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1. "We have a new puppy and that's enough! Two babies and three dogs is enough."
Author: Christine Taylor
2. "These dogs are not fighting.""Yes they are. Like the paintings we saw in the Louvre," said Lucien. "Gecko-Roman wrestling Father called it.""Ah, of course," said Pissarro, as if it had become clear. "Yes, Gecko-Roman dog wrestling. Superb! I presume you haven't shown your wrestling dogs to Madame Lessard, then."
Author: Christopher Moore
3. "When men's fowls and dogs are lost, they know to seek for them again, but they lose their mind and do not know to seek for it."
Author: Inazo Nitobe
4. "Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls... because they can."
Author: Kim Cattrall
5. "I know of dude-bands who've brought big, crazy dogs on tour. Everybody loves their animal."
Author: Marnie Stern
6. "I feel about my dogs now, and all the dogs I had prior to this, the way I feel about children—they are that important to me. When I have lost a dog I have gone into a mourning period that lasted for months."
Author: Mary Tyler Moore
7. "If we are defined by reason and morality, then reason and morality must define our choices, even when animals are concerned. When people say, for example, that they like their veal or hot dogs too much to ever give them up, and yeah it's sad about the farms but that's just the way it is, reason hears in that the voice of gluttony. We can say that what makes a human being human is precisely the ability to understand that the suffering of an animal is more important than the taste of a treat."
Author: Matthew Scully
8. "...and still the hands did their trick, like over-eager dogs that want to do their rolling—over trick for you not once or twice but all night."
Author: Stephen King
9. "All she saw, down in the cellar well beneath the stoop, was a light yellow feather with a tip of green. And she had never named him. Had called him "my parrot" all these years. "My parrot." "Love you. "Love you."Did the dogs get him? Or did he get the message - that she said, "My parrot" and he said, "Love you," and she had never said it back or even taken the trouble to name him - and manage somehow to fly away on wings that had not soared for six years."
Author: Toni Morrison
10. "Although it should be avoided, you can break promises to people if you have to—because you can explain circumstances and make reasonable justifications and compromises with people. Dogs take you at your word—that's a lot to live up to—and I, for one, do not want to be the kind of person who reneges on a good-faith deal with a dog."
Author: Wade Rouse
11. "My saddle horses are my friends. My dogs are my friends."
Author: Wilford Brimley
12. "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Author: Will Rogers

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Quotes About Terrier Dogs
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