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1. "This was loyalty of a sort which was rare in an age of self-indulgence. It was an old-fashioned virtue of the type which her philosophical colleagues extolled but could never themselves match."
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
2. "L'intolleranza e la superstizione sono sempre state prerogativa della parte più stupida del volgo e credo che non saranno mai estirpate, perché sono eterne quanto la stupidità stessa. Là dove oggi torreggiano le montagne un giorno ci saranno i mari, là dove oggi si agitano i mari un giorno ci sarà il deserto. Ma la stupidità rimarrà stupidità."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
3. "Bridget's anger evaporated and the sadness came back. The anger was easier. She owned and contolled it, whereas the sadness owned her."
Author: Ann Brashares
4. "Niets waaraan mensen zich zo lelijk kunnen verwonden als aan het geluk van een ander.Dat iets moois je kwalijk genomen zou kunnen worden, als je jong bent kun je zoiets niet geloven. Dat iemand je de liefde misgunt, hoe kun je daarop bedacht zijn?De eerste tijd heb je het ook helemaal niet door. Omdat het in jou zo zingt ga je ervan uit dat iedereen meeneuriet. Dat ze meedeinen op jouw muziek. Dit is maar schijn. Door jouw roes lijkt het of ze tollen. In feite staan ze stil en ze zetten zich alvast schrap. Vroeger of later bots je in volle vaart tegen ze op."
Author: Arthur Japin
5. "Eerst zie je er niks geks in rond te tollen tot je erbij neervalt, maar op een dag valt het je op dat mensen naar jou kijken, je vertraagt en houdt nog even vol, maar ten slotte, om niet op te vallen, stop je er maar mee."
Author: Arthur Japin
6. "Tolle, lege: take up and read."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
7. "...l'imperfezione va oltre. E' tolleranza, rispetto dell'usato e attenzione ai segni del tempo. E' capacita' di badare alla merce, e non alla confezione."
Author: Beppe Severgnini
8. "Vielleicht gibt es ja gar keine tollen, wunderbaren Menschen. Und wir reden es uns für eine kurze Weile nur ein, dass der oder der toll und wunderbar ist, damit wir einen Grund haben, uns in ihn zu verlieben. Sozusagen ein Alibi für die Liebe."
Author: Brigitte Blobel
9. "L'esperienza le aveva insegnato che il futuro le avrebbe riservato più tempo di quanto fosse tollerabile per lamentarsi degli errori commessi in passato."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
10. "Holmes non amava farsi toccare. Il contatto fisico umano era per lui qualcosa di molto vicino alla migliore definizione dell'aggettivo ripugnante. Ma anche di rappresentazione perfetta delle debolezze umane. O ancora di estrema inutilità. Holmes non amava nemmeno le eccezioni. Ne tollerava una sola. Me."
Author: Cristina Bruni
11. "Few of us have the necessary unselfishness to hear with gladness the talents of others extolled or to listen with patience to the successes of those whom we despise—Vivian"
Author: D.E. Stevenson
12. "Jesus' words, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do," also apply to yourself." ? Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks"
Author: Eckhart Tolle
13. "The Buddha says that pain or suffering arises through desire or craving and that to be free of pain we need to cut the bonds of desire."-Eckhart Tolle"
Author: Eckhart Tolle
14. "[Gli uomini] sono gli unici, fra tutti gli esseri creati, che hanno la possibilità d'andare contro l'ordine posto da Dio nel creato: gli uomini sono cioè gli unici esseri veramente liberi, appunto perché sono liberi nei confronti di Dio... Dio aveva dovuto tollerare, ecco, aveva dovuto permettere questo male, e tutte le altre cattiverie e carognate che gli uomini fanno: e ciò per non andare contro la loro libertà. Il gran problema del male nel mondo... Appunto per non impedire la libertà dell'uomo."
Author: Eugenio Corti
15. "Die Religionen Müsen alle Tolleriret werden und Mus der fiscal nuhr das auge darauf haben, das keine der andern abruch Tuhe, den hier mus ein jeder nach Seiner Fasson Selich werden!"[Rand-Verfügung des Königs zum Immediat-Bericht des Geistlichen Departements: Katholische Schulen und Proselytenmacherei; Berlin, 22. Mai 1740]"
Author: Frederick The Great
16. "Whoever extolleth him as a God of love, doth not think highly enough of love itself. Did not that God want also to be judge? But the loving one loveth irrespective of reward and requital."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
17. "Era ancora troppo giovane per sapere che la memoria del cuore elimina i brutti ricordi e magnifica quelli belli, e che grazie a tale artificio risuciamo a tollerare il passato."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
18. "It's all very Eckhart Tolle when you think about it — the key to being charismatic is being PRESENT."
