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1. "Maybe the conference was an inversion layer of another kind, bringing me face-to-face with old friends and old places. With cancer and the Gap and the Old Man, railing about newfangled players and spicy food. Bringing me face-to-face early with death and old age and change."
Author: Connie Willis
2. "In my travels, I also noticed that kids in Thailand like spicy food, and kids in India love curry. I'm hoping to introduce my son, Hudson, to lots of veggies and spices when he's young. I say that before he's started on solid foods, so it could be easier in theory than practice!"
Author: Curtis Stone
3. "My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food."
Author: David Byrne
4. "I love spicy food, love it. But wasabi is just painful."
Author: Devon Werkheiser
5. "When older people get together there is something unflappable about them; you can sense they've tasted all the heavy, bitter, spicy food of life, extract its poison, and will now spend ten or fifteen years in a state of perfect equilibrium and enviable morality. They are happy with themselves. They have renounced the vain attempts of youth to adapt the world to their desires. They have failed and now, they can relax. In a few years they will once again be troubled by a great anxiety, but this time it will be a fear of death; it will have a strange effect on their tastes, it will make them indifferent, or eccentric, or moody, incomprehensible to their families, strangers to their children. But between the ages of forty and sixty they enjoy a precarious sense of tranquility."
Author: Irène Némirovsky
6. "I only eat spicy food."
Author: Joshua Ledet
7. "It's like spicy food - sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it."
Author: Kenneth Edmonds
8. "Spicy food and I have a close relationship—an obsessive one, in fact. If it's spicy, I want it. I want to sweat and shake and go half blind from the searing pain . . . which, now that I put it that way, seems really suggestive. But spicy stuff is addictive. That's a known fact of science."
Author: Maureen Johnson
9. "No...I...I had this spicy Mexican food last night. It's only a bad case of heartburn. I don't need an exorcism. i need some Pepto-Bismo!"
Author: Michelle Rowen
10. "I prefer more spicy food to your Italian to be fair."
Author: Peter Shilton

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