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1. "Las plagas, en efecto, son una cosa común pero es difícil creer en las plagas cuando las ve uno caer sobre su cabeza. Ha habido en el mundo tantas pestes como guerras y sin embargo, pestes y guerras cogen a las gentes siempre desprevenidas."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "...nada pasa sin dejar una huella tras nosotros, y que cada acto nuestro, incluso el más insignificante, ejerce determinada influencia en nuestra vida presente y futura."
Author: Anton Chekhov
3. "Cast the burden of the present, along with the sin of the past and the fear of the future, upon the Lord, who forsaketh not His saints. Live by the day--ay, by the hour. Put no trust in frames and feelings. Care more for a grain of faith than a ton of excitement. Trust in God alone, and lean not on the needs of human help."
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
4. "Ian colgó el teléfono y me besó. Me apretó más fuerte contra su cuerpo y con su mano libre me tomó del cuello, sin ninguna prisa. Sus labios jugaron con los míos, su lengua paseaba con ligereza por mi boca, suavemente metió su mano bajo mi suéter. Acarició mi cintura, mi abdomen. Su otra mano la acompañó y recorrieron mi espalda. Yo coloqué mis brazos alrededor de su cuello, enredé mis manos en su cabello y lo atraje hacia mí."
Author: Helena Moran Hayes
5. "When we realize a constant enemy of the soul abides within us, what diligence and watchfulness we should have! How woeful is the sloth and negligence then of so many who live blind and asleep to this reality of sin. There is an exceeding efficacy nad power in the indwelling sin of believers, for it constantly inclines itself towards evil. We need to be awake, then, if our hearts would know the ways of God. Our enemy is not only upon us, as it was with Samson, but it is also in us."
Author: John Owen
6. "The "war" is being fought along the line between sin and righteousness in every family. It is being fought along the line between truth and falsehood in every school... Between justice and injustice in every legislature... Between integrity and corruption in every office... Between love and hate in every ethnic group... Between pride and humility in every sport... Between the beautiful and the ugly in every art... Between right doctrine and wrong doctrine in every church... Between sloth and diligence between coffee breaks. It is not a waste to fight the battle for truth and faith and love on any of these fronts."
Author: John Piper
7. "However, I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say it is profitable (good, expedient, advantageous) for you that I go away. Because if I do not go away, the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you [into close fellowship with you]; but if I go away, I will send Him to you [to be in close fellowship with you]. And when He comes, He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about sin and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment. John 16:7,8"
Author: Joyce Meyer
8. "Boredom is that awful state of inaction when the very medicine ? that is, activity ? which could solve it, is seen as odious.Archery? It is too cold, and besides, the butts need re-covering; the rats have been at the straw.Music? To hear it is tedious; to compose it, too taxing. And so on.Of all the afflictions, boredom is ultimately the most unmanning.Eventually, it transforms you into a great nothing who does nothing ? a cousin to sloth and a brother to melancholy."
Author: Margaret George
9. "For således elskede Gud verden, at han gav sin enbårne søn, for at enhver som strækker ud hos ham, ikke skal fortabes, men have evigt liv (John G. Paton's oversættelse)"
Author: Max Lucado
10. "If the price you have to pay for a sin is so high that you end up wanting to kill yourself and committing suicide is an even worse sin, then Someone's done his sums wrong. Someone's overcharging."
Author: Nick Hornby
11. "Rechazada al caer, y sin forma obstinada."
Author: Pablo Neruda
12. "Every sin is an act of cosmic treason, a futile attempt to dethrone God in His sovereign authority."
Author: R.C. Sproul
13. "- ¿No te parece a veces que vivir en el mundo es como una mierda?- ¿A qué te refieres? - dijo Paul lentamente.- A ver... que lo que el mundo puede darnos no basta para satisfacernos.- No -dijo Paul al cabo de unos diez segundos, y se tapó la cara con las manos-. Quiero decir... el mundo está bien, y me baso en pruebas, porque no me he suicidado. Si me suicidara... podría decir que el mundo es malo, en general.- Definitivamente, vamos.- En general -dijo Paul sin apartar las manos-. Como las ganas de suicidarme no son tan fuertes como para que me suicide, el mundo es un lugar en el que vale la pena vivir."
Author: Tao Lin
14. "Man does not commit sin in unintentional deed,but he might be the only one that could justify it."
Author: Toba Beta

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