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1. "{When Abraham Lincoln was 26 years old in 1835, he wrote a defense of Thomas Paine's deism; a political associate, Samuel Hill, burned it to save Lincoln's political career. Historian Roy Basler, the editor of Lincoln's papers, said Paine had a strong influence on Lincoln's style:}No other writer of the eighteenth century, with the exception of Jefferson, parallels more closely the temper or gist of Lincoln's later thought. In style, Paine above all others affords the variety of eloquence which, chastened and adapted to Lincoln's own mood, is revealed in Lincoln's formal writings."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "We've become slaves to words like 'local,' 'fresh,' and 'seasonal.' We all want to be Thomas Jefferson's agrarian hero, but sustainable food is a difficult beast."
Author: Barton Seaver
3. "Thomas nodded towards Keane. 'He doesn't want to be a priest and you don't want to be a monk. Now you're both Hellequin.'Brother Michael looked disbelieving. 'I am?' He asked excitedly.'You are,' Thomas said.'So all we need now is a pair of ripe young girls who don't want to be nuns,' Keane said cheerfully."
Author: Bernard Cornwell
4. "It is time," said the Lord Pilot, "to see this calamity to its end." Spoken in Archaic English: the words uttered by Thomas Clarkson in 1785, at the beginning of the end of slavery. "I have set my will against this disaster; I will break it, or it will break me." Ira Howard in 2014. "I will not share my universe with this shadow," and that was the Lord Pilot, in an anger hotter than the nova's ashes. "Help me if you will, or step aside if you lack decisiveness; but do not make yourself my obstacle, or I will burn you down, and any that stand with you -"
Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
5. "The glass display cases had shown rock-throwers crafted by the Australian aborigines - like giant wooden shoehorns, they'd looked, but smoothed and carved and ornamented with the most painstaking care. In the 40,000 years since anatomically modern humans had migrated to Australia from Asia, nobody had invented the bow-and-arrow. It really made you appreciate how non-obvious was the idea of Progress. Why would you even think of Invention as something important, if all your history's heroic tales were of great warriors and defenders instead of Thomas Edison? How could anyone possibly have suspected, while carving a rock-thrower with painstaking care, that someday human beings would invent rocket ships and nuclear energy?"
Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
6. "Secularity is a way of being dependent on the responses of our milieu. The secular or false self is the self which is fabricated, as Thomas Merton says, by social compulsions. 'Compulsive' is indeed the best adjective for the false self. It points to the need for ongoing and increasing affirmation. Who am I? I am the one who is liked, praised, admired, disliked, hated or despised. Whether I am a pianist, a businessman or a minister, what matters is how I am perceived by my world. If being busy is a good thing, then I must be busy. If having money is a sign of real freedom, then I must claim my money. If knowing many people proves my importance, I will have to make the necessary contacts. The compulsion manifests itself in the lurking fear of failure and the steady urge to prevent this by gathering more of the same - more work, more money, more friends."
Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
7. "They say that at Thomas More's trial, Master Secretary here followed the jury to their deliberations, and when they were seated he closed the door behind him and he laid down the law. "Let me put you out of doubt," he said to the jurymen. "Your task is to find Sir Thomas guilty, and you will have no dinner till you have done it." Then out he went and shut the door again and stood outside it with a hatchet in his hand, in case they broke out in search of a boiled pudding; and being Londoners, they care about their bellies above all things, and as soon as they felt them rumbling they cried, "Guilty! He is as guilty as guilty can be!"
Author: Hilary Mantel
8. "You can be merry with the king, you can share a joke with him. But as Thomas More used to say, it's like sporting with a tamed lion. You tousle its mane and pull its ears, but all the time you're thinking, those claws, those claws, those claws."
Author: Hilary Mantel
9. "The girl leaned forward and kissed Thomas on the cheek. "You're sweet. I really hope we don't end up killing you, at least."
Author: James Dashner
10. "One of the servants had reported that Daisy had been sneaking around the house at night, deliberately tripping all the traps to keep the mice from being killed."Is this true, daughter?" Thomas Bowman had rumbled, his gaze filled with ire as he stared at Daisy."It could be," she had allowed. "But there is another explanation.""And what is that?" Bowman had asked sourly.Her tone turned congratulatory. "I think we are hosting the most intelligent mice in New York!"
