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1. "Un tempo pensavo che la morte potesse essere nascosta da qualche parte sul nostro corpo. Acquattata dietro la pupilla come una moneta, infilata sotto un'unghia, allacciata attorno a un polso. Una scheggia scura, affilata; una pallottola pallida, libera. Una cosa diversa per ogni persona. La durata di ogni vita predefinita. Il giorno della morte, ti si scioglie dentro a tutto il corpo, calda pallina rotta di sali da bagno. Fino a quel momento, attende – chiusa e muta. Se si sapesse dove cercare si riuscirebbe a trovarla, accoccolata nella piega dell'orecchio ad aspettare pazientemente il giorno giusto."
Author: Aimee Bender
2. "He who joyfully marches to music rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."
Author: Albert Einstein
3. "When life is this dull, you have to invent purpose. Collecting torn-up newspaper gives you a hobby, provides an anchoring intimacy with your surroundings, keeps the streets clean. Or so you think. Then one day you wake up and realise that it was all a con: what you had thought was an escape from madness was in fact the arrival."
Author: Alexander Masters
4. "When one by one our ties are torn, and friend from friend is snatched forlorn; when man is left alone to mourn, oh! then how sweet it is to die!"
Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld
5. "O sangramento da lua só me deixa abalada durante três dias num mês. Uma pila torna um homem potencialmente estúpido a qualquer hora do dia."
Author: Anne Bishop
6. "Sollevò il fanale con mano così tremante che la luce danzava tutt'intorno a noi. La signorina Morstan mi afferrò il polso, il cuore in tumulto. Usciva nella notte dalla grande casa buia il più doloroso e malinconico dei suoni: il singhiozzo di una donna spaventata"
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
7. "Of course I need you. I go insane when I see you. You can do almost anything you wish with me. Is that what you want to hear? Almost, Dominique. And the things you couldn't make me do — you could put me through hell if you demanded them and I had to refuse you, as I would. Through utter hell, Dominique. Does that please you? Why do you want to know whether you own me? It's so simple. Of course you do. All of me that can be owned. You'll never demand anything else. But you want to know whether you could make me suffer. You could. What of it?" The words did not sound like surrender, because they were not torn out of him, but admitted simply and willingly. She felt no thrill of conquest; she felt herself owned more than ever, by a man who could say these things, know them to be true, and still remain controlled and controlling — as she wanted him to remain."
Author: Ayn Rand
8. "You know, as attorney general, there's no issue more important than making sure you are safe, that your families are safe."
Author: Charlie Crist
9. "Não tem um olhar para mim: coisa cruel; um olhar terno ter-me-ia tornado feliz até amanhã de manhã. Esse olhar, não quis ele conceder-mo; foi-se embora. É estranho que a dor quase me sufoque por o olhar de um ser humano não ter encontrado o meu."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
10. "The agony of martyrdom is almost too much to bear. In the early hours, when the loss is fresh, there is no comfort in knowing Glory will live on. We speak of the martyrs in History but we cannot know the actual pain they suffered in their final living hours. They enter the realm of the mythic, but we must never forget these were men like ourselves. When their flesh is torn, they cry out. They suffer as you or I would suffer, although more bravely. Remember Christ. Although I am now an enemy to Joseph's legacy, I shudder when recalling his pain."
Author: David Ebershoff
11. "Decoding (a child's difficult) behavior is like looking at a rain wrapped tornado crossing the road in front of you. You see the fury of rain, hail, wind and debris, but you have to look real hard to see the driving force behind it."
Author: Deborah A. Beasley
12. "Typical!" he said to Sophie. " I break my neck to get here, and I find you peacefully tidying up!" Sophie looked up at him. As she had feared, the hard black-and white light coming through the broken wall showed her that Howl had not bothered to shave or tidy his hair. His eyes were still red-rimmed and his black sleeves were torn in several place. There was not much to choose between Howl and the scarecrow. Oh, dear! Sophie thought. He must love Miss Angorian very much. "I came for Miss Angorian," she explained."And I thought if I arranged for your family to visit you, it would keep you quiet for once!" Howl said disgustedly. "But no---"."
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
13. "The political status legislation which emerged in Congress in 1990 and 1991 did not receive the support needed for enactment into law during my tenure as Attorney General."
