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1. "If a group of people feels that it has been humiliated and that its honour has been trampled underfoot, it will want to express its identity and this expression of an identity will take different shapes and forms."
Author: Abdolkarim Soroush
2. "The worst place to be is in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled."
Author: Andrew Vachss
3. "But how am I to get over the ten or twelve days that must yet elapse before they go? Yet why so long for their departure? When they are gone how shall I get through the months or years of my future life, in company with that man -- my greatest enemy -- for none could injure me as he has done? Oh! when I think how fondly, how foolishly I have loved him, how madly I have trusted him, how constantly I have laboured, and studied, and prayed, and struggled for his advantage, and how cruelly he has trampled on my love, betrayed my trust, scorned my prayers and tears, and efforts for his preservation --crushed my hopes, destroyed my youth's best feelings, and doomed me to a life of hopeless misery -- as far as man can do it -- it is not enough to say that I no longer love my husband -- I HATE him! The word stares me in the face like a guilty confession, but it is true: I hate him -- I hate him! -- but God have mercy on his miserable soul!"
Author: Anne Brontë
4. "Love is a lady. Lust is a tramp."
Author: Anne Clendening
5. "Most women had the one thing in common: they had great pain when they gave birth to their children. This should make a bond that held them all together; it should make them love and protect each other against the man-world. But it was not so. It seemed like their great birth pains shrank their hearts and their souls. They stuck together for only one thing: to trample on some other woman... whether it was by throwing stones or by mean gossip. It was the only kind of loyalty they seemed to have. Men were different. They might hate each other but they stuck together against the world and against any woman who would ensnare one of them."
Author: Betty Smith
6. "Era stata credula come una bambina, come fare a perdonarselo! Si era lasciata abbindolare da tutte quelle chiacchiere-chiacchiere questo erano: che l'uomo è buono, purchè gli se ne dia la possibilità. Che sciocchezze!Come era stupida la speranza che quell'egoismo nudo e crudo dipinto sulla faccia della maggior parte della gente potesse, un giorno, tramutarsi in comprensione e bontà."
Author: Christa Wolf
7. "A lot of ultramarathoners are soloists. They're single and live lives off the grid."
Author: Dean Karnazes
8. "Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on Livin' like a lover with a radar phone Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp Demolition woman, can I be your man? Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light Television lover, baby, go all night Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah"
Author: Def Leppard
9. "If I thought being kissed by Tyr had been what kissing was all about, I had been wrong. This kiss trampled Tyr's kiss, threw it to the ground, and danced on its grave."
Author: Eilis O'Neal
10. "It was pitch dark. I could hear only the violin, and it was as though Juliek's soul were the bow. He was playing his life. The whole of his life was gliding on the strings--his last hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future. He played as he would never play again...When I awoke, in the daylight, I could see Juliek, opposite me, slumped over, dead. Near him lay his violin, smashed, trampled, a strange overwhelming little corpse."
Author: Elie Wiesel
11. "In the morning I walked down the Boulevard to the rue Soufflot for coffee and brioche. It was a fine morning. The horse-chestnut trees in the Luxembourg gardens were in bloom. There was the pleasant early-morning feeling of a hot day. I read the papers with the coffee and then smoked a cigarette. The flower-women were coming up from the market and arranging their daily stock. Students went by going up to the law school, or down to the Sorbonne. The Boulevard was busy with trams and people going to work."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
12. "Ho capito in quell'istante di essere veramente innamorato, ma nel senso della parola inglese: in love. Forse non eravamo nemmeno due persone innamorate l'una dell'altra ma innamorate di ciò che ci univa. Come due musicisti jazz: ciò che li unisce non è l'amore dell'uno per l'altro, ma l'amore che entrambi hanno per la musica. Ciò che creano."
Author: Fabio Volo
13. "Basil Grant and I were talking one day in what is perhaps the most perfect place for talking on earth--the top of a tolerably deserted tramcar. To talk on the top of a hill is superb, but to talk on the top of a flying hill is a fairy tale."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
14. "Let thy chief terror be of thine own soul:There, 'mid the throng of hurrying desiresThat trample on the dead to seize their spoil,Lurks vengeance, footless, irresistibleAs exhalations laden with slow death,And o'er the fairest troop of captured joysBreathes pallid pestilence."
