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1. "Relief is a wonderful emotion, highly underrated. In fact, I prefer it to elation or joy. Relief lets the air out of the Tire of Pain."
Author: Adriana Trigiani
2. "Ignorance is an underrated virtue, my lord."
Author: Andrew Levkoff
3. "Friendship is a wildly underrated medication."
Author: Anna Deavere Smith
4. "Dickens is a very underrated writer at the moment. Everyone in his time admired him but I think right now he's not spoken of enough."
Author: Anne Rice
5. "Really, Watson, you excel yourself," said Holmes, pushing back his chair and lighting a cigarette. "I am bound to say that in all the accounts which you have been so good as to give of my own small achievements you have habitually underrated your own abilities. It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it. I confess, my dear fellow, that I am very much in your debt."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
6. "I think my poems are slightly underrated by the word 'accessible.'"
Author: Billy Collins
7. "Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change."
Author: Bob Kerrey
8. "Laughter is a very underrated tool for healing."
Author: Bronnie Ware
9. "I really dig The Byrds. I think they are the most underrated - in their original form - pop group."
Author: Bruce Johnston
10. "There's one kind of writing that's always easy: Picking out something obviously stupid and reiterating how stupid it obviously is. This is the lowest form of criticism, easily accomplished by anyone. And for most of my life, I have tried to avoid this. In fact, I've spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the underrated value in ostensibly stupid things. I understand Turtle's motivation and I would have watched Medelin in the theater. I read Mary Worth every day for a decade. I've seen Korn in concert three times and liked them once. I went to The Day After Tomorrow on opening night. I own a very expensive robot that doesn't do anything. I am open to the possibility that everyting has metaphorical merit, and I see no point in sardonically attacking the most predictable failures within any culture."
Author: Chuck Klosterman
11. "I think Robitussin is way underrated."
Author: Colin Hanks
12. "Panicky despair is an underrated element of writing."
Author: Dave Barry
13. "The propensity of Earthlings to get into trouble, and to learn thereby, was the reason my owners agreed to this mad venture – although no one expected such a chain of unusual calamities as befell this ship. Your talents were underrated."
Author: David Brin
14. "Silences are the most underrated part of comedy."
Author: David Steinberg
15. "Tim Burton is underrated. I loved Big Fish, loved that movie, think it's the best movie of the year, hands down. Really impressed with that."
Author: David Zucker
16. "Brendan knew about the truth. In most cases, it was just a matter of deciding whether you wanted to look it in the face or live with the comfort of ignorance and lies. And ignorance and lies were often underrated. Most people Brendan knew couldn't make it through the day without a saucerful of ignorance and a side of lies."
Author: Dennis Lehane
17. "Yes, the saint was underrated quite a bit, then, mostly by people who didn't like things that were ineffable……a lot of people don't like things that are unearthly, the things of this earth are good enough for them, and they don't mind telling you so. "If he'd just go out and get a job, like everybody else, then he could be saintly all day long…" —from "The Temptations of St. Anthony," by Donald Barthelme"
Author: Donald Barthelme
18. "And that movie was underrated - Nuts - because it deals with a terrible subject, but It's very well done."
Author: Eli Wallach
19. "During her lifetime, Marilyn Monroe was underrated as a dramatic actress, and this rightly rankled her—but she was also overrated as a comedienne."
Author: Eve Golden
20. "Imperfection is underrated. Perfection is overrated."
Author: Helena Bonham Carter
21. "We frequently find that the influence of good women is underrated. It is an influence that is often subtle but yet has tremendous consequences. One woman can make a great difference for a whole nation."
Author: James E. Faust
22. "Find creative ways to have fun together. Looting is really underrated."
Author: Jesse Petersen
23. "I have been blessed to have been working since I was 11. I think horror is an underrated genre. When done really well like in 'The Ruins', it pays homage to some of the stuff I really love in the '70s and incurs some of that energy the fanbase really wants to see."
Author: Jonathan Tucker
24. "Amazing things are often underrated, but in the end they always rise to the top."
Author: L'Poni Baldwin
25. "Mediocrity is underrated."
Author: Mary Louise Parker
26. "...forgetting is vastly underrated as a mental operation."
Author: Michael Pollan
27. "I think Paul Weitz is a really amazing director, obviously with tons of acclaim and stuff, but I still think he is underrated. And I think he's amazing to work with, so I was super lucky."
Author: Nat Wolff
28. "There was an awful lot to be said for familiarity, if you thought about it. It was an extremely underrated virtue, ignorable until the very moment that you were in danger of losing whatever or whoever it was that was familiar—a house, a view, a partner."
Author: Nick Hornby
29. "Johnny Winter is one of the best blues players in the world. He's very underrated."
Author: Ritchie Blackmore
30. "Boredom is vastly underrated. Boredom means that nothing is trying to kill you every day."
Author: Robin Hobb
31. "I'm way bigger than people think I am. I'm way bigger. I've been underrated all my life, and that's fine. I have privacy. I can walk the street without being hassled. I can be a regular guy. The price to give that up is so horrible. When you become a part of the hysteria - it's not completely in my hands - you have to hide."
Author: Rutger Hauer
32. "Nicely put," I said. "And all in less than two minutes.""Conciseness is underrated," she said easily."
Author: Sarah Dessen
33. "Conciseness is underrated"
Author: Sarah Dessen
34. "'Because I said so!' They are the most underrated four words."
Author: Steve Schirripa
35. "The Loved One has been the most underrated film I've worked on."
Author: Terry Southern
36. "I think the voice is an underrated instrument these days and it's easy to make up for lack of ability with effects. I think sometimes people are more wowed with effects than core craftsmanship. Strong voices are not as common as they used to be."
Author: Victoria Legrand
37. "Water - a thoroughly underrated drink."
Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman

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