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1. "My daughter's just going to be really hip! My goal is to be as eco-conscious as possible: There's so much out there for parents who want to do that. I plan to keep her eco-friendly as she gets older. I think we all sort of have to do it."
Author: Ana Ortiz
2. "On the flight over to Chicago, I thought of a story Mom had once told me from her days as a pediatric nurse. "There was this little boy I was taking care of," she said "and he was terminally ill,and we all knew it,but he kept hanging on and hanging on. He wouldn't die, it was so sad.And his parents were always there with him,giving him so much love and support,but he was in so much pain,and it really was,time for him to go.So finally some of us nurses took his father aside and we told him, 'You have to tell your son it's okay for him to go. You have to give him permission.' And so the father took his son in his arms and he sat with him in a chair and held on to him and told him over and over, that it was okay for him to go,and,well,after a few moments,his son died."
Author: Anthony Rapp
3. "The shame and the downfall of a modern materialistic society is her inability to treasure, care for, admire, adore, cherish, value, revere, respect, uphold, uplift, protect, shield, defend, safeguard, treasure and love her children. I praise all the cultures of this world that naturally harbor and actively manifest these instincts. If a nation or if a population of people fails to recognize the excellent value and distinction of the lives of her children and is defective enough to have lost the capability of expressing and acting upon these instincts then there is nothing that can save that nation or those people. The prosperity of a people is not measured in banks, financial markets, economy and the death of its humanity is evident not through the loss of life but in the loss of love for its children."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
4. "I promise-ted I'd care up for him downwise 'til the tailend of time."
Author: Craig Thompson
5. "When I was running 'round in America, about 30 years old, I didn't want no woman. I knowed I could make enough money to take care of myself, but I didn't want nobody to take care of."
Author: David Edwards
6. "The inciting incident is how you get (characters) to do something. It's the doorway through which they can't return, you know. The story takes care of the rest."
Author: Donald Miller
7. "Detest în Isus tot ce e predica, morala, idee si credinta. Sa ne fi dat pace, si sa nu ne mai fi tulburat cu atîtea idealuri si credinte. Caci idealuri si credinte au atîtia. Iubesc la Isus momentele de îndoiala si de regret, clipele cu adevarat tragice din existenta lui, care nu îmi par nici cele mai interesante si nici cele mai dureroase. Caci daca s ar masura dupa suferinta, cîti n ar avea dreptul, înaintea lui, sa se considere fii ai lui Dumnezeu! S ar putea ca nu toti fiii lui Dumnezeu sa moara pe cruce, într o moarte geometrica si verticala!"
Author: Emil Cioran
8. "Spaima profunda si suspicioasa de scufundare într-un pesimism incurabil este cea care constrânge întregi secole sa se tina cu dintii de o interpretare religioasa a existentei: acea spaima a instinctului care îsi închipuie ca s-ar putea ajunge prea devreme în posesia adevarului, mai înainte ca omul sa fi devenit îndeajuns de puternic, îndeajuns de dur, îndeajuns de artist... Considerata din acest punct de vedere, pietatea, "viata întru Dumnezeu" ar aparea ca fiind cel din urma si cel mai rafinat produs al spaimei de adevar, ca o divinizare si o betie artistica în fata celei mai consecvente falsificari posibile, ca o vrere de rasturnare a adevarului, o vrere spre neadevar cu orice pret. Poate ca nici n-a existat pâna acum vreun mijloc mai eficace pentru înfrumusetarea omului ca pietatea însasi: prin pietate omul se poate transfigura într-o asemenea masura în arta si superficie, în joc de culori, în bunatate, încât privelistea pe care o ofera sa nu mai provoace suferinta."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
9. "Am I grave?', he asked. 'I had an idea I was grinning from ear to ear.''You look as if you were taking me to a funeral. If that's a grin, your ears are very near together."
Author: Henry James
10. "I live in a village where people still care about each other, largely."
Author: Jan Karon
11. "When I got to the house about an hour ago, James took one look at me and said, "Damn, girl, your parents put out some good product." I think it was a compliment, but I'm not quite sure."
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
12. "When I feel well and in a good humour, or when I am taking a drive or walking after a good meal, or in the night when I cannot sleep, thoughts crowd into my mind as easily as you could wish."
Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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