Author: George Eliot
15. "Night blanketed weary men who fell asleep where they dropped on the trampled prairie grass, while around them other prostrate men from both armies screamed and groaned in agony from wounds. By the eerie light of torches ‘the surgeon's saw was going the livelong night."
Author: Howard Zinn
16. "The Hell's Angels are very definitely a lower-class phenomenon, but their backgrounds are not necessarily poverty-stricken. Despite some grim moments, their parents seem to have had credit. Most of the outlaws are the sons of people who came to California either just before or during World War II. Many have lost contact with their families, and I have never met an Angel who claimed to have a hometown in any sense that people who use that term might understand it. Terry the Tramp, for instance, is "from" Detroit, Norfolk, Long Island, Los Angeles, Fresno and Sacramento. As a child, he lived all over the country, not in poverty but in total mobility. Like most of the others, he has no roots. He relates entirely to the present, the moment, the action."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
17. "What amazed me as much as anything were the fat calm tabby cats of London some of whom slept peacefully right in the doorway of butcher shops as people stepped over them carefully, right there in the sawdust sun but a nose away from the roaring traffic of trams and buses and cars. England must be the land of cats, they abide peacefully all over the back fences of St John's Wood. Edlerly ladies feed them lovingly just like Ma feeds my cats. In Tangiers or Mexico City you hardly ever see a cat, if so late at night, because the poor often catch them and eat them. I felt London was blessed by its kind regard for cats. If Paris is a woman who was penetrated by the Nazi invasion, London is man who was never penetrated but only smoked his pipe, dranks his stout or half n half, and blessed his cat on his purring head."
Author: Jack Kerouac
18. "A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she's a tramp."
Author: Joan Rivers
19. "Ask yourself my love whether you are not very cruel to have so entrammelled me, so destroyed my freedom. Will you confess this in the Letter you must write immediately, and do all you can to console me in it — make it rich as a draught of poppies to intoxicate me —write the softest words and kiss them that I may at least touch my lips where yours have been. For myself I know not how to express my devotion to so fair a form: I want a brighter word than bright, a fairer word than fair."
Author: John Keats
20. "I was going to suggest some hard-won guidelines for responsible reviewing. For instance: First, as in Hippocrates, do no harm. Second, never stoop to score a point or bite an ankle. Third, always understand that in this symbiosis, you are the parasite. Fourth, look with an open heart and mind at every different kind of book with every change of emotional weather because we are reading for our lives and that could be love gone out the window or a horseman on the roof. Fifth, use theory only as a periscope or a trampoline, never a panopticon, a crib sheet or a license to kill. Sixth, let a hundred Harolds Bloom."
Author: John Leonard
21. "Eu estava no desconhecido.Guardamos os segredos ao lado de tudo o que não dizemos. Nesse grande sotão escuro há de tudo, há aquilo que não dizemos porque temos medo, porque temos vergonha, porque não somos capazes; há aquilo que não dizemos porque desconhecemos, ignoramos mesmo, apesar de estar lá, em nós. Os segredos são assim. Eles estão lá, podemos visitá-los, assistir a eles, sabemos as palavras exactas para dizê-los e, muitas vezes, temos tanta vontade de contá-los. Mas escolhemos não o fazer.Os segredos estão dento de nós. Como tudo o que sabemos, também os segredos nos constituem. Quando os seguramos, quano somos mais fortes e os contemos, alastram-se em nós.Desde dentro, chegam à nossa pele. Depois, avançam até sermos capazes de os distinguir à nossa volta. E, no silêncio, somos capazes de os reconhecer. Então, nesse momento, já não são apenas os segredos que estão dentro de nós, somos também nós que estamos dentro dos segredos."
Author: José Luís Peixoto
22. "Catch-22 did not exist, he was positive about that, but it made no difference. What did matter was that everyone thought it existed, and that was much worse, for there was no object or text to ridicule or refute, to accuse, criticize, attack, amend, hate, revile, spit at, rip to shreds, trample upon or burn up."
Author: Joseph Heller
23. "It's a goodly life that you lead, friends; no doubt the best in the world, if only you are strong enough to lead it!''Yes, it's the life, the only life, to live,' responded the Water Rat dreamily, and without his usual whole-hearted conviction.'I did not exactly say that,' the stranger replied cautiously, 'but no doubt it's the best. I've tried it, and I know. And because I've tried it - six months of it - and know it's the best, here I am, footsore and hungry, tramping away from it, tramping southward, following the old call, back to the old life, the life which is mine and which will not let me go."