Author: Gala Darling
19. "We'll never find that one, and I'll be blamed," announced Edd Tollett, the dour grey-haired squire everyone called Dolorous Edd. "Nothing ever goes missing that they don't look at me, ever since that time I lost my horse. As if that could be helped. He was white and it was snowing, what did they expected"
Author: George R.R. Martin
20. "One thing all the stories agreed on: King Robert was dead. The bells in the seven towers of the Great Sept of Baelor had tolled for a day and a night, the thunder of their grief rolling across the city in a bronze tide. They only rang the bells like that for the death of a king, a tanner's boy told Arya."
Author: George R.R. Martin
21. "According to a Confucian view, there are four steps in social develpment, wrote Wilhem (Sr.). There are the individual, the family, the state, and mankind. The West had always emphasized the individual and the state. Individual development is extolled, and the single human being is regarded as central and as an atom of society. Over-emphasis on the function of the individual has led to deterioration of the family. Unlike Westerners, the Chinese have given greater weight to family and mankind. The consciousness of the individual is contained in the family, and since traditional China considered itself the world, Chinese considered themselves responsible for humankind rather than for the state."
Author: Hellmut Wilhelm
22. "This was when he first suspected that the kindly child-loving God extolled by his headmistress might not exist. As it turned out, most major world events suggested the same. But for Theo's sincerely godless generation, the question hasn't come up. No one in his bright, plate-glass, forward-looking school ever asked him to pray, or sing an impenetrable cheery hymn. There's no entity for him to doubt. His initiation, in front of the TV, before the dissolving towers, was intense but he adapted quickly. These days he scans the papers for fresh developments the way he might a listings magazine. As long as there's nothing new, his mind is free. International terror, security cordons, preparations for war — these represent the steady state, the weather. Emerging into adult consciousness, this is the world he finds."
Author: Ian McEwan
23. "Time: the word tolled like the bells of a church. Fonny was doing: time. In six months time, our baby would be here. Somewhere, in time, Fonny and I had met: somewhere, in time, we had loved; somewhere, no longer in time, but, now, totally, at time's mercy, we loved."
Author: James Baldwin
24. "My problem was not with comfort or monetary wealth. My problem was with a way of life in which those who have more than they need are envied or extolled, while those who are materially poor are scorned or forgotten."
Author: John Robbins
25. "Funes discerneva continuamente il calmo progredire della corruzione, della carie, della fatica. Notava i progressi della morte, dell'umidità. Era il solitario e lucido spettatore d'un mondo multiforme, istantaneo e quasi intollerabilmente preciso. Babilonia, Londra e New York hanno offuscato col loro feroce splendore l'immaginazione degli uomini; nessuno, nelle loro torri popolose e nelle loro strade febbrili, ha mai sentito il calore e la pressione d'una realtà così intangibile come quella che giorno e notte convergeva sul felice Ireneo, nel suo povero sobborgo sudamericano."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
26. "The merits and services of Christianity have been industriously extolled by its hired advocates. Every Sunday its praises are sounded from myriads of pulpits. It enjoys the prestige of an ancient establishment and the comprehensive support of the State. It has the ear of rulers and the control of education. Every generation is suborned in its favor. Those who dissent from it are losers, those who oppose it are ostracised; while in the past, for century after century, it has replied to criticism with imprisonment, and to scepticism with the dungeon and the stake. By such means it has induced a general tendency to allow its pretensions without inquiry and its beneficence without proof."
Author: Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
27. "If now a friend denies not what was given him in trust,If he restores an ancient purse with all its coins and rust,This prodigy of honesty deserves to be enrolledIn Tuscan books, and with a sacrificial lamb extolled."
