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1. "Io ero già tutto preso dalla porta e dalla brutta sensazione che mi aveva creato fin dal principio. Era una porta ad arco di fattura toscana, laccata di bianco, elegante e del tutto in sintonia con il colore smorto delle pareti esterne. Però l'idea generale conferiva la sensazione di una patina calata sulla casa in una giornata bigia di pioggia e mai più scivolata via. Il particolare che stonava di più con l'immagine tutto sommato omogenea del resto erano le due finestrelle di vetro smerigliato. Due quarti di cerchio, disposti l'uno accanto all'altro all'interno del semicerchio superiore della porta, con gli angoli a novanta gradi rivolti verso l'esterno. Sembravano i due occhi opachi di un catatonico."
Author: Fabrizio Valenza
2. "We do not seem to be finding tomorrow's Toscas."
Author: James Levine
3. "But...' Horace looked from one familiar face to another. 'How did you come to..?'Before he could finish the question, Will interupted, thinking to clarify matters but only making them more puzzling...'We were all in Toscana for the treaty signing,' he began, then corrected himself. 'Well, Evanlyn wasn't. She came later. But, when she did, she told us you were missing, so we all boarded Gundar's ship-you should see it. It's a new design that can sail into the wind. But anyway, that's not important. And just before we left, Selethen decided to join us-what with you being an old comrade in arms and all-and...'He got no further. Halt, seeing the confusion growing on Horace's face, held up a hand to stop his babbling former apprentice...Will stopped, a little embarrassed as he realized that he had been running off at the mouth."
Author: John Flanagan
4. "Yet each country had items that the other needed. The Arridi had reserves of red gold and iron in their deserts that the Toscans required to finance and equip their large armies. Even more important, Toscans had become inordinately fond of kafay, the rich coffee grown by the Arridi."
Author: John Flanagan
5. "Gabriel Toscano. Damn. Even his name was sexy."
Author: Kim Harrington
6. "Toscanini once recorded a piece sixty five times. You know what he said when he finished? "It could be better." Think about it."
Author: Terrence Malick

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