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1. "Being an old radical, I like films like Spartacus. I could relate to the hero."
Author: Alex North
2. "Even Spartacus needs a coach."
Author: Breaux Greer
3. "Isaiah rolled his eyes. "Good God. What a noble lot. You're all Spartacus, aren't you?"
Author: Richelle Mead
4. "Good God. What a noble lot. You're all Spartacus, arnt you"
Author: Richelle Mead
5. "Spartacus," I called, "how's it hanging?" Probably not too well. Once you're dead, had your organs removed, and are resurrected as an undead mummified cat, your testicles probably looked like old raisins that had rolled under the couch. Raisins didn't tend to...hang."
Author: Rob Thurman

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Quotes About Spartacus
Quotes About Spartacus

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Rhett glanced over his shoulder as if there had been a sound. His eyes met hers, and surprise stiffened his lithe body. For a long immeasurable moment the two of them looked at each other while the space between them widened. Then blandness smoothed Rhett's face as he touched two fingers to his hat brim in salute. Scarlett lifted her hand."
Author: Alexandra Ripley

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