Author: Kenneth Grahame
24. "If you see oppression of the poor, and justice and righteousness trampled in a country, do not be astounded."
Author: King Solomon
25. "C'est cela l'exil, l'étranger, cette inexorable observation de l'existence telle qu'elle est vraiment pendant ces quelques heures, lucides, exceptionnelles dans la trame du temps humain, où les habitudes du pays précédent vous abandonnent, sans que les autres, les nouvelles, vous aient encore suffisamment abruti."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
26. "7. But what kind of love is it, really? Don't fool yourself and call it sublimity. Admit that you have stood in front of a little pile of powdered ultramarine pigment in a glass cup at a museum and felt a stinging desire. But to do what? Liberate it? Purchase it? Ingest it? . . . You might want to reach out and disturb the pile of pigment, for example, first staining your fingers with it, then staining the world. You might want to dilute it and swim in it, you might want to rouge your nipples with it, you might want to paint a virgin's robe with it. But still you wouldn't be accessing the blue of it. Not exactly."
Author: Maggie Nelson
27. "They were galloping...Bare level plain had taken the place of the scrub and they'd been cantering briskly, the foals prancing delightedly ahead, when suddenly the dog was a shoulder-shrugging streaking fleece, and as their mares almost imperceptibly fell into the long untrammelled undulating strides, Hugh felt the sense of change, the keen elemental pleasure one experienced too on board a ship which, leaving the choppy waters of the estuary, gives way to the pitch and swing of the open sea. A faint carillon of bells sounded in the distance, rising and falling, sinking back as if into the very substance of the day. Judas had forgotten; nay, Judas had been, somehow, redeemed."
Author: Malcolm Lowry
28. "No lejos de ese punto está el jardín reservado en que crecen como flores desconocidas los sopores, tan diferentes entre sí –sopor del estramonio, del cáñamo índico, de los múltiples extractos del éter, sopor de la belladona, del opio, de la valeriana, flores que permanecen cerradas hasta el día en que el desconocido predestinado venga a tocarlas, a hacerlas abrirse y exhalar durante largas horas el aroma de sus sueños particulares, en un ser maravillado y sorprendido."
Author: Marcel Proust
29. "Scarlett, I don't know just when it was that the bleak realizationcame over me that my own private shadow show was over. Perhaps inthe first five minutes at Bull Run when I saw the first man Ikilled drop to the ground. But I knew it was over and I could nolonger be a spectator. No, I suddenly found myself on the curtain,an actor, posturing and making futile gestures. My little innerworld was gone, invaded by people whose thoughts were not mythoughts, whose actions were as alien as a Hottentot's. They'dtramped through my world with slimy feet and there was no placeleft where I could take refuge when things became too bad to stand.When I was in prison, I thought: When the war is over, I can goback to the old life and the old dreams and watch the shadow showagain. But, Scarlett, there's no going back. And this which isfacing all of us now is worse than war and worse than prison--and,to me, worse than death. . . . So, you see, Scarlett, I'm beingpunished for being afraid."
Author: Margaret Mitchell
30. "Adaptamos nuestra vida a las circunstancias y cogemos la felicidad donde la encontramos, aun cuando sólo sea en momentos pasajeros. O hacemos eso o nos perdemos la oportunidad de aceptar la gracia en nuestra vida. Este es un momento feliz. Lo recordaré."
Author: Mary Balogh
31. "C'est un plaisir que de supputer, subodorer, côtoyer le mystère qui se tramait dans les quartiers, villages et ruelles de Montréal, et de se demander comment tout ça allait finir. J'avais confiance. J'avais confiance en l'humanité entière qui arrivait à Montréal, en l'humanité qui unissait Montréal aux autres villes du monde, celles qui fascinent par leur site, comme Istanbul, celles qui fascinent par leur prestige, comme Paris, par leur taille, comme New York, par leur élan, comme Shanghai, par leur lourdeur, comme Moscou. Montréal fascine par son mystère, rien de plus, mais rien de moins, me disais-je."
