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1. "We're plugged in 24 hours a day now. We're all part of one big machine, whether we are conscious of that or not. And if we can't unplug from that machine, eventually we're going to become mindless."
Author: Alan Lightman
2. "(On her son) I've met writer's block. He is short, diapered and keeps unplugging my laptop. Good news: he can be conquered with a bottle and a nap."
Author: Cyrese Covelli
3. "Dave hung up. And unplugged the phone. With a fierce and bitter pain he stared at it, watching how, over and over again, it didn't ring."
Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
4. "Ours is a culture that dances on the edge of ephemerality. If our servers slept for too long or if we left our iPads unplugged for too long, we'd wake up like Rip Van Winkle to find all of our book culture erased."
Author: Jason Merkoski
5. "Today, what's normal is being redefined: from vaginal birth to surgical birth; from 'My water broke,' to 'Let's break your water;' from 'It's time' to 'It's time for the induction.' As medical anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd writes, 'in the early twenty-first century, we do not know what normal birth is.' Most practicing obstetricians have never witnessed an unplugged birth that wasn't an accident. Women are even beginning to deny normal birth to themselves: if 'normal' means being induced, immobilized by wires and tubes, sped up with drugs, all the while knowing that there's a good chance of surgery, well, might as well just cut to the chase, so to speak. 'Just give me a cesarean,' some are saying. And who can blame them? They want to avoid what they think of as normal birth."
Author: Jennifer Block
6. "Doing nothing has become one of the lost luxuries in these hectic times. But doing nothing, even for five minutes, can be rejuvenating. Go for it: You – unplugged."
Author: Joan Marques
7. "I saw a news report recently that measured average video game use by American men between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five: twenty hours per week. Do you mean the flower of America's masculinity can't think of anything more important to do with twenty hours a week than sit in front of a video screen? Folks, this ain't normal. Can't we unplug already?"
Author: Joel Salatin
8. "We get sucked into the Internet and streaming information, and it's time to just unplug and look within."
Author: Jonathan Cain
9. "It's definitely broken," my mom says [...]"Maybe it's unplugged or something," [...]"Honey, it's broken," my mom says. She sounds like she's trying to break it to me gently. I can't really blame her. The other day she told me there was no more vanilla ice cream, and I burst into tears right in the middle of the kitchen. She obviously knows I'm fragile."
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
10. "I dialed it now, and the machine picked up. I listened to a dead man's voice. I hung up, wondering how long it would be before someone unplugged the machine, how long before the telephone company cut off the phone service.You don't die all at once. Not anymore. These days you die a little at a time."
Author: Lawrence Block
11. "Aeroplane journeys give me quiet time to read and sleep; it's like being unplugged from the earth."
Author: Linda Gray
12. "On 30 June 2010, the FSB broke into my office again. They unplugged the Internet, opened the window and left the phone off the hook, placing it next to my laptop. The message was clear: we are still here."
Author: Luke Harding
13. "I reached for the phone and dialed his number. I listened to it ring. It rang on and on. I imagined the phone crying out in his empty room.I didn't count the rings, but it felt like hundreds. Could Mr. Tate hear them echoing through his house? Was I torturing him? Making him scream in frustration, pressing his hands to his ears to block out the noise? If he wanted to make the ringing stop, all he had to do was pick up.Maybe he had unplugged Jonah's phone. Maybe he couldn't hear the ringing at all."
Author: Natalie Standiford
14. "I've been sleeping with the night light unpluggedWith a note on the rocking chairIt says I'm dreaming of the life I once lovedSo wake me if you're out there"
Author: Owl City
15. "The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug."
Author: Pico Iyer
16. "These days, unplugged places are getting hard to find."
Author: Richard Louv
17. "Without God's power in your life, you are just running on your own energy. God never meant for you to do that. It's like having a laptop that's unplugged; the battery will eventually drain and shut down the computer. Why would you live like that when God created you for so much more?"
Author: Rick Warren
18. "I have a new joke today. Martha Stewart's on suicide watch. They had to unplug all of her ovens."
Author: Rip Taylor
19. "Doing nothing means unplugging from the compulsion to always keep ourselves busy, the habit of shielding ourselves from certain feelings, the tension of trying to manipulate our experience before we even fully acknowledge what that experience is."
Author: Sharon Salzberg
20. "I have those moments with my kids and family where we try to unplug and just be in the moment. We put everything else to the side and just be there with our family."
Author: Soleil Moon Frye
21. "She sleeps like a cocoyam. A thing without senses. She sleeps like his mother, unplugged from the world."
Author: Taiye Selasi
22. "On vacation, I totally unplug. I don't bring a laptop with me."
Author: Will Wright
23. "I find it refreshing to unplug from it for a while. You kind of forget how deeply you get embedded in it."
Author: Will Wright

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