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1. "Sai cos'è bello, qui? Guarda: noi camminiamo, lasciamo tutte quelle orme sulla sabbia, e loro restano lì, precise, ordinate. Ma domani, ti alzerai, guarderai questa grande spiaggia e non ci sarà più nulla, un'orma, un segno qualsiasi, niente. Il mare cancella, di notte. La marea nasconde. È come se non fosse mai passato nessuno. È come se noi non fossimo mai esistiti. Se c'è un luogo, al mondo, in cui puoi non pensare a nulla, quel luogo è qui. Non è più terra, non è ancora mare. Non è vita falsa, non è vita vera. È tempo. Tempo che passa. E basta..."
Author: Alessandro Baricco
2. "Isso não funcionará, tentar conhecer alguém através da Internet, encontrar o amor dessa maneira. Não funcionará.-Por que diabos não? Quero dizer, é claro que alguns fingem, mas não podem ser todos...-Você não pode se apaixonar através de um computador. Não é amor verdadeiro.-As pessoas se conhecem através da internet o tempo todo. Até se casam.-Uma coisa é conhecer pessoas na Internet, então conhecer a pessoa e seapaixonar. Outra totalmente diferente é levar uma relação completa nainternet, convencer a você mesmo de que está apaixonado a trinta estados de distancia..."
Author: Alex Flinn
3. "Actors never say they're poor. They're always broke. It's always just temporary. 'Broke' is 'poor with hope'."
Author: Alison Arngrim
4. "I'd drink your blood if I could and hook you into every memory inside me, every heartbreak, frame of reference, temporary triumph, petty defeat, mystic moment of surrender."
Author: Anne Rice
5. "Christianity, the grown-up child of Judaism, time to time got free from the leash of the Jews but it was always brought back under their secret control. The secret Jewish influence on the Christian Church never was more powerful and more effective than in our day. This is the time of the last revolutionary activity of the subversive Jews, which - according to their plan - has to culminate in taking over all the world under their control. The Judaic twins, Christianity and Communism have only a temporary role in the Jewish plan; the twins have to prepare the way to the universal one-world of the chosen-people. Thus will be the real Kingdom of Heaven, the Rabbinical One-World, the Messianic Age, established on the Earth, eternal peace and eternal happines for the "Jews", as they dream it, eternal slavery, hopeless as the grave, for all the other nations on the Earth."
Author: Anton U. Brown
6. "Feminist education — the feminist classroom — is and should be a place where there is a sense of struggle, where there is visible acknowledgment of the union of theory and practice, where we work together as teachers and students to overcome the estrangement and alienation that have become so much the norm in the contemporary university."
Author: Bell Hooks
7. "...l'imperfezione va oltre. E' tolleranza, rispetto dell'usato e attenzione ai segni del tempo. E' capacita' di badare alla merce, e non alla confezione."
Author: Beppe Severgnini
8. "I've done a lot of training in martial arts. I started out in warring tempo, I did sports jujitsu, and I've also practiced extreme martial arts."
Author: Booboo Stewart
9. "[M]an has been accustomed, ever since he was a boy, to having a dozen incompatible philosophies dancing about together inside his head. He doesn't think of doctrines as primarily "true" or "false," but as "academic" or "practical," "outworn" or "contemporary," "conventional" or "ruthless." Jargon, not argument, is your best ally in keeping him from the Church. Don't waste time trying to make him think that materialism is true! Make him think it is strong or stark or courageous—that it is the philosophy of the future. That's the sort of thing he cares about."
Author: C.S. Lewis
10. "This is my temporary home It's not where I belongWindows and rooms that I'm passing throughThis is just a stop, on the way to where I'm goingI'm not afraid because I know this is my Temporary home"
Author: Carrie Underwood
11. "I was twenty-two, the same age she was when she'd been pregnant with me. She was going to leave my life at the same moment that I came into hers, I thought. For some reason that sentence came fully formed into my head just then, temporarily blotting out the Fuck them prayer. I almost howled in agony. I almost choked to death on what I knew before I knew. I was going to live the rest of my life without my mother."
