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1. "Dès que Séraphine l'a laissé seul, Gontran se jette à genoux au pied du lit ; il enfonce son front dans les draps, mais ne parvient pas à pleurer ; aucun élan ne soulève son cœur. Ses yeux désespérément restent secs. Alors il se relève. Il regarde ce visage impassible. Il voudrait, en ce moment solennel, éprouver je ne sais quoi de sublime et de rare, écouter une communication de l'au-delà, lancer sa pensée dans des régions éthérées,suprasensibles - mais elle reste accrochée, sa pensée, au ras du sol. Il regarde les mains exsangues du mort, et se demande combien de temps encore les ongles continueront de pousser."
Author: André Gide
2. "This area is off limits to our kind," Grom says. "Humans have seen us here, and their stories will spread to more humans. Some will believe them, some will not. Those that do might come to investigate. We will not give them anything to find here." His command is met with solemn nods. "You must also realize," he continues, "that it is only a matter of time now before this happens again. Maybe not in our generation, maybe not in the next. But the time is coming when humans will find us. We all must think about what this means for us individually, but most importantly, for our kind. Go home now to your families. Tell them what has happened. Talk with them about what might."
Author: Anna Banks
3. "Son los sueños de todos los que en la calladamente decimos soledad, literatura, deseo, decimos hijos, decimos admiración y vanidad, melancolía, decimos haber podido ser y no haber sido, decimos secreto"
Author: Belén Gopegui
4. "She came by..... I couldn't help but look...only to look and she smiled back!Wheeew, she blown me away,to realize i made her my goal from the hands of the man he have at present....A family of her own i never want to destroy laid on the line.... a story was made, a secret was solemnly shared by two...Oh i loved her and she loved me too.... most of the time she got scared, i got scared too..for fighting aginst the odds and she stayed back...i stood up to break....flew just to fall....only to realize a love i have no control of and no one can......i am not to bid goodbye ...I can't ...only to keep a love unrequited like mine."
Author: Bob Villarosa
5. "God has set apart His people from before the foundation of the world to be His chosen and peculiar inheritance. We are sanctified in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit when he subdues our corruptions, imparts to us grace, and leads us onward in the divine walk and life of faith. Christian men are not to be used for anything but God. They are a set-apart people; they are vessels of mercy, they are not for the devil's use, not for their own use, not for the world's use, but for their Master's use. He has made them on purpose to be used entirely, solely and wholly for Him. O Christian people, be holy, for Christ is holy. Do not pollute that holy Name wherewith you are named. Let your family life, your personal life, your business life, be as holy as Christ your Lord would have it to be. Shall saints be shams when sinners are so real?"
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
6. "The ruinous abdication by philosophy of its rightful domain is the consequence of the oblivion of philosophers to a great insight first beheld clearly by Socrates and re-affirmed by Kant as by no other philosopher. Science, concerned solely and exclusively with objective existents, cannot give answers to questions about meanings and values. Only ideas engendered by the mind and to be found nowhere but in the mind (Socrates), only the pure transcendental forms supplied by reason (Kant), can secure the ideals and values and put us in touch with the realities that constitute our moral and spiritual life. Twenty-four centuries after Socrates, two centuries after Kant, we badly need to re-learn the lesson."
Author: D.R. Khashaba
7. "That's not precisely what I had in mind." Jamie, I had found out by accident a few days previously, had never mastered the art of winking one eye. Instead, he blinked solemnly, like a large red owl."
Author: Diana Gabaldon
8. "The act of naming is the great and solemn consolation of mankind"
Author: Elias Canetti
9. "Most of the problems of the world stem from linguistic mistakes and simple misunderstandings. Don't ever take words at face value. When you step into the zone of love, language as we know it becomes obsolete. That which cannot be put into words can only be grasped through silence."
Author: Elif Shafak
10. "El ayer pudo ser glorioso, ciertamente, pero mañana puedo verme convertida en un almacén de fuegos artificiales. Incluso en la Ciudad Eterna, nos dice el silencioso mausoleo, uno ha de estar siempre dispuesto a sufrir alteraciones convulsas, desenfrenadas e interminables."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
11. "Sophia looked down her long nose at the girl. "Who are you?""I'm Abigail, ma'am," she said, curtsying. "This is my brother, Jamie. I apologize for him."Sophia arched an eyebrow. "I'll wager you do that quite a lot."Abigail sighed, sounding world-weary. "Yes, I do.""Good girl." Sophia almost smiled. "Younger brothers can be a chore sometimes, but one must persevere.""Yes, ma'am," Abigail said solemnly."Come on, Jamie," Alistair said. "Let's go into dinner before they form a Society for Bossy Older Sisters."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
12. "Emerson abandoned irony for blunt and passionate speech.'This war has been a monumental blunder from the start! Britain is not solely responsible, but by God, gentlemen, she must share the blame, and she will pay a heavy price: the best of her young men, future scholars and scientists and statesmen, and ordinary, decent men who might have led ordinary, decent lives. And how will it end, when you tire of your game of soldiers? A few boundaries redrawn, a few transitory political advantages, in exchange for an entire continent laid waste and a million graves! What I do may be of minor importance in the total accumulation of knowledge, but at least I don't have blood on my hands."
