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1. "I'd love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job."
Author: Bobby Heenan
2. "When I love, I do it without counting. I give myself entirely. And each time, it is the grand love of my life."
Author: Brigitte Bardot
3. "I don't need to write. Madness or suicide are other options, though not nearly as compelling. But I want to create; I hope to create worlds in my own image, admittedly a self-centered plan. I want others to understand me better, pay more attention to me, like or love me for who I am. Maybe that's it. Or maybe I should simply learn to say, "Let's have lunch."
Author: Chila Woychik
4. "I understand in retrospect that this was my first introduction to a conflict that dominates all our lives: the endless, irreconcilable conflict between the values of Athens and Jerusalem. On the one hand, very approximately, is the world not of hedonism but of tolerance of the recognition that sex and love have their ironic and perverse dimensions. On the other is the stone-faced demand for continence, sacrifice, and conformity, and the devising of ever-crueler punishments for deviance, all invoked as if this very fanaticism did not give its whole game away."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
5. "My grandfather so throughly considered cooking to be "women's work" that he wouldn't even enter the kitchen to get his own glass of water. My husband, born sixty-one years after my grandfather, shows his love by bringing me coffee every morning and whipping up chocolate-chip cookies for friends' birthday parties. I think it's fair to say that few young men these days feel less masculine for knowing their way around a kitchen."
Author: Emily Matchar
6. "God's love descends on some like dew on a flower, blessed be He, but sometimes we trudge along our comfortable lives and bam, He descends on us like a splash of gasoline... and then He strikes a match."
Author: Francisco X. Stork
7. "I really had no great love for shoes. I was a working First Lady; I was always in canvas shoes. I did nurture the shoes industry of the Philippines, and so every time there was a shoe fair, I would receive a pair of shoes as a token of gratitude."
Author: Imelda Marcos
8. "What?" I shrieked and slapped his chest again… "Ouch." He rubbed the spot. "Does it disturb you that I'm kind of getting turned on right now?"I shook my head. "Seriously?""Maybe?" he murmured, dipping his head and causing the ends sticking out from under the skullcap to sway. "I'm pretty erect right now to be honest." "Oh my God . . ." I rubbed my hand over my hot cheek…"Want to smack me again? You could try my ass. I'll probably like that." I stared at him."
Author: J. Lynn
9. "We still counted happiness and health and love and luck and beautiful children as "ordinary blessings."
Author: Joan Didion
10. "The mere stuffing of the mind with a knowledge of facts is not education. The mind must not only possess a knowledge of the truth, but the soul must revere it, cherish it, love it as a priceless gem; and this human life must be guided and shaped by it in order to fulfill its destiny."
Author: Joseph Fielding Smith
11. "Someone came into my life and made me feel special, wanted, loved, cared for, ect. and he made me happy since that day on.... he's my best friend and I love him!"
Author: Kat Calhoun
12. "Damn you! Just ask me to wait and I will, ask me to understand that things will be difficult but that when this period is over, we'll be happy and in love and together. Please stop with the dreaded respect line. I don't want you to respect me. I want you to want me."
Author: Lauren Weisberger
13. "Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love."
Author: Leo Buscaglia
14. "How can we love each other this much and not make it? Why does a love like ours hurt us both so badly?"
Author: Rebecca Yarros
15. "Lunacy is when you can't see the seams where they stitched the world together anymore."
Author: Richard Bachman
16. "If love drove people mad, what would lack of love do?"
Author: Robert Goolrick
17. "I love acting, but don't necessarily enjoy other aspects of the business. For me, going to celebrity parties is like work."
Author: Sarah Parish

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