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1. "Everything one used to take for granted, with so much certainty that one never even bothered to enquire about it, now turns out to be illusion. Your certainties are proven lies. And what happens if you start probing? Must you learn a wholly new language first?'Humanity'. Normally one uses it as a synonym for compassion; charity; decency; integrity. 'He is such a human person.' Must one now go in search of an entirely different set of synonyms: cruelty; exploitation; unscrupulousness; or whatever?"
Author: André Brink
2. "Einstein's greatest influence was that he continues to inspire so many people to become synonyms for something. Genius is already taken, but a lot of other places and things still need patronymics."
Author: Bauvard
3. "Fairyland...Paradise...In this place and at this time, Marguerite could know that the one was a parable of the other and both were synonyms for something that had no name."
Author: Elizabeth Goudge
4. "I am an anarchist in politics and an impressionist in art as well as a symbolist in literature. Not that I understand what these terms mean, but I take them to be all merely synonyms of pessimist."
Author: Henry Adams
5. "Even English Language doesn't provide you with the Synonyms of the word Success."
Author: Kshitij Shringi
6. "A teacher of mine once said there are no true synonyms."
Author: Roy Peter Clark
7. "We are synonyms but not the same."
Author: Tahereh Mafi
8. "Vengence, betrayal, and love they all are synonyms for the same word: fake."
Author: TBBishiXO
9. "Here's the point to be made - there are no synonyms. There are no two words that mean exactly the same thing."
Author: Theodore Sturgeon

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