Author: Elizabeth Peters
13. "«Porque felizmente (pensaba) el hombre no está solo hecho de desesperación sino de fe y esperanza; no solo de muerte sino también de anhelo de vida; tampoco únicamente de soledad sino de momentos de comunión y amor. Porque si prevalece la desesperación, todos nos dejaríamos morir o nos mataríamos, y eso no es de ninguna manera lo que sucede. Lo que demostraba, a su juicio, la poca importancia de la razón, ya que no es razonable mantener esperanzas en este mundo en que vivimos. Nuestra razón, nuestra inteligencia, constantemente nos están probando que este mundo es atroz, motivo por el cual la razón es aniquiladora y conduce al escepticismo, al cinismo y finalmente a la aniquilación. Pero, por suerte, el hombre no es casi nunca un ser razonable, y por eso la esperanza renace una y otra vez en medio de las calamidades.»"
Author: Ernesto Sabato
14. "Molti vivono circondati dalle proprie balle, dalle bugie che continuiamo a raccontarci. Diventano come bolle di sapone che ci volteggiano intorno. Quando ci si fermano davanti agli occhi, falsano qualcosa, distorcono l'espressione. Ma noi viviamo facendo finta di niente, nella speranza che se ne vadano via da sole.Ci sono giorni però, che le bolle diventano di marmo e non si può più fingere."
Author: Fabio Volo
15. "La valía de un hombre se mide por la cuantía de soledad que le es posible soportar."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
16. "Long before they had ever met, I think this destiny awaited them. They were not like ships passing in the night. It wasn't like they didn't understand each other. They understood each other better than anyone else, and each was focused solely on the other."
Author: Gen Urobuchi
17. "In our own time it has been seen... that simple children, roughly brought up in the wilderness, have begun to draw by themselves, impelled by their own natural genius, instructed solely by the example of these beautiful paintings and sculptures of Nature."
Author: Giorgio Vasari
18. "Look, then, into thine heart, and write!Yes, into Life's deep stream!All forms of sorrow and delight,All solemn Voices of the Night,That can soothe thee, or affright, -Be these henceforth thy theme.(excerpt from "Voices of the Night")"
Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
19. "Dal dubbio, dal buio, al sorger del giornogaloppò al sole, spada sguainata.Speranza destò, in speranza partì;oltre la morte, la paura ed il fato,verso la pace, la speranza e la gloria."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
20. "One travels long distances not solely for large gatherings, but for something more intangible. I have always gone out on a limb for love. A dangerous, romantic, disappointing way to live."
Author: Jennifer Ball
21. "MAINTAINING DOCTRINAL PURITY IS good, but it is not the whole picture for a New Testament church. The apostles wanted to do much more than simply "hold the fort," as the old gospel song says. They asked God to empower them to move out and impact an entire culture. In too many places where the Bible is being thumped and doctrine is being argued until three in the morning, the Spirit of that doctrine is missing. William Law, an English devotional writer of the early 1700s, wrote, "Read whatever chapter of Scripture you will, and be ever so delighted with it—yet it will leave you as poor, as empty and unchanged as it found you unless it has turned you wholly and solely to the Spirit of God, and brought you into full union with and dependence upon him."1"
Author: Jim Cymbala
22. "Since it is likely that, being men, they would sin every day, St. Paul consoles his hearers by saying ‘renew yourselves' from day to day. This is what we do with houses: we keep constantly repairing them as they wear old. You should do the same thing to yourself. Have you sinned today? Have you made your soul old? Do not despair, do not despond, but renew your soul by repentance, and tears, and Confession, and by doing good things. And never cease doing this."