Author: Cheryl Strayed
12. "One watches them on the seashore, all the people, and there is something pathetic, almost wistful in them, as if they wished their lives did not add up to this scaly nullity of possession, but as if they could not escape. It is a dragon that has devoured us all: these obscene, scaly houses, this insatiable struggle and desire to possess, to possess always and in spite of everything, this need to be an owner, lest one be owned. It is too hideous and nauseating. Owners and owned, they are like the two sides of a ghastly disease. One feels a sort of madness come over one, as if the world had become hell. But it is only superimposed: it is only a temporary disease. It can be cleaned away."
Author: D.H. Lawrence
13. "Proclaiming the gospel is not an activity in which we periodically and temporarily engage."
Author: David A. Bednar
14. "E' curioso il modo che ha il destino di venire sotto forma di tempo. Anzi lo sarebbe, se non fosse che ce l'ha per vizio. Se uno, al momento del fatto che gli cambia la vita, buttasse l'occhio all'orologio, vedrebbe le lancette che ripartono da uno zero fatto apposta per lui. Una risposta, una notizia, un incontro, un certo particolare squillo del telefono, arrivano con l'anteprima. Si fanno vedere e scappano in avanti, mostrando la sequenza fin dove l'occhio la segue. Tutto il futuro non lo conosciamo. Quello più in là soprattutto. Ma il primo si. Lo vediamo benissimo."
Author: Diego De Silva
15. "Ero costretto a limitarmi a una conclusione abbastanza insoddisfacente cioè, che certamente esistono combinazioni di oggetti semplicissimi, naturali fino alla banalità, che hanno il potere di impressionarci, ma che, nello stesso tempo, tale potere resta per noi non analizzabile, superiore al potere della nostra mente."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
16. "We need to have far less confidence in what man can do and far moreconfidence in what God can do for every believing soul. He longs to haveyou reach after Him by faith. He longs to have you expect great thingsfrom Him. He longs to give you understanding in temporal as well as inspiritual matters. He can sharpen the intellect. He can give tact andskill. Put your talents into the work, ask God for wisdom, and it will begiven you."
Author: Ellen G. White
17. "¿Alguna vez me amaste? - Pregunta Isobel.-No - admite Marco-. Creí que quizás podría, pero…Isobel asiente.-Yo creí que lo hacías -dice ella-. Estaba tan segura que lo hacías, aunque nunca me lo habías dicho. No sabía la diferencia entre lo que era real y lo que quería que fuera real. Pensé que esto iba a ser temporal, aún cuando seguía pasando. Pero no lo es. Nunca lo fue. Yo era la que era temporal."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
18. "... Chi vuole respirare a grandi zaffatela musa del nostro tempo la precarietàpuò passare di qui senza affrettarsiè il colpo secco quello che fa orrorenon già l'evanescenza il dolce afflato del nulla..."
Author: Eugenio Montale
19. "E quantos ideais novos são no fundo ainda possíveis! [...] Passar a sua vida entre coisas ternas e absurdas; estranho à realidade; metade artista, metade pássaro e metafísico; sem sim nem não para a realidade, senão para reconhece-la de tempos em tempos, à maneira dos bons dançarinos com as pontas dos pés; sempre afagado por um raio de sol da felicidade; encorajado e vivificado até pela mágoa - pois a mágoa conserva o homem feliz [...] - tudo isso, como é evidente, o ideal de um espírito pesado."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
20. "She died that night. Her last breath took her soul, I saw it in my dream. I saw her soul leave her body as she exhaled, and then she had no more needs, no more reason; she was released from her body, and being released, she continued her journey elsewhere, high in the firmament where soul material gathers and plays out all the dreams and joys of which we temporal beings can barely conceive, all the things that are beyond our comprehension, but even so, are not beyond our attainment if we choose to attain them, and believe that we truly can."
Author: Garth Stein
21. "We may have given to us, in this life, a few things that will give us satisfaction, temporally; but the things that are eternal, the things that are "worth while", are those eternal things that we reach out for, and prepare ourselves to receive, and lay hold of by the effort that we individually make."
Author: George Albert Smith
22. "I was invited to join the newly established Central Chemical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1954 and was able to establish a small research group in organic chemistry, housed in temporary laboratories of an industrial research institute."
Author: George Andrew Olah
23. "Quis scit an adiciant hodiernae crastina summae tempora di superi?Cuncta manus auidas fugient heredis, amico quae dederis animo."
