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1. "It's funny, but when there are dominant teams, there are a number of people who rail about the fact that they're always seeing the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers or the Green Bay either in the playoffs or in the Super Bowl."
Author: Al Michaels
2. "Winning the Rookie of the Year would be nice but making the playoffs would be even nicer for me."
Author: Andrew Bogut
3. "I've been on teams that lost a hundred games in a season. I've been on teams that had a shot to make the playoffs and fizzled out at the end."
Author: Chili Davis
4. "I played in the playoffs with teams that were known for flopping and you do not get respect."
Author: Chris Webber
5. "I've been in the league 12 years. To sit on the bench and complain about the way things were, that doesn't get anything done. I don't know. I'm playing for a championship and trying to make the playoffs. My effort has never changed."
Author: Chris Webber
6. "I watch a lot of NBA basketball, especially with the playoffs."
Author: Coby Bell
7. "I had never been to the playoffs, and it was exciting. The fans went through the roof. They were excited about the whole team. It was great to be traded to a city like Chicago, which was a lot like Boston."
Author: Dennis Eckersley
8. "I've been in just about every situation as a player and coach and manager. I've been in the playoffs, World Series, and I know how to get there."
Author: Don Baylor
9. "When I go back to NFL functions today, I feel a bit on the outside looking in. I played 13 years in the NFL, and I loved it - made a Pro Bowl and went to the playoffs - but I always felt like I was having to knock the door down to get in."
Author: Doug Flutie
10. "The game against the Vikings back in my second year stands out. It was kind of a turnaround for us. It allowed us to make a run at the playoffs for the first time in quite a while. The memories are so many it's hard to pin one down."
Author: Drew Bledsoe
11. "My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn't really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I've been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I've been in the NBA."
Author: James Harden
12. "People judge you by the way you play in the playoffs."
Author: Jaromir Jagr
13. "The fact that we're in the playoffs doesn't mean anything to us, to be honest with you. Hopefully, we can accomplish our goal of going into the playoffs on a winning note."
Author: Michael Strahan
14. "Pat Riley, Dave Checketts and Ernie Grunfeld - they brought the Knicks back to the glory days. It started with Rick Pitino. We took our first step with him, making the playoffs. When Pat came in we just kicked the door open."
Author: Patrick Ewing
15. "None of the teams that actually probably were offering me a job from the getgo, actually in spring training, are in the playoffs right now."
Author: Pedro Martinez
16. "To me, it's like we're already in the playoffs. Every game is important for our position. We can't relax at all."
Author: Peter Bondra
17. "I'm not a guy that believes you've got to have a lot of experience to have success in the playoffs."
Author: Phil Simms
18. "It was an exciting time for me personally because the number of times I've been to the playoffs, that was the opportunity to obtain the first ring. That was special, that's for sure."
Author: Roger Clemens
19. "I haven't been back in Montreal, at all, since the playoffs ended two years ago. It's been a while."
Author: Saku Koivu
20. "My situation is different from Mark's. I'm not looking for home runs, I'm looking for the playoffs."
Author: Sammy Sosa
21. "The playoffs are the playoffs. You just play who is put in front of you."
Author: Steve Nash
22. "Playing in the playoffs is the best basketball in the world, and if you can learn under that pressure, succeed under that pressure, it gives you more confidence the next year."
Author: Tony Parker
23. "My God... What are the headlines going to be like on Monday if the Yankees don't make the playoffs?"
Author: Wade Boggs

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