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1. "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius."
Author: James Rado
2. "I may have grown up in the Age of Aquarius, but I'm growing old in the Age of the Acronym."
Author: Roy Peter Clark
3. "I am sometimes asked, "How do you know there won't be a war tomorrow (or a genocide, or an act of terrorism) that will refute your whole thesis?" The question misses the point of this book. The point is not that we have entered an Age of Aquarius in which every last earthling has been pacified forever. It is that substantial reductions in violence have taken place, and it is important to understand them. Declines in violence are caused by political, economic, and ideological conditions that take hold in particular cultures at particular times. If the conditions reverse, violence could go right back up."
Author: Steven Pinker

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Quotes About The Age Of Aquarius
Quotes About The Age Of Aquarius
Quotes About The Age Of Aquarius

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Only I was capable of saving her now, and that, as far as anyone could argue, may have made me worse than all the devils and the demons, but it also, more accurately, made me better than all the angels and gods."
Author: Alistair Cross

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