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1. "Terrorism isn't a crime against people or property. It's a crime against our minds, using the death of innocents and destruction of property to make us fearful. Terrorists use the media to magnify their actions and further spread fear. And when we react out of fear, when we change our policy to make our country less open, the terrorists succeed -- even if their attacks fail. But when we refuse to be terrorized, when we're indomitable in the face of terror, the terrorists fail -- even if their attacks succeed."
Author: Bruce Schneier
2. "In 1933, it was in Franklin Roosevelt's political interest to tell Americans the greatest danger was "fear itself." Seventy years later, it was in George W. Bush's political interest to do the opposite: The White House got the support it needed for invading Iraq by stoking public fears of terrorism and connecting those fears to Iraq."
Author: Daniel Gardner
3. "Terrorism tramples upon any rights and freedoms and generates fear and hatred; it is an obstacle to efforts at improving our world."
Author: Dmitry Medvedev
4. "Democracy is stronger than terrorism, and we will not cower to the terrorists' campaign of fear."
Author: John Doolittle
5. "Terrorism is a psychological warfare. Terrorists try to manipulate us and change our behavior by creating fear, uncertainty, and division in society."
Author: Patrick J. Kennedy

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Quotes About Terrorism And Fear
Quotes About Terrorism And Fear
Quotes About Terrorism And Fear

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