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1. "Logic issues in tautologies, mathematics in identities, philosophy in definitions; all trivial, but all part of the vital work of clarifying and organising our thought."
Author: Frank Plumpton Ramsey
2. "A logic proof is: you get a starting point and an ending point, and you have to get there through all these different steps and tautologies. I approach novel writing that way. When I get to the end I have to go back and connect everything."
Author: Heidi Julavits
3. "All correct reasoning is a grand system of tautologies, but only God can make direct use of that fact."
Author: Herbert Simon
4. "Ethics is not about platitudes, let alone tautologies, logic or mathematics, but about difficult choices - dilemmas."
Author: Martin Cohen
5. "The positivists have a simple solution: the world must be divided into that which we can say clearly and the rest, which we had better pass over in silence. But can anyone conceive of a more pointless philosophy, seeing that what we can say clearly amounts to next to nothing? If we omitted all that is unclear, we would probably be left completely uninteresting and trivial tautologies."
Author: Werner Heisenberg

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