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1. "In times of crisis, you get a public reaction that is incoherence on stilts. On the one hand, most people know that the government is not in the oil business. They don't want it in the oil business. They know there is nothing a man in Washington can do to plug a hole a mile down in the gulf.On the other hand, they demand that the president 'take control.' They demand that he hold press conferences, show leadership, announce that the buck stops here and do something. They want him to emote and perform the proper theatrical gestures so they can see their emotions enacted on the public stage.They want to hold him responsible for things they know he doesn't control. Their reaction is a mixture of disgust, anger, longing and need. It may not make sense. But it doesn't make sense that the country wants spending cuts and doesn't want cuts, wants change and doesn't want change."
Author: David Brooks
2. "The Creator face-to-face. The impact of that persona had been an orgasm on top of death throes draped in a free fall punctuated by a bone-shattering, hot asphalt, buck-stops-here slam."
Author: J.R. Ward
3. "The buck stops here," Ronan said, pulling up the hand brake. "Home shit home."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater

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The timer dinged a few minutes later and Cinnamon sucked in her breath."You want me to check?" I asked."I'll do it."I stood up and followed her into the bathroom.Cinnamon gasped and said,"They're both positive!""What?" I grabbed the sticks from her hand and read them. I glared at her.She chuckled. "You should have seen your face."
Author: Barbra Annino

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