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1. "Nuoren ihmisen on murrosiässä ensin hylättävä kaikki, mikä hänelle siihen asti on ollut rakasta, jotta hän voi rakentaa uudet arvot. Samoin Friedrich Nietzsche, joka ei koskaan ollut kokenut puberteetin kapinaa ja joka 12 vuotiaana oli kirjoittanut sovinnaisia ja pikkuvanhoja merkintöjä päiväkirjaansa, ryhtyy nyt 25 vuotiaana hyökkäämään hänelle aiemmin arvokasta kulttuuria vastaan, alkaa pilkata sitä, vääristellä sitä absurditeettiin asti. Eikä hän tee sitä aikuistumassa olevan nuoren ihmisen keinoin vaan filologin ja filosofian professorin pitkälle kehittyneen älyn asein.On aivan selvää, että tällä kielellä on voimaa ja että se tekee vaikutuksen."
Author: Alice Miller
2. "I feel a little peculiar around the children. For one thing, they grown. And I see they think me and Nettie and Shug and Albert and Samuel and Harpo and Sofia and Jack and Odessa real old and don't know much what going on. But I don't think us feel old at all. And us so happy. Matter of fact, I think this the youngest us ever felt."
Author: Alice Walker
3. "Why you like this, huh? Why you always think you have to do things your own way? I ast your mama bout it one time, while you was in jail.What she say? ast Sofia.She say you think your way as good as anybody else's. Plus, it yours.Sofia laugh."
Author: Alice Walker
4. "What will people say, you running off to Memphis like you don't have a house to look after?Shug say, Albert. Try to think like you got some sense. Why any woman give a shit what people think is a mystery to me.Well, say Grady, trying to bring light. A woman can't git a man if peoples talk.Shug look at me and us giggle. Then us sure nuff. Then Squeak start to laugh. Then Sofia. All us laugh and laugh."
Author: Alice Walker
5. "Bible say, Honor father and mother no matter what. Then after while every tune I got mad, or start to feels mad. I got sick. Felt like throwing up.Terrible feeling. Then I start to feel Nothing at all.Sofia Frown. Nothing at all?Well, sometime Mr._____ git on me pretty hard. I have to talk to Old Maker. But he my husband I shrug my shoulders.This life soon be over.I say.Heaven last all ways"
Author: Alice Walker
6. "Amazing that you can get a cappuccino at a gas station in L.A. at four in the morning and you can't buy a stamp at the post office in Sofia."
Author: Annie Ward
7. "La filosofia sembra che si occupi solo della verità, ma forse dice solo fantasie, e la letteratura sembra che si occupi solo di fantasie, ma forse dice la verità."
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
8. "SHERLOCK HOLMES - I SUOI LIMITI1. Conoscenza della letteratura - Zero.2. Conoscenza della filosofia - Zero.3. Conoscenza dell'astronomia - Zero.4. Conoscenza della politica - Scarsa.5. Conoscenza della botanica - Variabile. Sa molte cose sulla belladonna, l'oppio e i veleni in genere. Non sa niente di giardinaggio.6. Conoscenza della geologia - Pratica, ma limitata. Distingue a colpo d'occhio un tipo di terreno da un altro. Rientrando da qualche passeggiata mi ha mostrato delle macchie di fango sui pantaloni e, in base al colore e alla consistenza, mi ha detto in quale parte di Londra se l'era fatte.7. Conoscenza della chimica - Profonda.8. Conoscenza dell'anatomia - Accurata, ma non sistematica.9. Conoscenza della letteratura scandalistica - Immensa. Sembra conoscere ogni particolare di tutti i misfatti più orrendi perpetrati in questo secolo.10. Buon violinista.11. Esperto schermidore col bastone, pugile, spadaccino.12. Ha una buona conoscenza pratica del diritto britannico."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
9. "I love you, Sofia," I whispered. "And I honestly believe that I could never love another woman for the rest of my life. For the first time in the past five hundred years, I am sincerely thankful for my immortality, because without it, I never would've found you."
Author: Bella Forrest
10. "You're not a pawn, Sofia. You're the queen."
Author: Bella Forrest
11. "Most people who have LLI do end up going crazy, Sofia … unless they have a high enough IQ to handle it. You're one of those lucky few."
Author: Bella Forrest
12. "I knew she was leaving. I knew we were never going to date long-distance. I knew that we wouldn't have been able to be like this back when were were dating, so there was no use in regretting what hadn't happened. I suspected that what happens in hotel rooms rarely lasts outside of them. I suspected that when something was a beginning and an ending at the same time, that meant it could only exist in the present... ..It was snowing outside, anointing the air with a quiet wonder shared by all passersby. When I got back to my mother's apartment, I was a mixture of giddy thrill-happiness and muddle gut-confusion-- I didn't want to leave anything regarding Sofia to chance, and at the same time I was enjoying this step away from it."
