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1. "[To] explain the phenomena of the mineral kingdom ... systems are usually reduced to two classes, according as they refer to the origin of terrestrial bodies to FIRE or to WATER; and ... their followers have of late been distinguished by the fanciful names of Vulcanists and Neptunists. To the former of these Dr HUTTON belongs much more than to the latter; though, as he employs the agency both of fire and water in his system, he cannot, in strict propriety, be arranged with either."
Author: HUTTON
2. "As a blacksmith uses heat to temper steel, so should a trial by fire strengthen one's mettle."
Author: Jeffrey Fry
3. "The best training is to play by ear: trial by fire."
Author: John Legend
4. "Trial by fire.' Roland whistled, patting Luce on the back. 'Show no fear."
Author: Lauren Kate
5. "In trials of ir'n and silver fain"The dead will rise and walk again"The blesséd few that touch the light"Will aid the war against the night."But one by one they all will die"Without a cause to rule them by"As Darkness spreads across the land"He'll wield the oceans in his hand."Five warriors will oppose his reign"And overthrow the Shadow Thane"They come from sides both dark and light"The realm the mortals call "twilight.""A magus crowned with boughs of fire"Will rise like Phoenix from his pyre"A beast of shadows touched with sight"Will claim a Dark One as her knight"The next, a prophet doomed to fail"Will find her powers to avail"The final: one mere mortal man"Who bears the mark upon his hand"The circle closes round these few"Made sacred by the bonds they hew"But if one fails then so shall all"Bring death to those of Evenfall."
Author: Nenia Campbell
6. "High school wasn't a trial by fire or some ordeal that had to be survived. It was all a big joke. You just had to provide the laugh track."
Author: Scott Westerfeld
7. "Wisdom bought with a tremendous price, Jane. You know what William and I suffered. I suppose the benefit to our tumultuous courtship was the trial-by-fire aspect of it all.We learned our lessons via grievous methods, but we did learn them."
Author: Sharon Lathan
8. "Why are so many of us enspelled by myths and folk stories in this modern age? Why do we continue to tell the same old tales, over and over again? I think it's because these stories are not just fantasy. They're about real life. We've all encountered wicked wolves, found fairy godmothers, and faced trial by fire. We've all set off into unknown woods at one point in life or another. We've all had to learn to tell friend from foe and to be kind to crones by the side of the road. . . ."
Author: Terri Windling
9. "You have to be used to the twists of fate and being caught up in them to dare lift your eyes when certain questions appear in all their horrible starkness. Good or evil are behind the stern question mark. What are you going to do? asks the Sphinx.The habit of undergoing trials by fire is one Jean Valjean had acquired. He looked the sphinx full in the face. He examined the merciless problem from every angle."
Author: Victor Hugo

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