Author: Horace
24. "Come si può non vedere nel tempo lungo che ci finirà e finisce con il perderci ci perderà? Non intuire né indovinare la sua trama, la sua macchinazione e la sua danza in cerchio, non fiutare il suo malanimo o respirare il suo squallore, non captare il suo torbido agguato e la sua lentissima e illanguidente attesa e la conseguente impazienza che chissà per quanti anni avrà dovuto tenere a freno? Come posso non conoscere oggi il tuo volto domani, quello che già esiste o trama sotto la faccia che mostri o sotto la maschera che indossi, e che mi mostrerai soltanto quando non me lo aspetto?"
Author: Javier Marías
25. "The expression "madly in love" is apt, for it describes a form of temporary insanity."
Author: Jessica Zafra
26. "Near-term deficits are temporary and manageable if - and only if - we keep spending in check, the tax burden low and the economy growing."
Author: Jim Nussle
27. "Aria di primavera, perché mi desti? Tu lusinghi e dici: io do in rugiada gocciole di cielo. Ma il tempo del mio sfiorire è presso, vicina è la bufera che abbatte la mia fronda."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
28. "I don't decide where I live. My wife decides. She's a curator of contemporary art, and she works at an art museum, so we go wherever she has a job. All basements look the same, so I can write from whatever basement I happen to be living in."
Author: John Green
29. "How many of us have conflicts with someone else- and how many of us pray for that person? We have individuals with whom we are competitive, or whom we dislike or have a quarrel with; but very few of us have true enemies in the martial sense. And yet if Lincoln could pray fervently- and contemporary reports indicate he did- for the people who were opposing him, how much more can we do for someone we just find a little irritating?"
Author: John Wooden
30. "Contemporary literature in the West has shown some signs of ethical change."
Author: Lafcadio Hearn
31. "I cannot think of those years without horror, loathing and heartache. I killed men in war and challenged men to duels in order to kill them. I lost at cards, consumed the labour of the peasants, sentenced them to punishments, lived loosely, and deceived people. Lying, robbery, adultery of all kinds, drunkenness, violence, murder--there was no crime I did not commit, and in spite of that people praised my conduct and my contemporaries considered and consider me to be a comparatively moral man.So I lived for ten years.During that time I began to write from vanity, covetousness, and pride. In my writings I did the same as in my life. to get fame and money, for the sake of which I wrote, it was necessary to hide the good and to display the evil. and I did so. How often in my writings I contrived to hide under the guise of indifference, or even of banter, those strivings of mine towards goodness which gave meaning to my life! And I succeeded in this and was praised."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
32. "I think it has other roots, has to do, in part, with a general anxiety in contemporary life... nuclear bombs, inequality of possibility and chance, inequality of goods allotted to us, a kind of general racist, unjust attitude that is pervasive."
Author: Leonard Baskin
33. "Fun is temporary at best; it's risky, even dangerous, at worst. Joy, on the other hand, was mystery I couldn't seem to decipher."
Author: Liz Curtis Higgs
34. "The ECB's interventions in sovereign bond markets should not be perceived or interpreted as a 'freebie' for governments. They are temporary."
Author: Lucas Papademos
35. "Cerco di capire cosa rende Sean così diverso dagli altri, cosa lo fa sembrare così vibrante e immobile al tempo stesso, e alla fine penso che sia qualcosa che ha a che fare con l'esitazione. La maggior parte della gente esita fra un passo e l'altro o fa una pausa o in qualche modo interrompe le fasi di un processo, che sia fasciare una zampa o mangiare un panino o semplicemente vivere la vita. Ma nel caso di Sean, non c'è mai una mossa di cui non sia sicuro, anche se significa non muoversi affatto."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
36. "Una certa somiglianza esiste, pur evolvendosi, fra le donne che via via amiamo, e dipende dalla fissità del nostro temperamento il quale, assumendosi l'incarico di sceglierle, elimina tutte quelle che non siano per noi, ad un tempo, opposte e complementari, vale a dire atte a soddisfare i nostri sensi e a far soffrire il nostro cuore."
Author: Marcel Proust
37. "Everyone relates differently to contemporary stuff. They rely on you to do the research for a period film."
Author: Mark Bridges
38. "Goodbyes are sad, but they are temporary, because as hellos ends with goodbyes, so will goodbyes start with hellos."