Author: John Chrysostom
23. "Ma olen üks eksemplar liblikate seas. Talle ei meeldi ainult see, kui ma hakkan tiibu siputades reast välja kippuma. Mulle on määratud olla surnud, nööp-nõelaga kinnitatud, alati kaunis. Ta teab küll, et elusolek on osa mu ilust, kuid talle on minust vaja seda elutut osa. Ta tahab mind elavana ja samas elutuna."
Author: John Fowles
24. "What I didn't foresee in 2005 was the rise of the post-PC, which are all these tablets now. These are the things that actually will probably be the end of the consoles."
Author: John Romero
25. "«¿Vengarme? ¿Venganza? Yo ya tomé la mía. Corté las cabezas de los bandidos que acabaron con mi familia. Las clavé en tres estacas y las miré durante días y días. Y en elvacío y la soledad, la venganza me supo a poco, a nada, a sangreen las manos.»"
Author: Jordi Balaguer
26. "It won't be an easy journey - do not expect it to be. But the easy journeys are not worth the leather on the soles of our shoes, boy. It's the journeys that test us to our very core - the journeys that strip the clothes from our back, mess with our minds and shake our spirits - these are the journeys worth taking in life. They show us who we are."
Author: Justin Somper
27. "The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
28. "Dr. Blockhead's mocking face was solemn for once. 'Modern science is wiping out deviant strains of the human form,' he said. 'In the twenty-first century, genetic engineering will do more than merely eliminate Siamese twins and alligator-skinned people. It will make it hard to find a person with even a slight overbite or a large nose. I can see that future and it makes me shudder. The future looks like- him'Dr. Blockhead pointed at Mulder.'Imagine going through your whole life looking like that,' said Dr. Blockhead.Mulder shrugged. 'It's a tough job- but someone has to do it."
Author: Les Martin
29. "Don't come near me with those," Annabelle said firmly. She shook her head with a grin, watching as Evie solemnly held up her own arms for Lillian to cut holes beneath her sleeves. This was one of the things she most adored about Evie, who was shy and proper, but often willing to join in some wildly impractical plan or adventure. "Have you both lost your minds?" Annabelle asked, laughing. "Oh, what a bad influence she is on you, Evie." "She's married to St. Vincent, who is the worst possible influence," Lillian protested. "How much damage could I do after that?"
Author: Lisa Kleypas
30. "De más en más me interesaba el mundo oscuro de la sensación, negra noche donde fulguran y ruedan soles enceguecedores..."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
31. "Rebellion is obsolete - change things from the inside working out."
Author: Mark Mothersbaugh
32. "I love my mother. She's my first love. She has been through a lot and is a sole survivor."
Author: Missy Elliot
33. "Beyond the earth,beyond the farthest skiesI try to find Heaven and Hell.Then I hear a solemn voice that says:"Heaven and hell are inside."
Author: Omar Khayyam
34. "Why did I, like thousands of others, have to carry a cross I hadn't chosen, a cross which was not made for my shoulders and which didn't concern me? Who decided to come rummaging around in my obscure existence, invade my gray anonymity, my meager tranquility, and bowl me like a little ball in a great game of skittles? God? Well, in that case, if He exists, if He really exists, let Him hide His face. Let Him put His two hands on His head, and let Him bow down. It may be, as Peiper used to teach us, that many men are unworthy of Him, but now I know that He, too, is unworthy of most of us, and that is the creature is capable of producing horror, it's solely because his Creator has slipped him the recipe for it."
Author: Philippe Claudel
35. "Better be," Eve said. She mock-bit at his finger. "I could totally date somebody else, you know.""And I could rent out your room.""And I could put your game console on eBay.""Hey," Shane protested. "Now you're just being mean."
Author: Rachel Caine
36. "The poor are so common they're invisible, just part of the ambience of this place. I tuck a few soles under them as they sleep and walk off, feeling like a guilty tourist here for thrillseeking in a culture that's trying desperately to survive. Can shamanism help them? I wonder, as I make my way back to the hostel by moonlight."
Author: Rak Razam
37. "Rashid did not give in. "Look how his hands move on the contols," he told her. "In those worlds left-handedness does not impede him. Amazingly, he is almost ambidextrous." Soraya snorted with annoyance. "Have you seen his handwriting?" she said. "Will his hedgehogs and plumbers help with that? Will his 'pisps' and 'wees' get him through school? Such names! They sound like going to the bathroom or what." Rashid began to smile placatingly. "The term is consoles," he began but Soraya turned on her heel and walked away, waving one hand high above her head. "Do not speak to me of such things," she said over her shoulder, speaking in her grandest voice. "I am in-console-able."