Author: Dick Thornburgh
14. "Se c'è una cosa che mi fa impazzire del cinema, è la terapia del dolore. La rimozione dell'infelicità. La censura della fatica di uscirne. La vita che ricomincia solo quando è tornata sopportabile. Non so che darei per praticare il «sei mesi dopo» nella vita non filmica.Oh, lo so cosa state pensando. Sento già l'obiezione: «Sì, d'accordo, ma anche quel tempo intermedio è vita: se lo salti, è come se morissi nell'intervallo».Sentite questa, allora: «Meglio aggiungere vita ai giorni che giorni alla vita».Bella, eh?E sapete chi l'ha detta?Rita.Levi.Montalcini.Ecco chi.Per cui, al diavolo la retorica dela vita che vale la pena anche quando è sofferenza. Io,se posso, la sofferenza la evito."
Author: Diego De Silva
15. "« Ecco, c'è una cosa che devo dirti », cominciai guardandolo in quegli occhi cristallini, « io ti amo Azazael, non ho mai amato così nessuno prima d'ora. Sei arrivato come un fulmine a ciel sereno nella mia vita e l'hai stravolta. Mi hai cambiata, mi hai fatto tornare a credere in quel sentimento che mai avrei pensato facesse per me », dissi tutto d'un fiato, il cuore che batteva forte. Non dovetti attendere molto la risposta: alzandosi di scatto, con due falcate mi raggiunse prendendomi fra le braccia. « Per millenni ho atteso che queste parole venissero pronunciate, pensavo che non le avrei mai sentite da parte di nessuno ed invece eccomi qui », stringendomi ancora più forte, « ti amo, mia piccola Aurora splendente », disse prima di baciarmi dolcemente sulle labbra, beh, almeno inizialmente, in fin dei conti stiamo sempre parlando di Azazael no?"
Author: Diletta Brizzi
16. "Here.After so long waiting.Her purple eyes.Torn cloak.Skin pale, sheer as ice.Exhausted.But unafraid."
Author: Edith Pattou
17. "And there you see the distinction between our feelings: had he been in my place, and I in his, though I hated him with a hatred that turned my life to gall, I never would have raised a hand against him. You may look incredulous, if you please! I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out and drank his blood! But, till then - if you don't believe me, you don't know me - til then, I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair on his head!"
Author: Emily Brontë
18. "Molti vivono circondati dalle proprie balle, dalle bugie che continuiamo a raccontarci. Diventano come bolle di sapone che ci volteggiano intorno. Quando ci si fermano davanti agli occhi, falsano qualcosa, distorcono l'espressione. Ma noi viviamo facendo finta di niente, nella speranza che se ne vadano via da sole.Ci sono giorni però, che le bolle diventano di marmo e non si può più fingere."
Author: Fabio Volo
19. "Y porque no lo tengan por maricón, ahaje ese cuello y agobie de espaldas; la capa caída, que siempre nosotros andamos de capa caída; ese hocico, de tornillo: gestos a un lado y a otro; y haga vucé de las g, h y de las h, g. Diga conmigo: gerida, mogino, jumo, pahería, mohar, habalí y harro de vino."
Author: Francisco De Quevedo
20. "I'm a civil rights attorney. I'm a victim rights attorney."
Author: Gloria Allred
21. "Forse attorno al mio cuore c'è una specie di guscio duro e sono veramente poche le cose che possono romperlo e entrarci dentro. Forse non sono capace di amare."
Author: Haruki Murakami
22. "The simultaneous scream sounded from teh twins. Borth clasped their hands over their mouths, their eyes wide with horror. Azalea followed their gaze.There, in patches of light, scratched-up Fairweller held a weeping clover in his arms, cradling her head against his shoulder. He murmured into her ear.Delphinium screamed."Oh, Clover, how could you?" said Eve."Is he a good kisser?" said Hollyhock.The King had no words as he strode to them. In an instant he had torn Fairweller away from Clover, wound up, and boxed Fairweller straight in the face.Fairweller stumbled backward and fell to the floor, glass crunching beneath him."You may fill out your resignation paperwork tomorrow," said the King. "ExPrime Minister Fairweller!"
