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1. "If world peace was as important to people as getting tweeted back by their favourite celebrity, we'd live in a blissful Utopia."
Author: Adam Levine
2. "We're well past the end of the century when time, for the first time, curved, bent, slipped, flash forwarded, and flashed back yet still kept rolling along. We know it all now, with our thoughts traveling at the speed of a tweet, our 140 characters in search of a paragraph. We're post-history. We're post-mystery."
Author: Ali Smith
3. "If somebody crafts an interesting tweet that'll lead me to their blog, I'm going to their blog."
Author: Anthony Bourdain
4. "The Internet is far more engaging as an interactive medium than broadcast. Barriers to creating content are going away; they're almost gone. People are taking control of their entertainment. People are Tweeting, posting on Facebook and YouTube."
Author: Ben Huh
5. "Technology has bridged the gap of distant communication,bringing friends and family closely together but no matter the number of ‘likes', tweets, chats, comments, posts and shares, none can compare to a sincere smile, a kind kiss and a warm hug"
Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
6. "For some reasons, I have WWE wrestlers tweeting me all the time. Like, my biggest fans. Why they can connect with my love for Meryl Streep, I don't know."
Author: Billy Eichner
7. "I'm still kinda old-school. We're twittering, and we're all twitterers. And we write tweets. The only thing I don't love is twits."
Author: Biz Stone
8. "I don't, for the record, have a Tweety Bird fetish."
Author: Brian Lamb
9. "Social media is a giant distraction to the ultimate aim, which is honing your craft as a songwriter. There are people who are exceptional at it, however, and if you can do both things, then that's fantastic, but if you are a writer, the time is better spent on a clever lyric than a clever tweet."
Author: Bryan Adams
10. "No one cares what you ate for breakfast. Unless it's something really spectacular, don't tweet me your breakfast, I don't care."
Author: Busy Philipps
11. "I tweet from bed. I love it because it's so quick. And it's funny. But it also leaves a lot of room for error because new people don't sense the sarcasm - there's no sarcasm font."
Author: Christine Teigen
12. "I've tweeted incessantly about Nintendo and my love for Nintendo for a long time."
Author: Christine Teigen
13. "I get tweets every single day going, like, 'I'm so glad you weren't on 'The X Factor.''"
Author: Ed Sheeran
14. "As a player, that's not your responsibility to comment and to give your opinion on another player. As a quarterback, I don't want another quarterback tweeting about my performance or judging me in that way."
Author: Eli Manning
15. "Tweet" to all Americans: "We Democrats, we Republicans, and we Independents are ALL in this together – let's keep America great together. Let us compromise."
Author: Frank Coyle
16. "I have had a Twitter account since the very beginning but have never used it: I haven't tweeted anything, and I haven't followed anyone."
Author: George Dyson
17. "I deliberately keep myself apart from a lot of stuff; I don't Tweet, I don't do Facebook, I don't blog, and that's largely because I spend my working life staring at a screen and hitting a keyboard, I am trying to cut down on that, not increase it."
Author: Iain Banks
18. "Twitteren is eigenlijk zoals vissen. Een tweet is een vislijn met aas. En dan moet je wachten tot iemand toehapt. Soms lang, soms kort."
Author: Ignace Dermaux
19. "When I grew up there was no web, blogging or tweeting. In fact, where I grew up there was not even television! I met a lot of my friends in school and in college, and they are still my friends today."
Author: Indra Nooyi
20. "I don't like to be overexposed. Too many articles, too many tweets, too many posts, I just don't like that. But at the same time, we live in a culture where that's almost necessary. People want content and they want their stuff when they want it."
Author: Issa Rae
21. "I am someone who tweets about what I have for breakfast, what I have for lunch, what I have for dinner, and for 99.99999 percent of the world, it's useless. It's meaningless. But for my mother, she loves it."
Author: Jack Dorsey
22. "I'm less interested in how people are following each other and more interested in how they are following topics and tweets themselves. People are following more key words and concepts and more ideas and acting on those rather than individuals or organizations."
Author: Jack Dorsey
23. "My mother, she killed me,My father, he ate me,My sister Marlene,Gathered all my bones,Tied them in a silken scarf,Laid them beneath the juniper tree,Tweet, tweet, what a beautiful bird am I."
Author: Jacob Grimm
24. "So much of my life is not about work and that is usually mainly what I do tweet about. We live a very quiet life."