Author: Monique LaRue
32. "A única coisa de que dispomos, para acreditar, são os nossos sentidos, as ferramentas que utilizamos para apreender o mundo: a nossa vista, o nosso tacto, a nossa memória. Se os nossos sentidos nos mentirem, então não podemos confiar em nada. E mesmo que não acreditemos, ainda assim não podemos seguir por nenhum outro caminho além daquele que os nossos sentidos nos mostram; e esse caminho, temos de o percorrer até o fim."
Author: Neil Gaiman
33. "What is all our histories, but God showing himself, shaking and trampling on everything that he has not planted."
Author: Oliver Cromwell
34. "I mean, imagine how some unfortunate Master Criminal would feel, on coming down to do a murder at the old Grange, if he found that not only was Sherlock Holmes putting in the weekend there, but Hercule Poirot, as well." ~ Bertram "Bertie" Wooster"
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
35. "All roll and butter and a small coffee seemed the only things on the list that hadn't been specially prepared by the nastier-minded members of the Borgia family for people they had a particular grudge against, so I chose them. ~ Bertram "Bertie" Wooster - The Inimitable Jeeves"
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
36. "We really are kindred spirits you know; conjurers in love with vampires. The Vamp Tramps!"
Author: Quinteria Ramey
37. "O cuprinse in brate; parca nu auzise.- Eva, o sa-ti simt lipsa!- Atunci de ce pleci?Îl simti ca se duce departe, de unde poate venise adineauri.- Nu stiu; mi-e teama sa nu ma transform in copac. (Nu glumea, nici nu parea nebun.) Mi-e teama de limitarile spatiului. Trebuie sa plec repede, si mereu, sa ma apar!Nu-l intelegea si nici nu credea ca trebuie sa-l inteleaga. Isi pregatise si ultima miza:- Ia-ma cu tine!Nu-i raspunse; din departarile intunecate unde se chinuise ajungea iar la lumina, in mijlocul camerei. O privea si o adulmeca, mirat de ceea ce gasea iarasi nou in pielea curata, aurita de soare, care tremura sub degetele lui, arzându-l, cum ar fi fost incarcata de electricitate.Tacerea o facu sa spere; in inima incepeau sa i se lipeasca la loc firele rupte si nu indraznea sa spuna nimic, inainte de a simti ca sudura e trainica. Trebuie sa umble incet cu speranta ei, sa n-o destrame."
Author: Radu Tudoran
38. "E o que significa a palavra qualidade? Para mim significa textura. Este livro tem poros. Tem feições. Este livro poderia passar pelo microscópio. Você encontraria vida sob a lâmina, emanando em profusão infinita. Quanto mais poros, quanto mais detalhes de vida fielmente gravados por centímetro quadrado você conseguir captar numa folha de papel, mais "literário" você será. Pelo menos essa é minha definição. Detalhes reveladores. Detalhes frescos. Os bons escritores quase sempre tocam a vida. Os medíocres apenas passam rapidamente a mão sobre ela. Os ruins a estupram e a deixam para as moscas. Entende agora por que os livros são odiados e temidos? Eles mostram os poros no rosto da vida. Os que vivem no conforto querem apenas rostos com cara de lua de cera, sem poros nem pêlos, inexpressivos."
Author: Ray Bradbury
39. "La strada non presaDue strade divergevano in un bosco d'autunnoe dispiaciuto di non poterle percorrere entrambe,essendo un solo viaggiatore, a lungo indugiaifissandone una, più lontano che potevofin dove si perdeva tra i cespugli.Poi presi l'altra, che era buona ugualmentee aveva forse l'aspetto miglioreperché era erbosa e meno calpestatasebbene il passaggio le avesse rese quasi uguali.Ed entrambe quella mattina erano ricoperte di foglieche nessun passo aveva anneritooh, mi riservai la prima per un altro giornoanche se, sapendo che una strada conduce verso un'altra,dubitavo che sarei mai tornato indietro.Lo racconterò con un sospiroda qualche parte tra molti anni:due strade divergevano in un bosco ed io -io presi la meno battuta,e questo ha fatto tutta la differenza."
