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1. "After a battle lasting many ages,The Devil won,And said to God(who had been his Maker):Lord,We are about to witness the unmaking of CreationBy my hand.I would not wish youto think me cruel,So I beg you, take three thingsFrom this world before I destroy it.Three things, and then the rest will bewiped away.'God thought for a little time.And at last He said:No, there is nothing.'The Devil was surprised.Not even you, Lord?' he said.And God said: No. Not even me."
Author: Clive Barker
2. "The world won't leave things be. It's always injecting endings into beginnings. Leaves tweezer themselves from these weeping willows. Leaves fall into the lake and dissolve into slime. Where's the sense in that? Mum and Dad fell in love, had Julia, had me. They fall out of love, Julia moves off to Edinburgh, Mum to Cheltenham, and Dad to Oxford with Cynthia. The world never stops unmaking what the world never stops making. But who says the world has to make sense?"
Author: David Mitchell
3. "Unmaking, decreating, is the only task man may take upon himself, if he aspires, as everything suggests, to distinguish himself from the Creator."
Author: Emil Cioran
4. "Traveling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you - or unmaking you."
Author: Nicolas Bouvier
5. "Everything is made perish; the wonder of anything at all is that it has not already done so. No, he thought. The wonder of anything is that it was made in the first place. What persists beyond this cataclysm of making and unmaking?"
Author: Paul Harding
6. ".. both the making and the unmaking were essential parts of life & necessary to keep the balance."
Author: Winona LaDuke

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