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1. "I don't like sticking around folks who are allergic to success!!"
Author: Akuku Mach Pep
2. "Why are all you hets all so intercourse-centric? There's a lot more to sex than sticking it in and wiggling it around."
Author: Anne Tenino
3. "The multicolored kitten snuggled between her breasts.Lucky cat."I thought maybe something like....Sweetums.""What? That's a wussy name. She'd totally get her ass kicked by all the other neighborhood cats. You can't call her...that. See I can't even say it. It's too ridiculous."Abby chuckled, and the sound drifted over him like a warm breeze."I suppose you want me to call her Rowdy, or Bullet or Chainsaw," she said."Those aren't bad." He liked it when she teased him. "Maybe you could name her something like Flash, or Blaze, or Storm."Or maybe I could call her pooty pie.""Oh my God." He slapped his forehead. "You're killing me. You'd be better off sticking with Sweetums.""Ha!" She pointed her finger at him. "You said it." Before he could wrap his hand around that finger and pull her against him, he gave the kitten-who purred contentedly between Abby's breasts-a rub between the ears.Lucky damn cat."
Author: Candis Terry
4. "Known for leaving, she asked me who I would consider sticking around for. I said, "The one who asked me to and meant it."
Author: Donna Lynn Hope
5. "I also know about running away," I said, when staying around is so much harder. And I know the happiness, the"-I searched for a word and had to settle on- "the joy when sticking around and fighting things mean I get to keep the people I love near me."
Author: Faith Hunter
6. "Are you coming back to campus or you sticking around here with the prick?"
Author: Holly Hood
7. "Was I sticking around because I really wanted to be with Austin, or because I was afraid no one else would want to be with me?"
Author: Lauren Gallagher
8. "Dylan, in her skintight black jeans, safety-pinned shirt, and bulky armbands, with her hair sticking out in every direction and that black freshly smeared around her eyes, doesn't just smile, doesn't just walk toward Maddy and put her arms around her. No. Instead, every muscle in her whole body seems to lose all tension, her step forward resembles a skip, and she lets out a hey that might as well say, I love you, you are so beautiful, no one in the world is as amazing as you are."
Author: Nina LaCour
9. "It was an ugly flower, pink with yellow-tipped stamens sticking out of the center. It deserved to die. Zoe pulled the hammer back in a slow motion and snapped it forward. There was a delicious sound of cracking plaster as the flower dissolved into rubble. White dust rose all around here."I hate that wallpaper," she said"
Author: Pamela Todd
10. "My signature look is an eighties baby doll dress, combat boots with colorful socks sticking out, and then mounds of jewelry. I love silver and turquoise. I go to Montana every winter, so I hunt around for cool pieces there."
Author: Zoey Deutch

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Quotes About Sticking Around
Quotes About Sticking Around

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