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1. "Time is precious, so use it wisely in every area of your life including having a relationship with God through"The Door", Jesus Christ! No one knows how much time that they have to live, so don't allow time to run out on you!"
Author: Anita R. Sneed Carter
2. "Kosykh: What the hell... is there really no one even to talk to? We might as well be living in Australia: no common interests, no solidarity... Everyone lives separate lives...But I must go... it's time. [Takes his cap.] Time is precious. [Gives Lebedev his hand.] I pass!"
Author: Anton Chekhov
3. "Time is precious, use it wisely with someone that you love & care about you.. cause you will never know what will happen in the future."
Author: Ardianto Sony
4. "As far as I know, you only get one shot at this life. It only goes round once and time is precious. When I'm not working, you'd better spend that time with someone important."
Author: Benjamin Bratt
5. "Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time."
Author: Benjamin Disraeli
6. "Mr. Tiny nodded, then started forward. "Enough of the chitchat, boys. I have work to do and I must be quick. Time is precious. A volcano's due to erupt on a small tropical island tomorrow. Everybody within a ten-mile radius will be roasted alive. I want to be there -- it sounds like great fun."
Author: Darren Shan
7. "Everything matters. Time is precious."
Author: Jessica Hagedorn
8. "Time is precious and should be spent doing things that make you happy, not brushing those very moments aside. That's when you really die, and I plan on living."
Author: Katelin LaMontagne
9. "Thank You. Life is short and TBR lists are long. I know time is precious and I thank you for spending yours with this book."
Author: Katja Millay
10. "It's difficult dating as an actor because your free time is precious. The guy I end up with someday is going to have to love traveling."
Author: Serinda Swan
11. "If time is precious, no book that will not improve by repeated readings deserves to be read at all."
Author: Thomas Carlyle

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