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1. "The perfect vehicle to take to the moon would be a two-door Saturn with a sunroof."
Author: Jarod Kintz
2. "A new beginning done right," she said out loud, because everyone knew that saying it out loud made it true. "You hear that, karma?" She glanced upward through her slightly leaky sunroof into a dark sky, where storm clouds tumbled together like a dryer full of gray wool blankets. "This time, I'm gong to be strong." Like Katharine Hepburn. Like Ingrid Bergman ."So go torture someone else and leave me alone."A bolt of lightning blinded her, followed by a boom of thunder that nearly had her jerking out of her skin. "Okay, so I meant pretty please leave me alone."-Maddie"
Author: Jill Shalvis
3. "Standing up through the Citroen's open sunroof, my six-foot-three-inch, red-cheeked sister pointed a long, trembling finger at the perpetrator and with maximum indignation yelled: 'Ce merde-monsieur a justement crache dans ma derriere!' Her intended meaning is obvious, but what she said was, 'This shit-man just spat out into my butt!"
Author: Julia Child
4. "I'm a girl that loves cars. I've always loved them. I love to drive with the windows down, sunroof open, and music pumping."
Author: Rachel Nichols

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