Author: Salman Rushdie
38. "A judge can't have any preferred outcome in any particular case. The judge's only obligation - and it's a solemn obligation - is to the rule of law."
Author: Samuel Alito
39. "En Montford Falls, el primer lugar al que me mude cuando me fui, me llame Eliza. El vecindario donde vivíamos era donde vivían todas estas familias felices, como algo de un viejo show de televisión.En el siguiente lugar, Petree, todos eran ricos. Era Lizbet, y vivíamos en este elevado complejo de apartamentos, todo en oscura madera y aplicaciones de metal. Era como algo sacado de una revista: incluso el ascensor era silencioso.Cuando nos mudamos a Westcott, teníamos una casa en la playa, tan soleada y cálida, y podía llevar flip-flops todo el año si quería. El primer día me presente como Beth.En Lakeview, la casa tenía un aro de baloncesto. Yo iba a ser Liz Sweet."
Author: Sarah Dessen
40. "What the first Christians knew as the "New Testament" was not a book, but the Eucharist. In a cultic setting, at a solemn sacrificial banquet, Jesus made an offering of his "body" and "blood." He used traditional sacrificial language. He spoke of the action as his memorial. He told those who attended to repeat the action they had witnessed: "Do this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19)."
Author: Scott Hahn
41. "Je traverse des chaos de banquise. La neige a déposé une crème blanche au-dessus des tranches bleues. Je marche dans le gâteau d'un dieu boréal. Parfois le soleil illumine la pointe des glaçons: des étoiles s'allument en plein jour."
Author: Sylvain Tesson
42. "Our destiny is aligned with our heart's innermost longing, a longing embedded within our soul before birth. This longing is a unique pattern or configuration reminiscent of the constellations in the night sky. When we express (press out) our unique configuration, it shines through us with an otherworldly luminosity, manifesting abundance in our lives and the lives of others. Our sole task is to yoke our inner destiny, thread it through our lives and weave it into the world. All else is just shadows and dust."
Author: Thea Euryphaessa
43. "The empty rooms always had a terribly depressing effect upon my father when he considered, he said, that the person who dwelt in them had to fill them solely with his own fantasies, with fantastic objects, in order not to go out of his mind."
Author: Thomas Bernhard
44. "It was amazing, indeed, to find how great a matter the life of the obscure dairy had become to him. And though new love was to be held partly responsible for this it was not solely so. Many besides Angel have learnt that the magnitude of lives is not as to their external displacements, but as to their subjective experiences. The impressionable peasant leads a larger, fuller, more dramatic life than the pachydermatous king. Looking at it thus he found that life was to be seen of the same magnitude here as elsewhere."
Author: Thomas Hardy
45. "Personal well-being serves solely to excavate within your soul a chasm which waits to be filled by a landslide of dread, an empty mold whose peculiar dimensions will one day manufacture the shape of your unique terror"
Author: Thomas Ligotti
46. "In a democracy, someone who fails to get elected to office can always console himself with the thought that there was something not quite fair about it."
Author: Thucydides
47. "Entrei sozinho no meu quarto, abri uma janela para a noite. Uma grande lua solene, suspensa sobre a aldeia, banhava toda a massa da montanha."
Author: Vergílio Ferreira
48. "Somewhere there must be women reading books,and talking of chicken rissoles to their cooks …(from,‘Somewhere in England')"
Author: Virginia Graham
49. "Poteva essere se stessa, starsene per conto suo. Ed era proprio questa la cosa di cui in quel periodo sentiva spesso il bisogno: pensare, o meglio, neppure pensare. Starsene in silenzio; starsene da sola. Tutto l'essere e il fare, espansivi, luccicanti, vocali, svanivano; e ci si ripiegava, con un senso di solennità, a essere se stessi, un nucleo cuneiforme di oscurità, qualcosa di invisibile agli altri. Sebbene continuasse a lavorare a maglia e a star seduta dritta, era così che si sentiva; e questo suo io, essendosi liberato da ogni legame, era libero di compiere le più strane avventure. Quando la vita si inabissava per un attimo, il campo delle esperienze sembrava illimitato. Ed era comune a tutti questo senso di risorse illimitate, immaginava; uno dopo l'altro, lei, Lily, Augustus Carmichael, dovevano sentire che le apparenze, le cose per le quali gli altri ci riconoscono, sono semplicemente puerili."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "The perfect stillness of the night was thrilled by a more solemn silence. The darkness held a presence that was all the more felt because it was not seen. I could not any more have doubted that HE was there than that I was. Indeed, I felt myself to be, if possible, the less real of the two."
Author: William James

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