mais amenas. Bodas verdadeiras são construídas sobre valores e interesses comuns."
Author: Mary Jo Putney
33. "There will be glimpses of hope, shards of refracted light at the Cross when Jesus is crucified, but on the way there is very little. Sobering, yet truthful. We are reminded that others who have sought hope and freedom have had to endure without much to go on, too."
Author: Megan McKenna
34. "And I know why our friendship must be kept a secret. Or they will kill You like they killed You in the Bible. And then we could not be together. If not for them we would live in this valley together. As best friends. But we must be careful, Jesus. I think I would die if anything happened to You...' - she cried ah think, for ah could hear her little sobs as she spoke - '...just close my eyes and die.' And she let fall a heavy tear, and it passed through the slats and exploded upon mah face, just below the right cheek. And as the droplet began to roll, ah caught it with mah tongue. And ah was shocked momentarily by that tear's sweetness, having known them only as bitter things - only bitter things - always bitter things."
Author: Nick Cave
35. "Nada mudou. Afastada das sombras irreais da noite, ressurge a vida, na sua realidade já conhecida. Devemos retomá-la onde a deixamos e apodera-se de nós o terrível sentimento de continuidade necessária da energia no mesmo círculo monótono de hábitos estereotipados, ou então somos presas de um desejo selvagem de que nossas pálpebras se abram um dia sobre um mundo que tivesse sido refundido nas trevas para o nosso próprio prazer, um mundo onde as coisas apresentariam novas formas e cores, que teria mudado ou que teria outros segredos, um mundo em que o passado ocuparia pouco ou nenhum lugar, em que as lembranças não sobreviveriam sob a forma inconsciente de obrigação ou de pesar, uma vez que a recordação da própria felicidade oferece amarguras, assim como a lembrança do prazer já contém sua dor."
Author: Oscar Wilde
36. "¿Que no era libre? Ah, gracias a Dios, no lo era. Pero se sentía ligera, una diosa sobre las nubes, un pez en el agua, colmada de felicidad."
Author: Pauline Réage
37. "-No sos mejor que nosotros por no haberte equivocado. Se te nota la soberbia por todas partes. Hubieras hecho lo que fuera por ser una Evita cualquiera, una montonera."
Author: Pola Oloixarac
38. "Oh, Tiny Pink Jenna," I half sobbed, half giggled. "I have never been so happy to see a vampire in my life."She squeezed me tighter. "I've never been so happy to be squished by a demon!"
Author: Rachel Hawkins
39. "O darwinismo é uma teoria de processos cumulativos tão lentos que se desenrolam ao longo de milhares e milhões de anos. Todos os nossos juízos intuitivos sobre o que é provável mostram-se errados por larga margem."
Author: Richard Dawkins
40. "[...] experimentaram o que era estar num purgatório, uma longa espera inerme, uma espera cuja coluna vertebral era o desamparo, coisa muito latino-americana, aliás, uma sensação familiar, uma coisa que se você pensasse bem experimentava todos os dias, mas sem angústia, sem a sombra da morte sobrevoando o bairro como um bando de urubus e espessando tudo, subvertendo a rotina de tudo, pondo todas as coisas de pernas para o ar."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
41. "Who the hell thought of that? Probably the same sick SOB who saw a chicken shoot an egg out of its nether region and said, "Hey, y'all, I think I'm gonna dry that up and eat it. Wish me luck. If I get sick from it, someone fetch a doctor."' – Sundown"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
42. "(As Ash left the house, the back door slammed shut, catching the tail end of his long black coat. Ash jerked to a stop and cursed. Nick howled with laughter at the sight of Acheron trapped.)Don't it take the bad-ass right out of you? (Nick)(Ash arched a brow. The door opened by itself, freeing his coat, then it slammed shut again. Nick sobered instantly.)And that puts it right back in you. (Nick)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
43. "Ako je more život, a valovi problemi i belaji koje on sobom nosi, nemojte bježati i kukati. Jednostavno, naucite surfati !!! Tako ce vam svaki val, ma koliko velik bio, predstavljati samo novi izazov i priliku za usavršavanje."
Author: Sulejman Bugari
44. "De ahí el dicho: conoce al enemigo y conócete a ti mismo, y sobre tu victoria no caerán dudas; conoce el Cielo y la Tierra, y tu victoria estará asegurada del todo."
Author: Sun Tzu
45. "A sober heart conceals, what a drunken mouth reveals, or in your case, a drunken body and lips."
Author: Taryn Plendl
46. "At the corner store they invaded a hot dog stand and drank pina colada to sober up. It did no good."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
47. "Whether it's a Christian or a non-Christian, there's nothing like suffering to show us how small, needy, and not in control we are. Suffering has a way of sobering us up to the realization that we can't make it on our own, that we need help, that we're broken."
Author: Tullian Tchividjian
48. "PÔR-DO-SOL EM ITATIAIANascente efêmerasEm clareiras súbitasEntre as luzes tardasDo imenso crapúsculo.Negros megalitosEm doce decúbitoSob o peso frágilDa pálida abóbadaCalmo subjacenteO vale infinitoA estender-se múltiploInventando espaçosDilatando a angústiaCriando o silêncio..."
Author: Vinicius De Moraes
49. "So may the outward shows be least themselves:The world is still deceived with ornament.In law, what plea so tainted and corrupt,But, being seasoned with a gracious voice,Obscures the show of evil? In religion,What damned error, but some sober browWill bless it and approve it with a text,Hiding the grossness with fair ornament?There is no vice so simple but assumesSome mark of virtue on his outward parts."
Author: William Shakespeare
50. "(…) jest naiwnoscia mniemanie, jakoby zachwyt nasz wobec dziela sztuki z nas samych pochodzil: ze zachwyt ten w sporej mierze nie rodzi sie z ludzi, ale miedzy ludzmi, i jest to tak jakbysmy wzajemnie zmuszali sie do zachwytu (choc nikt „osobiscie" nie jest zachwycony). / It is naive to believe that the admiration for a masterpiece is spontaneous. The admiration, to a great extent, is not born within people but between people, as if we forced each other to admire (while no one is "personally" enraptured). (Dziennik, 1956, XX, Wtorek I)"
Author: Witold Gombrowicz

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