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1. "I can't recall too much about pitching, but I do remember that I was anxious to get it over with. I just wanted to get that first game over with and go from there."
Author: Dennis Eckersley
2. "No, what's a man like down there?""Oh." Sidheag wrinkled her nose. "Unimpressive. They have - "she gestured towards her own nether regions with one hand - "a sort of dangly sausage - lacks tailoring.""Really?""Yes, like it wasn't fitted into its casing properly. And hairy."
Author: Gail Carriger
3. "I did six internships, even though I was only allowed to do one. I had a paper with my advisor's signature on it that I would just forward for every new internship. I didn't get school credit, but I got away with giving free labor to everyone."
Author: Grace Helbig
4. "Ensor sees with his imagination, but his vision is perfectly accurate, of an almost geometric precision. He is one of the very few who can really see. Like you, he has an obsession with masks; he is a seer as you and I are. The common herd, of course thinks that he is mad.*****************You shall see what sort of man Ensor is, and what a marvellous insight he has into the invisible realm where our vices are created... those vices for which our faces make masks."
Author: Jean Lorrain
5. "I think there's a mythology that if you want to change the world, you have to be sainted, like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela or Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ordinary people with lives that go up and down and around in circles can still contribute to change."
Author: Jody Williams
6. "I remember still how full of bad magic all those spearpoints to be put on the ends of rifles seemed to be. One was like a sharpened curtain rod. Another was triangular in cross-section, so that the wound it made wouldn't close up again and keep the blood and guts from falling out. Another one had sawteeth - so it could work its way through bone, I guess. I can remember thinking that war was so horrible that, at last, thank goodness, nobody could ever be fooled by romantic pictures and fiction and history into marching to war again.Nowadays, of course, you can buy a machine gun with a plastic bayonet for your little kid at the nearest toy boutique."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
7. "I am proud to place Tercio Red River into a conservation easement forever protecting this spectacular landscape with Colorado Open Lands."
Author: Louis Bacon
8. "It's the awareness beneath the thoughts, the stillness inside that creates space to connect with the magic on the outside."
Author: Michelle Colston
9. "Do not treat others as you would not like to be treated' frees one from hypocrisy. 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' enslaves one with insincerity."
Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
10. "It's very impossible to live by yesterday's standards and expect extraordinary results today. Live life with passion!"
Author: Muhammad Asad
11. "I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly."
Author: Richard Buckminster Fuller
12. "I reply with a letter as brief as his: 'My brother, after my first battle the only thing I now worship is the sun, a star that represents death's constancy. Beware of the moon, which reflects our world of beauty. It waxes and wanes, it is treacherous and ephemeral. We will all die some day . . . ."
Author: Shan Sa
13. "Buddy hugged his father,and promptly, with a dreadful brightness, came over to me and held out his had.I shook it. It felt fat and moist."
Author: Sylvia Plath
14. "Just consider a child who, absorbed in play, forgets himself—this is the moment to take a snapshot; when you wait until he notices that you are taking a picture, his face congeals and freezes, showing his unnatural self-consciousness rather than his natural graciousness. Why do most people have that stereotyped expression on their faces whenever they are photographed? This expression stems from their concern with the impression they are going to leave on the onlooker. It is "cheese" that makes them so ugly. Forgetting themselves, the photographer, and the future onlooker would make them beautiful."
Author: Viktor E. Frankl

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Quotes About Trusting Someone With Your Heart
Quotes About Trusting Someone With Your Heart
Quotes About Trusting Someone With Your Heart

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