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1. "A strong and brave heart isn't enough. A true heart, no matter how much the truth hurts, is the strongest of all."
Author: Cameron Jace
2. "Why do human beings have the peculiar impression that belief is the same as truth?""Because sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes we need to believe in a better truth.""What better truth can there be than truth?"
Author: Gene Brewer
3. "The truth hurts when you live a life of lies."
Author: Habeeb Akande
4. "Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good."
Author: Henry Rollins
5. "Rhiannon's Law #14: There is a reason the truth hurts. When you cease to feel the sting, it means you've stopped caring. And damn, wouldn't that be a total fucking waste?"
Author: J.A. Saare
6. "Ryan held out his hands. "What the hell is this? Beat The Shit Out Of Ryan Week?" "I didn't think you'd mind, since you're always insisting upon getting yourself hospitalized,"Claire said.Ryan's face screwed into disgust. "That was uncalled for.""The truth hurts, baby."He smiled. "If you're going to talk to me like that, you can insult me all day long."Claire pulled her car keys from her pocket, and then pulled on Ryan's hand. "I meant that you're a baby. It wasn't a term of endearment.""Yeah, right."
Author: Jamie McGuire
7. "The truth hurts because it's the shit that everyone kept from you."
Author: Kate Le Vann
8. "The truth hurts but a lie will eventually as well"
Author: Richard L Torres
9. "The truth hurts, only when it can heal."
Author: Rob Liano
10. "Oh well, the truth hurts, doesn't it?"
Author: Robin Roberts
11. "Friends are honest with each other. Even if the truth hurts.-Maggie"
Author: Sarah Dessen
12. "The truth hurts, sometimes, I suppose. But that doesn`t mean it shouldn`t be known."
Author: Trisha Leigh
13. "People say the truth hurts. Hell no, it hurts even more if you do a whole bunch of foolishness to try and avoid it."
Author: Tyler Perry

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Quotes About The Truth Hurts
Quotes About The Truth Hurts

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