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1. "Un uomo praticoPersonaggi:UN TALEUN ALTRODove che sia, ai giorni nostri.IL TALEIn Italia, la rovina del teatro è l'usanza della prima rappresentazione, con quel pubblico speciale, più o meno presuntuoso, più o meno ignorante. Ergo, aboliamo la «prima» e cominciamo senz'altro dalla seconda.L'ALTROMa così la seconda diventa la prima e saremo da capo.IL TALEBene. Si cominci, allora, dalla terza rappresentazione.(Sipario)"
Author: Achille Campanile
2. "Very harmful effects can follow accepting the philosophy which denies personal guilt or sin and thereby makes everyone nice. By denying sin, the nice people make a cure impossible. Sin is most serious, and the tragedy is deepened by the denial that we are sinners…The really unforgiveable sin is the denial of sin, because, by its nature, there is now nothing to be forgiven. By refusing to admit to personal guilt, the nice people are made into scandalmongers, gossips, talebearers, and supercritics, for they must project their real if unrecognized guilt to others. This, again, gives them a new illusion of goodness: the increase of faultfinding is in direct ratio and proportion to the denial of sin."
Author: Fulton J. Sheen
3. "Taleb likes to invokePopper: 'No amount of observationsof white swans can allow the inferencethat all swans are white, but the observationof a single black swan is sufficientto refute that conclusion."
Author: Malcolm Gladwell

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Quotes About Taleb
Quotes About Taleb

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The only way to truly be safer, was to accept the dark, to walk in it with eyes wide open, to be a part of it. To keep your enemies close."
Author: C.J. Roberts

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