Author: Melody Manful
39. "Esiste un grande eppur quotidiano mistero. Tutti gli uomini ne partecipano ma pochissimi si fermano a rifletterci. Quasi tutti si limitano a prenderlo come viene e non se ne meravigliano affatto. Questo mistero è il tempo. Esistono calendari ed orologi per misurarlo, misure di ben poco significato, perché tutti sappiamo che talvolta un'unica ora ci può sembrare un'eternità, ed un'altra invece passa in un attimo... dipende da quel che viviamo in quell'ora. Perché il tempo è vita. E la vita dimora nel cuore."
Author: Michael Ende
40. "But religions are only temporarily successful attempts to cope with the lack of meaning in life; they are not permanent answers."
Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
41. "La mia memoriaOscurata è ancora d'averti vista giungereE sparire. Ha parole il tempo, come l'amore."
Author: Paul Éluard
42. "An obituary should be an exercise in contemporary history, not a funeral oration."
Author: Peter Utley
43. "Me has salvado la vida, trató de decirle. No para siempre, no para bien. Probablemente sólo temporalmente. Pero me has salvado la vida y ahora soy tuya. Todo lo que soy ahora es tuya. Por siempre."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
44. "Da quando la nave era stata catturata dall'orbita terrestre, la vista del pianeta era divenuta per lei così irresistibile che difficilmente riusciva a privarsene. La Terra. Era la sua casa e non lo era. La conosceva bene e non la conosceva affatto. Vi era nata e cresciuta e allo stesso tempo non vi aveva mai messo piede prima. Le contraddizioni dovute a quella sua dualità avevano, però, l'inatteso effetto di farle godere soltanto del lato positivo di entrambe le condizioni."
Author: Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
45. "Nothing good comes in life or athletics unless a lot of hard work has preceded the effort. Only temporary success is achieved by taking short cuts."
Author: Roger Staubach
46. "I always sleep well, dearest, except for when your hot body smothers me completely!"Darcy grinned. "Forgive me. Even sub- consciously I must be near you. I have no control over the matter. Tea and a scone?" "Yes, please." She sat, tucking her feet under her. "No need to apologize, William. I simply elbow you hard and you roll away, temporarily at least. Come winter you can re- pay the treatment when I slip my frozen feet between your thighs."
Author: Sharon Lathan
47. "While the bodies of young children are usually relaxed and flexible, if experiences of fear are continuous over the years, chronic tightening happens. Our shoulders may become permanently knotted and raised, our head thrust forward, our back hunched, our chest sunken. Rather than a temporary reaction to danger, we develop a permanent suit of armor. We become, as Chogyam Trungpa puts it, "a bundle of tense muscles defending our existence." We often don't even recognize this armor because it feels like such a familiar part of who we are. But we can see it in others. And when we are meditating, we can feel it in ourselves—the tightness, the areas where we feel nothing."
Author: Tara Brach
48. "The ‘healthy' sign, for Barthes, is one which draws attention to its own arbitrariness—which does not try to palm itself off as ‘natural' but which, in the very moment of conveying a meaning, communicates something of its own relative, artificial status as well. …Signs which pass themselves off as natural, which offer themselves as the only conceivable way of viewing the world, are by that token authoritarian and ideological. It is one of the functions of ideology to ‘naturalize' social reality, to make it seem as innocent and unchangeable as Nature itself. Ideology seeks to convert culture into Nature, and the ‘natural' sign is one of its weapons. Saluting a flag, or agreeing that Western democracy represents the true meaning of the word ‘freedom', become the most obvious, spontaneous responses in the world. Ideology, in this sense, is a kind of contemporary mythology, a realm which has purged itself of ambiguity and alternative possibility."
Author: Terry Eagleton
49. "Let temporal things be in the use, eternal things in the desire."
Author: Thomas à Kempis
50. "Nel secolo decimonono, l'idea religiosa subisce una crisi: si disimparano alcune cose, il che è bene, a patto che, disimparando questo, si impari quello. Nessun vuoto, nel cuore umano! Si fanno talune demolizioni ed è bene; ma a condizione che siano seguite da ricostruzioni. Nel frattempo, studiamo le cose che non son più. E' necessario conoscerle, non fosse che per evitarle. Le contraffazioni del passato prendono falsi nomi e si chiaman volentieri l'avvenire; quel fantasma ch'è il passato è soggetto a falsificare il suo passaporto. Mettiamoci a conoscenza del tranello e diffidiamo. Il passato ha un viso, la superstizione, ed una maschera, l'ipocrisia: denunciamo il viso e strappiamo la maschera."
Author: Victor Hugo

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