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1. "Failure? I never encountered it. All I ever met were temporary setbacks."
Author: Dottie Walters
2. "Yet she lays out this family plan the way you'd say, "After yoga, I'll go to Lia's for the mani-special and then wax on about hairstyles and hemlines until dinner."If I were gifted at making long-term plans, which by now we all know I'm not, and if I was at all hopeful, which we all know that I can never be, although it crosses my mind that it's entirely possible these are all just huge, f*&king, temporary setbacks and nothing more, even though it's been going on for over three years now, since Holly died, and I met Lincoln Presley. Events that could be construed as somehow inevitably related. Yes, perhaps there's an expiration date on the said pursuit of unhappiness. Perhaps, things will eventually go my way after I actually discover what that way is supposed to be."
Author: Katherine Owen
3. "Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence."
Author: Quentin L. Cook

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Quotes About Temporary Setbacks
Quotes About Temporary Setbacks
Quotes About Temporary Setbacks

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She has that quality, does the Hudson, as I imagine all great rivers do: the deep, abiding sense that those activities what take place on shore among human beings are of the moment, passing, and aren't the stories by way of which the greater tale of this planet will, in the end, be told."
Author: Caleb Carr

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