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1. "He wasn't sure which one of them initiated the kiss, but it started soft and then went sweet and then went tender and then went tinder, and then went out-of-control blaze."
Author: Amy Lane
2. "Well! what is there remarkable in all this? Why have I recorded it? Because, reader, it was important enough to give me a cheerful evening, a night of pleasing dreams, and a morning of felicitous hopes. Shallow-brained cheerfulness, foolish dreams, unfounded hopes, you would say; and I will not venture to deny it: suspicions to that effect arose too frequently in my own mind. But our wishes are like tinder: the flint and steel of circumstances are continually striking out sparks, which vanish immediately, unless they chance to fall upon the tinder of our wishes; then, they instantly ignite, and the flame of hope is kindled in a moment."
Author: Anne Brontë
3. "At the time of Lewis and Clark, setting the prairies on fire was a well-known signal that meant, ‘Come down to the water.' It was an extravagant gesture, but we can't do less. If the landscape reveals one certainty, it is that the extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation. After the extravagant gesture of creation in the first place, the universe has continued to deal exclusively in extravagances, flinging intricacies and colossi down aeons of emptiness, heaping profusions on profligacies with ever fresh vigor. The whole show has been on fire from the word go. I come down to the water to cool my eyes. But everywhere I look, I see fire: that which isn't flint is tinder, and the whole world sparks and flames."
Author: Annie Dillard
4. "Why won't they leave mealone?don't they realize Ihave atinder heartand apaper bodyand thatany sparkwill turn mestraight to ash?"
Author: David Levithan
5. "Din filozof de nopti albe ajungi o curva a azurului. Cam asta e tranzitia mea — în conditiile fericirii intra, în primul rînd, marea si femeia. Si apoi nihilismul. Cînd nu crezi în nimic, în umbra sanilor si în alinarile marine încerci iresponsabilitatea lui Dumnezeu înainte de creatie. Intinderile si îmbratisarile mi-au descoperit dulceata nimicului. Imagineaza-ti un budism senzual."
Author: Emil Cioran
6. "Nu te atasa de o persoana: fie ea cea mai draga dintre toate, - fiecare persoana este o temnita si, totodata, un ungher. Nu te lasa atasat de un sentiment de compatimire: nici macar pentru oamenii superiori al caror martiriu deosebit si a caror neajutorare o descoperi întâmplator. Nu te atasa de o stiinta: chiar daca vreuna te-ar ademeni cu inestimabile descoperiri ce par sa-ti fie harazite de-a dreptul tie. Nu te atasa de propria-ti detasare, de nicio departare voluptuoasa, tinut îmbatator al pasarii ce zboara din ce în ce mai sus, pentru a zari sub ea o întindere mereu crescânda: - primejdia celui ce zboara. Nu te atasa de propriile-ti virtuti, nu te jertfi în întregime pentru un oarecare si unic detaliu, de exemplu pentru „ospitalitatea" ta: aceasta e primejdia primejdiilor pentru sufletele alese si bogate care, risipitoare si aproape nepasatoare fata de ele însele, împing virtutea generozitatii pâna la viciu. Trebuie sa stii sa te pastrezi: iata cea mai buna dovada a independentei."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
7. "Witches are good for one thing and only one thing.Tinder.Bowen Graeme MacRieve."
Author: Kresley Cole
8. "Aceasta bucata de creta, de pilda, este un lucru cu o anumita întindere, relativ solid, avînd o forma determinata, culoarea alba si, laolalta cu toate aceste proprietati, avînd-o pe aceea de a scrie. întocmai cum îi apartine acestui lucru faptul de a se afla aici, în aceeasi masura îi apartine putinta de a nu se afla aici si de a nu avea aceasta marime. Posibilitatea ca el sa fie plimbat de-a lungul tablei si de a fi uzat nu este ceva pe care l-am adaugat lucrului prin intermediul gîndirii. El însusi, ca fiind aceasta fiintare, se afla în aceasta posibilitate, altminteri nu ar fi o creta în calitatea ei de instrument de scris. Tot astfel, fiecarei fiintari îi apartine, într-o modalitate care-i e proprie, acest posibil. Acest posibil îi apartine cretei. Ea însasi detine în ea însasi o proprietate determinata prin care este destinata unei anumite utilizari."
Author: Martin Heidegger
9. "What if she wants to be hurt? What if, like a flint to tinder, I can coax her to flame? To burn for me, and only me? And I remember that girl running against the wind, and I know that there's no going back. I am her future — and she is simply that: mine."
Author: Nenia Campbell
10. "Corncobs are the greatest fire-making tinder."
Author: Paul Engle
11. "I want to love you simply, in words not spoken: tinder to the flame which transforms it to ashI want to love you simply, in signs not expressed: clouds to the rain which make them evanescent (Aku Ingin-I Want)"
Author: Sapardi Djoko Damono
12. "And if we know how to light a fire, why do we carry tinder around with us?"Because you're humans," the little one explained serenly. "You're stupid."
Author: Silvana De Mari
13. "The Crone, the Reaper... She is the Dark Moon, what you don't see coming at you, what you don't get away with, the wind that whips the spark across the fire line. Chance, you could say, or, what's scarier still: the intersection of chance with choices and actions made before. The brush that is tinder dry from decades of drought, the warming of the earth's climate that sends the storms away north, the hole in the ozone layer. Not punishment, not even justice, but consequence."
Author: Starhawk
14. "At the top of the cellar steps Broadman knelt down and fumbled in his tinderbox. It turned out to be damp. 'I'll kill that bloody cat,' he muttered, and groped for the spare box that was normally on the ledge by the door. It was missing. Broadman said a bad word. A lighted taper appeared in mid-air, right beside him. HERE, TAKE THIS. 'Thanks,' said Broadman. DON'T MENTION IT. Broadman went to throw the taper down the steps. His hand paused in mid-air. He looked at the taper, his brow furrowing. Then he turned around and held the taper up to illuminate the scene. It didn't shed much light, but it did give the darkness a shape . . . 'Oh, no—' he breathed. BUT YES, said Death."
Author: Terry Pratchett
15. "When I arrived in the stables, he startled me from behind the door. Without a word, he grabbed me up in his arms and carried me into the loft. There he had lit a dozen candles, and strewn rose petals and blankets over a bed of sweet-smelling hay.""A dozen lit candles in a stable full of dry hay? You're lucky you survived the experience, sweetheart. You could have been tinder."Sophia raised her eyebrows and stiffened her posture. "Our love was an inferno. I thought I would go up in flames, so glorious was our pleasure that night."He covered his eyes with a hand and laughed, loud and long. "What a vivid romantic imagination you have."
Author: Tessa Dare
16. "The taste for books was an early one. As a child he was sometimes found at midnight by a page still reading. They took his taper away, and he bred glow-worms to serve his purpose. They took the glow-worms away and he almost burnt the house down with a tinder."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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