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1. "Never trust girls who let themselves be touched right away. But even less those who need a priest for approval."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
2. "I go through a loop in which I notice all the ways I am - for just an example - self-centered and careerist and not true to standards and values that transcend my own petty interests, and feel like I'm not one of the good ones; but then I countenance the fact that here at least I am worrying about it; so then I feel better about myself (I mean, at least this stuff is on my mind, at least I'm dissatisfied with my level of integrity and commitment); but this soon becomes a vehicle for feeling superior to (imagined) Others...It has to do with God and gods and a basic sense of trust in the universe v. fear that the universe must be held at bay and micromanaged into giving me some smidgen of some gratification I feel I simply can't live without. It's all very confusing. I think I'm very honest and candid, but I'm also proud of how honest and candid I am - so where does that put me."
Author: D.T. Max
3. "I can't trust the people I care about not to hurt me. And I'm not sure I can trust myself not to hurt them, either."
Author: Holly Black
4. " our own hearts we trust for our salvation, in the men that surround us, in the sights that fill our eyes, in the sounds that fill our ears, and in the air that fill our lungs."
Author: Joseph Conrad
5. "A GOOD man values his INTEGRITY and CHARACTER. NEVER deal with one that has no SELF RESPECT!"
Author: L. Michelle
6. "Button-holes! there is something lively in the very idea of 'em - and trust me, when I get amongst 'em - you gentry with great beards - look as grave as you will - I'll make merry work with my button-holes - I shall have 'em all to myself - 'tis a maiden subject - I shall run foul of no man's wisdom or fine sayings in it."
Author: Laurence Sterne
7. "To me, love isn't all. I must look up, not down, trust and honor with my whole heart, and find strenght and integrity to lean on"
Author: Louisa May Alcott
8. "How can people trust the harvest, unless they see it sown?"
Author: Mary Renault
9. "And when I retired, trust me, not only did Nolan Ryan, but the entire Ryan family had withdrawals from baseball. And it was tough."
Author: Nolan Ryan
10. "I generally wade in blind and trust to fate and instinct to see me through."
Author: Peter Straub
11. "You have to trust someone before you can have rituals with them."
Author: Rachel Klein
12. "You see that's what I think is such a terrible, terrible betrayal, the trust that people have in government."
Author: Ralph Steadman
13. "I cannot tell if I was more tired or more grateful. Both at least, I was: tired as I never was before that night; and grateful to Gd as I trust I have been often, though never with more cause."
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
15. "Lord loves a workin' man; don't trust whitey"
Author: Steve Martin
16. "Merlin: "Grown-ups have developed an unpleasant habit lately, I notice, of comforting themselves for their degradation by pretending that children are childish. I trust we are free of this?"Arthur: "Everybody knows that children are more intelligent than their parents."Merlin: "You and I know it, but the people who are going to read this book do not.Our readers of that time (...) have exactly three ideas in their magnificent noodles. The first is that the human species is superior to others. The second, that the twentieth century is superior to other centuries. And the third, that human adults of the twentieth century are superior to their young. (...)"
Author: T.H. White
17. "I really trust you, don't I?"
Author: Toba Beta
18. "I remain fundamentally optimistic aboutWall Street as a marketplace and as a vehicle for wealth creation. Itsfuture will rightly depend on several variables, chief among thembeing human choices; whether they be rationally, emotionally, subjectivelyor objectively made. Financial engineering taught us that ifit could be quantified, it could be qualified. We learned about howto use leverage and have abused that knowledge for a myriad ofreasons. We became practitioners of the transaction-based model, but forgot that long before the abacus there was trust and integrity,anchors of relationship-based models common with Middle East andAsian markets. It goes back to a handshake, the first and enduringexample of mutual consensus."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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Quotes About Trust And Integrity
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