Author: Lisa Kleypas
11. "Travelex has grown into a global business in just 25 years. The acquisition of Thomas Cook's Global & Financial Services has created a business that would have had a combined turnover of U.S. $28.4 billion in 2000."
Author: Lloyd Dorfman
12. "The idea of working with David Fincher or Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson or Scorsese or Spielberg or any of the guys I really idolize is a dream for me."
Author: Logan Lerman
13. "As no two persons see the same thing with the same eyes, my view of hospital life must be taken through my glass, and held for what it is worth. Certainly, nothing was set down in malice, and to the serious-minded party who objected to a tone of levity in some portions of the Sketches, I can only say that it is a part of my religion to look well after the cheerfulnesses of life, and let the dismals shift for themselves; believing, with good Sir Thomas More, that it is wise to "be merrie in God."
Author: Louisa May Alcott
14. "To me, Arnold was a pioneer in the spirit of Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin, while Tiger is a pioneer in the spirit of Bill Gates."
Author: Mark McCormack
15. "What's your name?" "Becky Thatcher. What's yours? Oh, I know. It's Thomas Sawyer." "That's the name they lick me by. I'm Tom when I'm good. You call me Tom, will you?" "Yes"
Author: Mark Twain
16. "Sometimes Thomas Mackee will stick an earphone into my ear and ask me to listen to a song. When I get over the revulsion of putting something in my ear that's been in his, I sit back and let the music take over, and for a half hour there's something comforting about someone's heart beating at the same rhythm as mine."
Author: Melina Marchetta
17. "Ruthless!' She pretended to shiver. 'I have never seen you be ruthless, I don't think, Thomas. I am very much interested in this new facet of your personality.'Thomas quietly rubbed at the head of his cane. She was beautiful, this woman. Perfect, really. Tall and slender, her hands like a choreographed ballet as they slid against her thigh one moment, and then brushed at her hair which was never out of place.Perfect, everything about her. But suddenly Thomas realized that perfection was not always pure. Amelia's perfection, in that instant, seemed tainted. As if perhaps her perfection had come from some other source than God."
Author: Mia Ryan
18. "Du?i m?t Tereza, sách v? là bi?u tu?ng cho h?i tình thuong bí m?t. B?i dó là khí gi?i duy nh?t cô có trong tay d? ch?ng ch?i v?i cái th? gi?i thô b?, nho nh?p chung quanh cô. Nh?t là ti?u thuy?t. Cô d?c b?t c? quy?n gì cô v? du?c trong tay, t? Fielding cho d?n Thomas Mann. Sách v? không nh?ng giúp cô t?m th?i thoát kh?i d?i s?ng bu?n n?n, chán ng?t cô dang vuong m?c, nó còn mang ý nghia khác: cô r?t thích di b? xu?ng ph?, trên tay ôm m?t quy?n sách. V?i cô quy?n sách có ý nghia gi?ng nhu cách dây g?n th? k? ngu?i dàn ông l?ch s?, b?nh bao c?m trên tay cây can khi bu?c ra du?ng ph?. Nh? quy?n sách cô th?y mình khác nh?ng ngu?i chung quanh."
Author: Milan Kundera
19. "How many of you knew what the Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle was? An idea in the book years ago, and now who hasn't heard of a T.A.S.E.R."
Author: Neil Leckman
20. "It's as if Thomas Kinkade and Dante were at a party, and one turned to the other sometime after midnight and uttered that classic line "You know, we really should work together sometime..."
Author: Rob Bell
21. "Are you a storyteller, Thomas Covenant?"Absently he replied, "I was, once.""And you gave it up? Ah, that is as sad a tale in three words as any you might have told me. But a life without a tale is like a sea without salt. How do you live?"... Unconsciously, he clenched his fist over his ring. "I live.""Another?" Foamfollower returned. "In two words, a story sadder than the first. Say no more -- with one word you will make me weep."
Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
22. "Maybe it's true what Thomas Moore said: "It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed."
Author: Susannah Cahalan
23. "The Iraqi sun quickly heated the air to an unbearable onehundred twenty three degree's, causing an unquenchable thirst toboil up in him. Thomas then dropped his rifle under his right arm,where it hung beneath his pit by a strap called a fast sling, there theweapon dangled under his sweat soaked uniform."
Author: Thomas Ferreolus

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