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1. "I missed you like I've never missed anyone. I missed the future I was going to have with you. I missed the feeling of having you in my arms like this. I missed hearing your voice and seeing your face and sleeping next to you. I missed all of it because I was sure it was gone."
Author: Allie Everhart
2. "You just read your books and go on a hundred miles away, You ignore me."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
3. "As mortal humans we are born with a death sentence anyway, so what difference does a little poison make? Why not take a chance you will survive the ordeal and make something significant of your life?..." p330"
Author: Brian Herbert
4. "She was so going to get it later. "Macy, queen of my universe, I beseechingly request you place your sweetest lips upon my manhood and make it your lollipop."
Author: Cherrie Lynn
5. "We can't be politically correct - right or left - in the war on terrorism. Period."
Author: David Hunt
6. "He speaks in your voice, American, and there's a shine in his eye that's halfway hopeful."
Author: Don DeLillo
7. "Maybe anger only needs the right melody, the right rhythm to be beautiful."
Author: Emma Trevayne
8. "Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity."
Author: Glen Keane
9. "The object of your desire is not an object."
Author: Jack Gardner
10. "I mean if you put all of your eggs in one basket, boy, and that thing blows up you've got a real problem."
Author: Jerry Bruckheimer
11. "But in fact I was like Ossie, in this one regard: I was consumed by a helpless, often furious love for a ghost. Every rock on the island, every swaying tree branch or dirty dish in our house was like a word in a a sentence that I could read about my mother. All objects and events on our island, every single thing that you could see with your eyes, were like clues that I could use to reinvent her: would our mom love this thing, would she hate it? For a second I luxuriated in a real hatred of my brother."
Author: Karen Russell
12. "If I show up on your doorstep don't worry I'm just there to party."
Author: Kenny D. Eichenberg
13. "I'm smile when I look into your eyes; yet, I'm still not Okay."
Author: Kent Ian N. Cny
14. "When you see a stranger, your mouth start dancing like convulsion."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
15. "In terms of Cube I think he's very conscious of the technical aspect of the business whereas when you're just hired as an actor, you're not really secure in that part of your work and you're not really paying attention to where the camera."
Author: Nia Long
16. "Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself."
Author: Robert Foster Bennett
17. "Since we don't have a body to confirm identity, we believe Nathan Drake is alive and threatening people, which means he faked his own death. (Josie)And maybe fat flying fairies ate the rest of your blouse, which explains why so much of it's missing. (Terri)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
18. "It is midnight in the hard part of town. The mask is itching like it always does. The ragged end of my cape is soaking in a puddle of something I don't want to guess about. I'm crouched behind a kicked-in aluminum trash can. It stinks of rotted meat and drunkard's piss - and I feel right at home. (from Nothing to Lose)"
Author: Steve Vernon
19. "Disagreements over money are the biggest cause of divorce."She waved her hand. "Absolutely no problem. Your money is our money. My money is my money." She wrote away."I should make you negotiate with Phoebe."
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
20. "Allow me to translate, Twitchtip said, not even bothering to move. "She said if you don't stop your incessant babble, that big rat sitting in the boat next to you will rip your head off."
Author: Suzanne Collins
21. "As a writer, it's disheartening to write books that you pour your soul into and not have them distributed widely enough to find their audience."
Author: Sylvia Day
22. "If you want to die on your bithrday kill yourself"
Author: Thobias Claudy

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Quotes About Treating Your Spouse Right
Quotes About Treating Your Spouse Right
Quotes About Treating Your Spouse Right

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