Author: David Levithan
13. "Why is it so much easier to talk to a stranger? why do we feel we need to disconnect in order to connect? If I wrote "Dear Sofia" or "Dear Boomer" or "Dear Lily's Great-Aunt" at the top of this postcard, wouldn't that change the words that followed? Of course it would. But the question is: When I wrote "Dear Lily," was that just a version of "Dear Myself"? I know it was more than that. But it was also less than that, too"
Author: David Levithan
14. "No, really,' I said. 'I think she's great. And I honestly like her about twenty more times now than I did when we were dating. But love needs to have a future. And Sofia and I don't have a future. We've just had a good time sharing the present, that's all."
Author: David Levithan
15. "Let's make plans," I ventured. And Sofia smiled and said, "No, let's leave it to chance."
Author: David Levithan
16. "For me, I am a huge fan of Sofia Coppola and Lynn Shelton. I love Lena Dunham, like everybody else. I love Kathryn Bigelow."
Author: Diablo Cody
17. "Pici passi. Un viagio in bici xe fato de pici passeti. I pici passi te permeti, co te entri int'un paeseto, de entrarghe veramente, de sentirlo tuo, de respirar a pieni polmoni la sua atmosfera, de imerger totalmente i tui zinque sensi int'un novo contesto. I pici passi fa questo. Fa assaporar i loghi, fa assaporar le persone, fa assaporar la tua crescita assieme a queste. Pici passi come filosofia de vita."
Author: Diego Manna
18. "Se não aparecerem mulheres, importam-se, que é em Portugal para tudo o recurso natural. Aqui importa-se tudo. Leis, ideias, filosofias, teorias, assuntos, estéticas, ciências, estilos, indústrias, modas, maneiras, pilhérias, tudo nos vem em caixotes pelo paquete. A civilização custa-nos caríssima, com os direitos de alfândega:e é tudo em segunda mão, não foi feita para nós, fica-nos curta nas mangas..."
Author: Eça De Queirós
19. "Filosofias, ideias, glórias profanas, gerações e impérios passam: são como os suspiros efêmeros do esforço humano: só ela permanece e permanecerá, a cruz - esperança dos homens, confiança dos desesperados, amparo dos frágeis, asilo dos vencidos, força maior da humanidade."
Author: Eça De Queirós
20. "I just worked with Sofia Coppola and that was amazing. I learned so much from her. I can't even describe how much fun I had."
Author: Elle Fanning
21. "As bolas de sabão que esta criança Se entretém a largar de uma palhinha São translucidamente uma filosofia toda."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
22. "Tenho sonhado mais que o que Napoleão fez.Tenho apertado ao peito hipotético mais humanidades do que Cristo,Tenho feito filosofias em segredo que nenhum Kant escreveu.Mas sou, e talvez serei sempre, o da mansarda,Ainda que não more nela;Serei sempre... o que não nasceu para isso;Serei sempre... só o que tinha qualidades;Serei sempre o que esperou que lhe abrissem a porta ao pé de uma parede sem porta,E cantou a cantiga do Infinito numa capoeira,E ouviu a voz de Deus num poço tapado.Crer em mim? Não, nem em nada."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
23. "At that instant the smoking mouths of the rifles were aimed at him and letter by letter he heard the encyclicals that Mequiades had chanted and he heart the lost steps of Santa Sofia de la Piedad, a virgin, in the classroom, and in his nose he felt the same icy hardness that had drawn his attention in the nostrils of the corpse of Remedios."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
24. "The air was so damp that fish could have come in through doors and swum out the windows, floating through the atmosphere in the rooms. One morning Ursula woke up feeling that she was reaching her end in a placid swoon and she had already asked them to take her to Father Antonio Isabel, when Santa Sofia de la Piedad discovered that her back was paved with leeches. She took them off one by one, crushing them with a firebrand before they bled her to death."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
25. "La doctrina de la libertad humana sólo prueba que una hipotésis errónea es a veces preferible a otra exacta. El hombre, por cierto, no es libre: pero hace falta haber estudado filosofia muy profundamente para que una concepción de esta naturaleza no nos llame a engaño. Pero éste es un estudio para el cual dispone de tiempo y paciencia sólo un hombre entre mil, y entre los cientos que cuentam com tiempo y paciencia, sólo habrá uno, quizás, que comprenda el sentido de la cosa. Y como las aparencias le son favorables a la doctrina de la libertad, ésta es la más corriente, por ser la más cómoda, y así seguirá siendo en el futuro."
Author: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
26. "Les persones vivim a base d'anar cremant records. I, a l'hora de mantenir-nos vius, tant és si aquests records són realment importants o no. Els records només són el combustible que cremem. Quan llences papers al foc, tant és que siguin anuncis de diari, llibres de filosofia, fotos de revistes pornogràfiques o bitllets de deu mil iens. Només són papers, oi? Mentre els crema, el foc no va pensant: "Oh, això és Kant", "Això és l'edició vespertina del Yomiuri" o "Renoi, quines tetes". Per al foc, només són retalls de paper. Doncs amb els records passa el mateix. Tant els que són importants, com els que no ho són tant, com els que no ho són gens... només són el combustible que cremem."
Author: Haruki Murakami
27. "Rest in peace? Please, God, no. Haunt me, Sofia. You said you'd haunt me."