Author: Robert Frost
40. "Vecina ljudi neprestano stremi prematoj bajkovitoj zemlji u kojoj ce, prema njihovom mišljenju, svi njihovi problemi biti riješeni, aoni ce biti ispunjeni radošcu. Oni sami sebi govore: 'Kad ostvarim ovo ili ono, bit cu sretan'.Ali, ja smatram da sreca nije odredište na koje stižemo, vec unutarnje stanje koje samistvaramo. Svatko može biti sretan - sreca je svima na raspolaganju, i to ovog trenutka.-52-Moramo se samo zaustaviti i više pozornosti posvetiti dragocjenostima koje nas vec okružuju.Zato ja živim punim plucima. Moje su oci otvorene. Budan sam. Uživam u svakom pojedinomtrenutku ove velicanstvene pustolovine."
Author: Robin S. Sharma
41. "Mr Bliss looked grave. 'Your brother was very sensible to warn you, Miss Astley - but sadly misinformed. There are no trams in Trafalgur Square - only buses and hansoms, and broughams like our own. Trams are for common people; you should have to go quite as far as Kilburn, I'm afraid, or Camden Town, in order to by struck by a tram"
Author: Sarah Waters
42. "2. Goth girls. Streaked purple and black hair, tattoos, a sexy little tramp stamp on the lower back, navel rings, tongue studs… nipple rings… ripped fishnets and high heels, dark clothes and dark moods. Makes me want to peel it all off and find the soft spots underneath, the sweetness at the center… mmmm."
Author: Selena Kitt
43. "Trample! Trample! It is to be trampled on by you that I am here."
Author: Shūsaku Endō
44. "If travel were so inspiring and informing a business...then the wisest men in the world would be deck hands on tramp steamers, Pullman porters, and Mormon missionaries."
Author: Sinclair Lewis
45. "Me pilló completamente por sorpresa. Después de todo el tiempo que había pasado con Gale, de observar cómo hablaba, se reía, fruncía el ceño, cabría esperar que supiese todo lo que había que saber de sus labios. Sin embargo, no me había imaginado el calor que desprendían al unirse a los míos. Ni que aquellas manos, las manos que podían montar la más intrincada de las trampas también pudiera atraparme a mí con la misma facilidad."
Author: Suzanne Collins
46. "The best thing for being sad," replied Merlin, beginning to puff and blow, "is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn."
Author: T.H. White
47. "The 'Renaissance' West Butchered the Rest.If I had to choose between an erudite Aristotle and an unknown ‘soulless' black slave I would choose the latter. The ascendancy of the West was on a heap of bodies of slaves and trampled humanity through colonization"
Author: Viktor Vijay Kumar
48. "-Mi, hátramaradottak, utadra bocsátunk. Sok év rabság vaskapujáról leverve a lakat. Menj hát szabadon a gyönyöru országba. Bocsáss meg nekünk, e befelhozött világon szenvedoknek. Vezess bennünket, várj bennünket, ahogyan mi téged várunk. Még viszontlátjuk egymást."
Author: William Nicholson
49. "Soneto 138 de ShakespeareTradução livre por Rodrigo Suzuki CintraQuando meu amor jura que é feita de verdade,Eu acredito nela, apesar de saber que é mentira,Ela deve pensar que sou qualquer moço sem idadeQue não conhece de fato como o mundo gira.Assim, inutilmente acreditando que ela me acha jovem,Apesar de saber que meus melhores dias já não voltam mais,Simplesmente eu acredito em suas palavras que me comovem,Na medida em que a verdade não nos satisfaz.Mas por que ela não admite ser desonesta?E por que não admito ser um homem idoso?O melhor do amor é ser hábito que ninguém protesta,Pois mentir no amor é sempre mais gostoso: Nos deitamos em nossas mentiras, eu com ela e ela comigo E na mentira do amor nós encontramos abrigo."
Author: William Shakespeare
50. "All this occupied his thoughts when he revisited the places of his war. Tramping over soil fed by the blood of men he had led and whose faces now stirred in his memory, it was his wife's response that came - as if in compensation for too little said before - when he wondered why his wandering had led him back to these old battlefields: in his sixty-ninth year he was establishing his survivor's status."
Author: William Trevor

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He inched in, slid out. Pumped deeper, pulled away. Just as her frustration swelled to a f#ckingly epic level, he hauled her hips up, dragging her higher before he sank all the way in, filling her so completely she gasped.Her flesh stretched, unaccustomed to a man after so long. Each thrust stirred her unspeakably. More than just her p#ssy linked with him when he slid into her. A little part of her heart did as well."
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