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1. "Have more humility. Remember you don't know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, you will enrich your own life – and maybe even please a few strangers."
Author: A.L. Kennedy
2. "I don't expect congratulations for successful beginning, what I want is the applaud at successful ending."
Author: Amit Kalantri
3. "Writing a successful novel is a great challenge, and you have to be a bit of a poet, a bit of a critic, a bit of a dramatist, a bit of a philosopher, a bit of a social scientist, to pull it off."
Author: Anis Shivani
4. "I went to the theatre with the author of a successful play. He insisted on explaining everything. He told me what to watch, the details of the direction, the errors of the property man, the foibles of the star. He anticipated all of my surprises and ruined the evening. Never again! And mark you, the greatest author of all made no such mistake."
Author: Christopher Morley
5. "A business woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality."
Author: Donatella Versace
6. "I am successful because of my brains and my guts, put together, and I don't need some fancy-ass degree from a bunch of sweater-vest-wearing pricks who haven't gotten laid since Bush Senior was president... Do you know who studies sociology? People who would rather observe life than live it."
Author: Erin McCarthy
7. "I haven't always done a good job, and I haven't always been successful - but I know that I have tried."
Author: George Steinbrenner
8. "What makes him successful is the way that he analyzes information. He is not just hunting for patterns. Instead, Bob combines his knowledge of statistics with his knowledge of basketball in order to identify meaningful relationships in the data."
Author: Nate Silver
9. "To be the most successful male from 'The X Factor' is a big achievement, and I'm chuffed with that."
Author: Olly Murs
10. "Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth."
Author: Prince Charles
11. "It is incumbent upon all of us to build communities with the educational opportunities and support systems in place to help our youth become successful adults."
Author: Ruben Hinojosa
12. "I just want to be as successful as I can in football."
Author: Ryan Giggs
13. "More mistakes happen to the successful than to the man who has failed."
Author: Vikrant Parsai

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Quotes About Successful Lovelife
Quotes About Successful Lovelife
Quotes About Successful Lovelife

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