Author: Juvenal
28. "In Ronan's hand, the mask was as thin as a sheet of paper, still warm from Adam's gasped breaths. Orphan Girl buried her face in his side, her body shaking with sobs. Her tiny voice was muffled: "Tollerere me a hic, tollerere me a hic..."Take me away from here, take me away from here."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
29. "On the hill opposite, Joachim tolled the midday bell, announcing lunch to the workers in the fields. Klaus listened a moment, then said, "I thought it would be a bleaker scene."Dietrich turned to him, "What would be?""This day. I thought it would be marked by terrible signs - lowering clouds, ominous winds, a crack of thunder. Twilight. Yet, it is so ordinary a morning that I grow frightened.""Only now frightened.""Ja. Portents would mean a Divine Mover, however mysterious His moves; and the wrath of an angry God may be turned away by prayer and penance. But it simply happened. Everard grew sick and fell down. There were no signs; so it may be a natural thing, as you have always said. And against nature, we have no recourse."
Author: Michael Flynn
30. "The whole forest was peopled with frightful sounds--the creaking of the trees, the howling of wild beasts, and the yell of Indians; while sometimes the wind tolled like a distant church bell, and sometimes gave a broad roar around the traveler, as if all Nature were laughing him to scorn. But he was himself the chief horror of the scene, and shrank not from its other horrors."
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
31. "After dinner, I become afraid despite myself. I know I should be joyous, for this reunion is the proof that love can still be ours, but I know the bell has tolled this evening. The sun has long since set and the thief is about to come, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. So I stare at her and wait and live a lifetime in these last remaining moments."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
32. "But it also had many large posters with messages of a more peaceful nature. These extolled the country's economic achievement since the Cultural Revolution, which was supposed to have liberated the forces of production and increased productivity. Of course, the Cultural Revolution had done just the opposite. Official lies like this, habitually indulged in and frequently displayed by the authorities, served no purpose except to create the impression that truth was unimportant. Pg. 400"
Author: Nien Cheng
33. "No," he repeated, and this time the word tolled in another voice, a king's voice... whose grief was not for what he did not have, but for what he could not give."
Author: Peter S. Beagle
34. "You deserve what you tollerate."
Author: Ramon Colon Lopez
35. "The first chap we said was loafing, until he died. That's nearly always the verdict on a sailing ship, anyway. A man is invariably 'mouching' until he dies, and then we say, "Oh, he must have been bad after all." --Charles Lightoller"
Author: Richard Davenport Hines
36. "[T]he Papist and the Arminian on the one extremity, enthroneth Nature, and extolleth proud merit, and abaseth Christ and free grace. The Familist, libertine, and Antinomian, on a contrary extremity and opposition, turn man into a block, and make him into a mere patient in the way to heaven."
Author: Samuel Rutherford
37. "They had lied, those who had extolled the virtues of love—its pleasures, its sublimity—those who had told her that it was beautiful and worthwhile.There was nothing beautiful about it.It was awful."
Author: Sarah MacLean
38. "Tilanteessa jossa henkilö on jo kiivennyt katolleja heiluttelee nyt räystään yli jalkojaan kuin krokettimailoja(puuttuu vain punainen pallo ja kalahdus, aimo annos aurinkoista mieltä)tyyneys on valttia. Haasteellisinta on hillitä vastustamaton halu kiivetähänen viereensä, levittää kädet siiviksi ja mäiskähtää katuun yhdessähänen kanssaan."
Author: Silene Lehto
39. "I grandi re sono adorati, i re minori sono tollerati; i futuri re sono individui sconosciuti di cui è facile diffidare. Il popolo sarebbe stato ben disposto ad amare Peter se ne avesse avuto l'occasione, ma Flagg sapeva che altrettanto rapidamente l'avrebbe condannato di fronte a prove apparentemente inconfutabili."
Author: Stephen King
40. "Vittima dell'intolleranza sociale verso comportamenti devianti."
Author: Susanna Kaysen
41. "...with every new manoeuvre, the light was growing dimmer--fading by numbers as well as strength--and the sound could no longer be heard, but only the pulse of it--seen going out in the darkness--losing its edges--caving in at its centre--webbing, now, as if a spider was spinning against the rain--until the last few strands of brightness fell--and were extinguished--silenced and removed from life and from all that lives forever.And the bell tolled--but the ark, as ever, was adamant. Its shape had taken on a voice. And the voice said: no."
Author: Timothy Findley
42. "Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage."
Author: Winston Churchill

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