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1. "Sobering up was responsible for breaking up my marriage. That's what it couldn't stand."
Author: James Taylor
2. "A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?"
Author: Jane Wagner
3. "A female is essentially a cunt, the pure purpose of the female is cunt, but a woman, a wife, is a cunt with a mouth, a man has to reckon with. It's a sobering fact: you start off with a cunt, you wind up with mouth. You wind up with your widow-to-be."
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
4. "But what is equally important, and sobering, is how often we fool ourselves. And we fool ourselves not only individually but en masse. The tendency of a group of human beings to quickly come to believe something that its individual members will later see as obviously false is truly amazing. Some of the worst tragedies of the last century happened because well-meaning people fell for easy solutions proposed by bad leaders."
Author: Lee Smolin
5. "Whether it's a Christian or a non-Christian, there's nothing like suffering to show us how small, needy, and not in control we are. Suffering has a way of sobering us up to the realization that we can't make it on our own, that we need help, that we're broken."
Author: Tullian Tchividjian

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Quotes About Sobering Up
Quotes About Sobering Up
Quotes About Sobering Up

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Augustine taught that true freedom is not choice or lack of constraint, but being what you are meant to be. Humans were created in the image of God. True freedom, then, is not found in moving away from that image but only in living it out."
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