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1. "At home I have hunting magazines on my nightstand. I'm an avid hunter. I hunt every chance I get."
Author: Bennie Thompson
2. "Magnus was especially charmed by the sight of the spider monkeys above, dainty and glossy with long arms and legs spread out in the trees like stars, and the shy swift spring of squirrel monkeys."Picture this," said Magnus. "Me with a little monkey friend. I could teach him tricks. I could dress him in a cunning jacket. He could look just like me! But more monkey-shaped.""Your friend has gone mad and giddy with the altitude sickness," Giuliana announced. "We are many feet above sea level here."Magnus was not entirely sure why he had brought a guide."
Author: Cassandra Clare
3. "Use caution when hunting monsters, that you do not become one yourself; for when man stares into the abyss, the abyss also stares into him."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
4. "There are cameras nowadays that have been developed to tell the difference between a squirrel and a bomb."
Author: George W. Bush
5. "You don't have a drop of paint on you," I said. "Why is that?"Ranger smiled, liking that he hadn't gotten hit. "I guess they were hunting pussy.""But I walked into the Motherfuckers room.""Yeah, but babe, your clearly pussy."
Author: Janet Evanovich
6. "What he did was wrong. He doesn't deserve your love. But he does deserve your forgiveness, because otherwise he will grow like a weed in your heart until it's choked and overrun. The only person who suffers, when you squirrel away all that hate, is you."
Author: Jodi Picoult
7. "It's the way he gets noticed, you know? I mean, imagine what it would be like if you were a squirrel living in the elephant cage at the zoo. Does anyone ever go there and say, Hey check out that squirrel? No, because there's something so much bigger you notice first."
Author: Jodi Picoult
8. "War and hunting and chasing-that's all there is. That's life, Jenny-no one can escape it."
Author: L.J. Smith
9. "Racing and hunting madden our minds."
Author: Lao Tzu
10. "But the guy sitting at the table next to me who'd been imagining killing his wife and was now imagining seducing me wasn't the problem. No, it was the guy sitting across from me, the man with the bright orange hunting cap pulled low over his eyes, the guy waiting for the right moment to rob the cafe...he was the one who worried me."
Author: Lori Brighton
11. "Then, there was Greenpeace, I remember that when they first started out with the boats in the waters, and the guys in the boats between the whales and the boats that will hunting the whales with spear guns."
Author: Rick Danko

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Quotes About Squirrel Hunting
Quotes About Squirrel Hunting

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