Author: Jennifer Ehle
25. "Women scare enough, but bloggers can be even more frightening to deal with. Most bloggers are emotionally unstable and are often awkward in social situations, which is why so many of us turned to blogging in the first place. Also, they are always looking for something to write about, so if you fuck something up it will be blogged, Facebooked, and retweeted until your death."
Author: Jenny Lawson
26. "When you wake up, instead of checking emails on your phone, or counting your retweets, pick up a pen and scratch a few sentences into a notebook."
Author: Kevin Barry
27. "One Bagatelle, and I'll raise you a novel," Megan had tweeted back."Writing for tea? Now that would have been a solution for the British empire," Laura returned."Writing for me," Megan had typed."I'll write you a tea fortune.""No deal. I want a novel. September sounds good."
Author: L.L. Barkat
28. "I am still fairly new to the whole social media thing - I am definitely tweeting and Facebooking. It's a nice way to connect with fans."
Author: Laura Mennell
29. "Man's wobbly little mind isn't equipped for hauling around the great unknowns.Very few people realize, there's no point chasing after answers to life's important questions. They all have fickle, highly whimsical minds of their own.Nevertheless. If you're patient, if you don't rush them, when they're ready, they'll smash into you. And don't be surprised if afterward you're speechless and there are cartoon Tweety Birds chirping around your head.(Gareth van Meer)"
Author: Marisha Pessl
30. "I love Twitter. My favorite thing to do these days is to tweet things that seem very questionable as to whether I'm joking or not."
Author: Max Greenfield
31. " is actually about fiction not dreading goo. But I have a profile there, anyway..." [tweeted 3/19/2013 from @MikeArnzen]"
Author: Michael A. Arnzen
32. "If you tweet for me, I'll tweet for you."
Author: Michael Wolf
33. "Love is the soul's best passion, when your heart tweets for some one who's heart is so sweet"
Author: Mohammed Abad Alrazak
34. "It is rude to tweet while having sex. However, it is not rude to have sex while tweeting."
Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
35. "To a man with an internet connection, every thought and every movement sounds like a tweet or status update."
Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
36. "I think that you are what you speak a lot of times, and there's power in the tongue. I feel sorry for the people who always have something negative to say. If something happens bad in my day, I don't tweet about it - I pray about it, or talk to my husband about it or my mother about it, and get it off of me and move on."
Author: Monica Denise Brown
37. "I think maybe my attention span is too long to tweet."
Author: Nick Rhodes
38. "I do secret stand-up shows around New York. I announce and tweet this to nobody - I get onstage and I do a quick five minutes."
Author: Questlove
39. "I'm a 24-hour tweet machine, I'm a 24-hour blogger. When there's no pressure on me, I can talk and write and lecture with the best of them. But put a deadline on me and I start getting writer's block."
Author: Questlove
40. "When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, Sarah Palin tweeted, 'Obama lies; freedom dies.' She's referring, I guess, to the freedom to go without health care when you're sick."
Author: Richard Trumka
41. "Don't let your ego write checks your character can't cash.another from the world of tweets"
Author: Robin Glasser
42. "You want me to whatbook? And tweet like a bird? Are you serious?- Kellan Kyle"
Author: S.C. Stephens
43. "We are the generation of Social Media, Our biggest Revolution is a Tweet of 141 Characters."
Author: Sandra Chami Kassis
44. "Fools live life; intellectuals only think thoughts arising from borrowed knowledge.That is why fools enjoy life while so called wise people are busy posting tweets about life. Unfortunately, I am a wise man."
Author: Saurabh Sharma
45. "I always separate myself from reviews, but tweets and Instagram comments, they go directly to my phone. It's hard to keep up."
Author: Skylar Astin
46. "Tweeting is like sending out cool telegrams to your friends once a week."
Author: Tom Hanks
47. "People spend hours constantly checking and tweeting and Facebooking. And it's cool to check up on your friends and see what's going on in the world, but it's not cool to spend five hours of your day on the computer looking at the Internet."
Author: Ty Segall
48. "I will count to 10 before tweeting."
Author: Valerie Trierweiler
49. "Losing the Internet has forced them to interact verbally instead of microblogging their lives, but a lot of them still talk in Tweets:"Ugh! I'm standing in line at the post office.""I'm not eating the crusts on my sandwich because apparently I'm five."
Author: Wayne Gladstone
50. "I love retweeting things and seeing how many fans are on other people's pages."
Author: Zachary Gordon

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