Author: Heather Dixon
23. "I cattolici mi rendono nervoso perché sono sleali. E i protestanti? domandò ridendo, quelli mi fanno star male con quel loro pasticciare intorno alla coscienza. E gli atei? rideva ancora. Quelli mi annoiano perché parlano sempre di Dio. E lei che cos'è, in conclusione? Io sono un clown."
Author: Heinrich Böll
24. "A torn jacket is soon mended, but hard words bruise the heart of a child."
Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
25. "From this new and intimate perspective, she had learned a simple, obvious thing she had always known, and everyone knew: that a person is, among all else, a material thing, easily torn, not easily mended.-Briony Tallis"
Author: Ian McEwan
26. "La città per chi passa senza entrarci è una, e un'altra per chi ne è preso e non ne esce; una è la città in cui s'arriva la prima volta, un'altra quella che si lascia per non tornare; ognuna merita un nome diverso; forse di Irene ho già parlato sotto altri nomi; forse non ho parlato che di Irene."
Author: Italo Calvino
27. "Se non scrivo quello che vedo effettivamente accadere su questo globo infelice racchiuso nei contorni del mio teschio penserò che il povero Dio mi abbia mandato sulla terra per niente."
Author: Jack Kerouac
28. "«Silenzio in aula!» strillò il Coniglio Bianco con voce stridula.«Mozzatele il capo!» strillò la Regina.Il Re inforcò gli occhiali e si guardò intorno inquieto, per scoprire chi aveva parlato. La Regina gli diede di gomito e fece un cenno nella mia direzione.«Tu, laggiù!» disse il Re. «Dovrai parlare molto presto, miss, miss...»«Next» interloquì Coniglio Bianco dopo aver consultato la sua pergamena.«Come?» replicò il Re un po' confuso. «Abbiamo già finito?»«No, Vostra Maestà» rispose paziente il Coniglio Bianco «il suo nome è Next. Thursday Next».«E magari pensi di essere spiritosa?»"
Author: Jasper Fforde
29. "For 179 years [The Book of Mormon] has been examined and attacked, denied and deconstructed, targeted and torn apart like perhaps no other religious history – perhaps like no other book in any religious history- and still it stands."Jeffrey R. Holland"
Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
30. "When one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language."
Author: John Donne
31. "Niente che la Terra abbia mai generato ha provato l'indicibile sublimazione di furia devastatrice che questa cosa lasciò scatenare sul proprio volto quando si guardò intorno venti milioni di anni fa e si vide circondata dalla desolazione e dal ghiaccio."
Author: John W. Campbell Jr.
32. "Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion."
Author: Jon Stewart
33. "You're ruining that book!" He pointed to the page I'd torn out. "That's a perfectly good book!" Holding his gaze, I reached down and ripped another page out. "I'm making roses." "Well, it's my book." "Sorry." I tore out another."
Author: Kate Avery Ellison
34. "I gulped; I had the overwhelming sensation that what we had done wasn't enough. I'm not sure what I had expected, maybe a fairy tale endingwhere a magic wand fixed everything, including all the darkness we had been through.But this was no fairy tale. Nothing could bring back the thirty boys that had died. Nothing could take away the grief that had torn their family'shearts into shreds. Experiences like this, I realized, are wounds that never quite healed; they stayed with you and no amount of justice would erasethe scar."
Author: Lani Woodland
35. "You thinkof a woman, a favoritedress, your old father's breaststhe last time you saw him, his breath,brief, the leafyou've torn from a vine and which you hold nowto your cheek like a train ticketor a piece of cloth, a little hand or a blade--it all dependson the course of your memory.It's a place for those who own no placeto correspond to ruins in the soul.It's mine.It's all yours."
Author: Li Young Lee
36. "There is one instance that we cite in the report where in one of the conversations a member of organized crime is talking to another member of organized crime and he suggests that Attorney General Kennedy should be murdered."
Author: Louis Stokes
37. "A great ring of pure & endless lightDazzles the darkness in my heartAnd breaks apart the dusky clouds of night.The end of all is hinted in the start.When we are born we bear the seeds of blight;Around us life & death are torn apart,Yet a great ring of pure and endless lightDazzles the darkness in my heart.It lights the world to my delight.Infinity is present in each part.A loving smile contains all art.The motes of starlight spark & dart.A grain of sand holds power & might.Infinity is present in each part,And a great ring of pure and endless lightDazzles the darkness in my heart."
