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1. "Tatiana is a ridiculously curvy thing of dreams, with smooth succulent thighs, long strawberry blond cascading beneath a teal bandana, and a nympho sparkle in her eyes that says pick me, lick me, spank me, or I punish you. Raw innocence and mayhem at once."
Author: Brett Tate
2. "My surname for a mask to pretend!I have no stand to protest,but I will find it" (in the poem 'Tatiana Naturova at Time's End' in the collection 'The Green Divorce')"
Author: Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis
3. "Je ne connais, disait Tatiana, aucune étreinte qui soit feinte. Toutes les étreintes sont par définition spontanées. Le jour où elles ne seront que le résultat musculaire de pensées calculatrices, l'humanité s'en ira, sang ancien, couler hors de nous."
Author: Nicole Brossard
4. "She ate it and cried.Soon, he put the melting ice cream away."Shura," Tatiana whispered, "darling, forget what should have been. Remember all that was.""Tatiasha, babe," Alexander whispered, coming back to bed to be covered, "my one and only wife, forget our age, our splendid youth, forget it all and let our crazy love make us young."
Author: Paullina Simons
5. "Tatiana: "Why did we spend two days fighting when we could have been doing this?"Alexander: "That wasn't fighting, Tatiana. That was foreplay."
Author: Paullina Simons
6. "Oh,to be walking through Leningrad white night after white night, the dawn to dusk all smelting together like platinum ore, Tatiana thought, turning away to the wall, again to the wall, the wall, as ever. Alexander, my nights, my days, my every thought. You will fall away from me in just a while, won't you, and I'll be whole again, and I will go on and feel for someone else, the way everyone does. But my innocence is forever gone."
Author: Paullina Simons
7. "Ask yourself these three questions, Tatiana Metanova, and you will know who you are. Ask: What do believe in? What do you hope for? What do you love?"
Author: Paullina Simons
8. "You cannot!' Tatiana said sharply. 'If you order a gun there is only a single shot, and once delivered the doors are locked and will not open until it has been fired."
Author: R.D. Ronald
9. "That," I told Tatiana, "is the most fucked up law I have ever heard."[...]"You could change the quorum law if you wanted, you sanctimonious bitch!" I yelled back."
Author: Richelle Mead
10. "So, " Nathan said, attention focused on Adrian, "now that Vasilisa's graduated, what are you going to do with yourself? You aren't going to keep slumming with high school students, are you? There's no point in you being there anymore. " "I don't know, " said Adrian lazily. "I kind of like hanging out with them. They think I'm funnier than I really am. " "Unsurprising, " his father replied. "You aren't funny at all. It's time you do something productive. If you aren't going to go back to college, you should at least start sitting in on some of the family business meetings. Tatiana spoils you, but you could learn a lot from Rufus. " "True, " said Adrian deadpan."I'd really like to know how he keeps his two mistresses a secret from his wife. " "Adrian!" snapped Daniella, a flush spilling over her pale cheeks"
Author: Richelle Mead
11. "Janine Hathaway offered to be my guardian, " said Lissa suddenly."Janine Hathaway?" Tatiana's eyebrows rose nearly to her hairline. "I'm sure she has other commitments. No, we've got much better choices." A better choice than Janine Hathaway? Not likely. Before Dimitri, my mother had been the gold standard by which I measured all badassedness."
Author: Richelle Mead
12. "With no more ammunition, I resorted to old stanbys."That," I told Tatiana," is the most fucked up law I've ever heard"
Author: Richelle Mead
13. "My sisters and I sit together on a pair of suitcases. If we've forgotten anything, it's already too late -- our rooms have all been sealed and photographed. Anyway, Tatiana would say it's bad luck to return for something you've forgotten."
Author: Sarah Miller
14. "We should be used to it," Tatiana reasons. "There have always been lines separating us from the rest of the world, whether they were satin ribbons or iron rails."
Author: Sarah Miller
15. "—Hola —saludó mientras veía los restos de la cena sobre la mesa. Estudió a Gideon mientras éste, educadamente, descruzaba las piernas y se levantaba con aquella elegancia poderosa que tenía. Ella me lanzó una sonrisita y, a continuación, miró a Gideon con otra deslumbrante sonrisa de supermodelo y le extendió la mano.—Tatiana Cherlin.Él le estrechó la mano.—Soy el novio de Eva."
Author: Sylvia Day
16. "On Translating Eugene Onegin1What is translation? On a platterA poet's pale and glaring head,A parrot's screech, a monkey's chatter,And profanation of the dead.The parasites you were so hard onAre pardoned if I have your pardon,O, Pushkin, for my stratagem:I traveled down your secret stem,And reached the root, and fed upon it;Then, in a language newly learned,I grew another stalk and turnedYour stanza patterned on a sonnet,Into my honest roadside prose--All thorn, but cousin to your rose.2Reflected words can only shiverLike elongated lights that twistIn the black mirror of a riverBetween the city and the mist.Elusive Pushkin! Persevering,I still pick up Tatiana's earring,Still travel with your sullen rake.I find another man's mistake,I analyze alliterationsThat grace your feasts and haunt the greatFourth stanza of your Canto Eight.This is my task--a poet's patienceAnd scholastic passion blent:Dove-droppings on your monument."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov

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