Author: Helen Maryles Shankman
28. "Ah, dude," Paul said. "What if they beam around like in Star Trek?"Sofia snorted. "I'll be sure to ask Dark Gator if I see him." Paul burst out laughing; Tick held hid laugh in pressing his mouth closed. What?" Sofia asked. What did you call him?" Paul asked. Dark Gator." Man, oh, man, you are too good to be true Miss Italy, too good to be true." Still chuckling, he walked towards all the people. "I think I see a restaurant up there. Let's check it out. Sofia looked at Tick, her eyebrows raised. It's Darth Vader," he whispered. "And he's from Star Wars, not Star Trek."
Author: James Dashner
29. "Filosofian tutkimisen laiminlyöminen on kenties suureksi osaksi syynä siihen pimeyteen, joka peittää sekä Suomen yliopiston että sen kirjailijat."
Author: Johan Vilhelm Snellman
30. "She gave me her jewelry and a shitload of money, but only gave Marilyn and Sofia a token, which pissed them off big time but they'd always been mean to her and I hadn't, so f**k them."
Author: Kristen Ashley
31. "SOCRATECome va ad Atene?MENIPPOMolti giovanotti dicono di far filosofia, e a giudicare dai vestiti e dal modo di camminare, si tratterebbe di sommi filosofi!SOCRATEAh, ne ho visti tanti davvero! [...] E di me che pensano?MENIPPOIn questo, Socrate, sei un uomo fortunato. Tutti credono infatti che tu sia un uomo ammirevole, e tu sappia tutto, e per giunta senza sapere nulla! Quest'ultima cosa, però, penso che sia vera.SOCRATEAnch'io glielo dicevo sempre, ma loro credevano che si trattasse di un'ironia! (Dialoghi dei morti, 6, Menippo ed Eaco)"
Author: Lucian
32. "(...) a pior filosofia é a do choramingas que se deita à margem do rio para o fim de lastimar o curso incessante das águas. O ofício delas é não parar nunca; acomoda-te com a lei, e trata de aproveitá-la."
Author: Machado De Assis
33. "Ah, Sofia, darlin'! On my best days, I believe in Him with all my heart." "And on your worst days?" she had asked that night."Even if it's only poetry, it's poetry to live by, Sofia--poetry to die for. . ."
Author: Mary Doria Russell
34. "Printre marile anomalii ale lumii moderne se numara si faptul ca stiinta si filosofia ne învata viata si moartea. Gânditi-va o clipa la absurditatea acestui lucru: oameni care cunosc viata din laborator, o cunosc prin analize, îi cunosc fenomenele ei, si oameni care gândesc asupra vietii dintr-un cabinet, tocmai acestia sunt chemati sa ne învete cel mai esential si cel mai decisiv fapt: existenta noastra, moartea noastra. De altfel, ei nu fac decât sa completeze si sa articuleze experientele noastre negative, nefiinta noastra."
Author: Mircea Eliade
35. "Sofia was miffed. And if American girls make being miffed a sweet-and-sour emotion, European girls always manage to add an undercurrent of murder to it."
Author: Rachel Cohn
36. "Sofia smiled at me. "You think fairy tales are only for girls? Here's a hint—ask yourself who wrote them. I assure you, it wasn't just the women. It's the great male fantasy—all it takes is one dance to know that she's the one. All it takes is the sound of her song from the tower, or a look at her sleeping face. And right away you know—this is the girl in your head, sleeping or dancing or singing in front of you. Yes, girls want their princes, but boys want their princesses just as much."
Author: Rachel Cohn
37. "Se você não gosta do seu estilo de vida, olhe os seus resultados; se você não gosta dos seus resultados, olhe suas ações; se você não gosta das suas ações, olhe a sua atitude; se você não gosta da sua atitude, olhe sua filosofia."
Author: Ricardo Jordão Magalhães
38. "If these things are alchemical,' said Sofia, 'I'd better be the one to have a look at them.''If it could be dangerous,I'm going as well,' said Lorenzo.'And me,' said Conte'Great! We can all go! It'll be fun!' Locke waved his tied hands at the door. 'But hurry it up,for fucks sake."
Author: Scott Lynch
39. "I see myself as Kiki de Montparnasse, trying to get Man Ray's attention. (Sofia Navarro, 7th July 2012)."
Author: Sofía Navarro
40. "Quando hai cinque anni, e ti fai male, lo fai sapere a tutto il mondo. A dieci ti limiti a piagnucolare. Ora che arrivi a quindici hai già cominciato a mangiare le mele avvelenate che crescono sul tuo interiore albero del dolore. E' questa l'Edificazione secondo la filosofia occidentale.Cominci a ficcarti il pugno in bocca per soffocare le urla.Sanguini solo dentro."
Author: Stephen King
41. "A filosofia não é um meio de descobrir a verdade. Mas é, como na arte, um processo de a criar."
Author: Vergílio Ferreira
42. "Two of my favorite actresses are Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie. So, I would love, love, love to work with them. But I also really love AnnaSofia Robb. There are a lot of great actresses I would love to work with."
Author: Willow Shields

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