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
38. "En el caso de la mayoría de los seres, los contactos más ligeros y superficiales bastan para contentar nuestro deseo, y aún para hartarlo. Si insisten, multiplicándose en torno de una criatura única hasta envolverla por entero; si cada parcela de su cuerpo se llena para nosotros de tantas significaciones trastornadoras como los rasgos de un rostro; si un solo ser, en vez de inspirarnos irritación, placer o hastío, nos hostiga como una música y nos atormenta como un problema; si pasa de la periferia de nuestro universo a su centro, llegando a sernos más indispensables que nuestro propio ser, entonces tiene lugar el asombroso prodigio en el que veo, mas que un simple juego de la carne, una invasión de la carne por el espíritu"
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
39. "My heart's been torn wide open, just like I feared it would be, and I have no willpower to close it back up."
Author: Marie Lu
40. "Marxists are people whose insides are torn up day after day because they want to rule the world and no one will even publish their letter to the editor."
Author: Mark Helprin
41. "Tina sognava acque placide e un sole nascosto da fronde e nuvole che non esistevano. Il sole d'improvviso si è fatto notte, una notte guasta e pesante. L'acqua si è infettata, agitandosi torbida intorno a lei, trasformando un lieve nuotare in un isterico annaspare in cerca d'aria. I riflessi sono diventati tenebre e la solitudine minaccia. Presenze ovunque intorno a lei, dietro ombre che prima nemmeno esistevano. Centinaia di occhi la scrutano malevoli, centinaia di ansiti, tutti appartenenti ad un unico padrone. Lei l'unico oggetto della sua attenzione."
Author: Paolo Ferrara
42. "In that moment, that exact moment, I knew Fin Hunter was going to change my life forever. I didn't know if it would be better or worse when he was done, I just knew that he was blowing through everything I thought I wanted and needed like a tornado of change and I was helpless to stop it. I was helpless against him."
Author: Rachel Higginson
43. "How I will cherish you then, you grief-torn nights!Had I only received you, inconsolable sisters,on more abject knees, only buried myself with more abandon in your loosened hair. How we waste our afflictions!We study them, stare out beyond them into bleak continuance, hoping to glimpse some end. Whereas they're reallyour wintering foliage, our dark greens of meaning, oneof the seasons of the clandestine year -- ; not onlya season --: they're site, settlement, shelter, soil, abode."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
44. "... é estranho, não é, como não se sabe até que ponto alguém faz parte de nós até esse alguém ser ameaçado? E depois achas que não há possibilidade de sobreviveres se alguma coisa lhes acontece, mas a pare mais assustadora é que, na verdade, sobrevives, tens de sobreviver, com eles ou sem eles. Simplesmente não há maneira de saberes em que te tornarás."
Author: Robin Hobb
45. "Axsem would say nothing more to any of them. No sooner had Fallon released him than he fled deep into the trees, staff in hand, with Hailos following after. Through the morning air, they heard the wail of his mourning. The scarred heart of the general was torn wide open by having to recall even one abbreviated story from his past. He needed time to coddle his mangled heart and push away the torturous memories."
Author: S.R. Ford
46. "Jordan Grafman, del Instituto Nacional de Trastornos Neurológicos y Parálisis de Estados Unidos, dice: "Mejorar nuestra habilidad para hacer muchas cosas a la vez en realidad daña la creatividad y el pensamiento profundo. Hacer más tareas simultáneamente implica menos deliberación, es decir, se pierde la capacidad de pensar y razonar un problema".5"
Author: Sean Covey
47. "My brother is the lead singer of The Torn, and my parents are in a country duo."
Author: Sheridan Smith
48. "As for monkeys, I would have five, and they would be named: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Do Pretty Much Whatever The Hell You Want, and Expensive Attorney."
Author: Tad Williams
49. "El amor no es la ausencia de la lógicaPero la lógica examinada y recalculadaCalentada y curvada para adaptarseDentro de los contornos del corazón."
Author: Tammara Webber
50. "When you sign with a label, they do insist upon certain rights, and if you have a competent attorney, your rights will be protected."
Author: Tommy Shaw

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