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1. "You know, true love really matters, friends really matter, family really matters. Being responsible and disciplined and healthy really matters."
Author: Courtney Thorne Smith
2. "I'm pretty disciplined to keep the momentum of a story going by writing everyday, even if it's only a couple paragraphs or a page or two."
Author: James Rollins
3. "I've written what and when I want to. It's been about expressing myself. But with the degree, I had to learn to do everything in a very specific, disciplined way. I am very disciplined, but this demanded a totally different kind of discipline. A real challenge."
Author: Joan Armatrading
4. "You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term."
Author: John Mulaney
5. "The danger would be going back, or staying still. The only way out was through. The past was ruins, but the present was still in play."
Author: Lev Grossman
6. "Get up," I tell myself, "You go and make your dreams a reality. There's no use staying home and whine every time life beats you down. There's a meadow in the deep forest; you just have to keep pushing through."
Author: Millicent Ashby
7. "The disciple James, symbol of a disciplined judgment, must when raised to the high office of a supreme judge be blindfolded that he may not be influenced by the flesh nor judge after the appearances of being. Disciplined judgment is administered by one who is not influenced by appearances. The one who has called these brothers to discipleship continues faithful to his command to hear only that which he has been commanded to hear, namely, the Good."
Author: Neville Goddard
8. "I don't mind staying in one place for a while - I like to spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. It's a place where nobody goes out, where people will leave you alone. People in Los Angeles love themselves and they love what they do and they leave you alone. If you're isolated, you have a real advantage. You can work."
Author: Nicolas Berggruen
9. "Architects, if they are really to be comprehensive, must assume the enormous task of thinking in terms always disciplined to the scale of the total world pattern of needs, its resource flows, its recirculatory and regenerative processes."
Author: Richard Buckminster Fuller
10. "They stayed, many of them, because staying was easier and less scary than leaving,"
Author: Richard Russo
11. "I really think we need more women to lean into their careers and to be really dedicated to staying in the work force."
Author: Sheryl Sandberg

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Quotes About Staying Disciplined
Quotes About Staying Disciplined
Quotes About Staying Disciplined

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