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1. "A infância é uma época desgraçada, cheia de temores infundados, como o medo de monstros imaginários e do ridículo. Do ponto de vista literário, não tem suspence, já que, salvo excepções, as crianças costumam ser um pouco desenxabidas. Além disso, não têm poder- os adultos decidem por elas e fazem-no mal, inculcam-lhes as suas próprias ideias erróneas sobre a realidade e depois os miúdos passam o resto das suas vidas a tentar livrarem-se delas."
Author: Isabel Allende
2. "When a creature begins to emerge from it's chrysails there is a point at which it is neither one thing nor the other, not quite grown into a new identity nor rid of the old one. It's wings are folded and sticky, it's colours hidden. Whether it will emerge in shades of emerald and lapis lazuli or the colour of mud is yet to be revealed.It is that long, still, moment of waiting that fascinates me utterly. The suspence of waiting for beauty to unfurl."
Author: Meg Rosoff
3. "The book the snowman was the best book I have ever read it had suspence durring the whole book it was AWSOME!!!"
Author: R.L. Stine

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Quotes About Suspence
Quotes About Suspence

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