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1. "For policy makers interested in using tax policy to stimulate investments or especially to smooth business cycle fluctuations, the results are not promising."
Author: Austan Goolsbee
2. "The sounds aren't where the meaning lives. […]Their language is organised noise, like all of ours are, but for them each word is a funnel. Where to us each word means something, to the Hosts, each is an opening. A door, through which the thought of that referent, the thought itself that reached for that word, can be seen. […]When they speak they do hear the soul in each voice. That's how the meaning lives there. The words have got . . ." He shook his head, hesitating, then just using that religiose term. "Got the soul in them. And it has to be there, the meaning. Has to be true to be Language."
Author: China Miéville
3. "Language is possible due to a number of cognitive and physical characteristics that are unique to humans but none of which that are unique to language. Coming together they make language possible. But the fundamental building block of language is community."
Author: Daniel Everett
4. "TR on using extramarital accusations against Wilson: "It won't work. You can't cast a man as Romeo who looks and acts like an apothecary's clerk."
Author: David Pietrusza
5. "...she had always known under her mind and now she confessed it: her agony had been, half of it, because one day he would say farewell to her, like that, with the inflexion of a verb. As, just occasionally, using the word 'we' - and perhaps without intention - he had let her know that he loved her."
Author: Ford Madox Ford
6. "The language of literature is the language of all the world. It is necessary to divest ourselves at once of the notion of diversified vocal and grammatical speech which constitutes the various tongues of the Earth, and conceals the identity of image and logic in the minds of all men."
Author: George Edward Woodberry
7. "And who thought it was a good idea to rent bicycles to Italian adolescent language students? If hell did exist, which Jackson was sure it did, it would be governed by a committee of fifteen-year-old Italian boys on bikes."
Author: Kate Atkinson
8. "I dream in a language I do not understand when I'm awake."
Author: Milorad Pavić
9. "The surest way to identify those who won't succeed at weight loss is that they tend to say things like "My goal is to lose ten pounds." Weight targets often work in the short run. But if you need willpower to keep the weight off, you're doomed in the long run. The only way to succeed in the long run is by using a system that bypasses your need for willpower."
Author: Scott Adams
10. "Private Benjamin lives next door but one to Bob Cryer from The Bill. I once saw him crouching down behind a sycamore tree and using his nose as an Allen Key to release a starving rat."
Author: St John Morris
11. "That's a very comforting response, Oliver. Of course I can trust you implicitly when all you care about is using me for your own designs."
Author: Susan Dennard
12. "I also became interested in chemistry and gradually accumulated enough test tubes and other glassware to do chemical experiments, using small quantities of chemicals purchased from a pharmacy supply house."
Author: Sydney Brenner
13. "There was an honorable tradition of using anonymous sources that was ruined by Jayson Blair."
Author: Ted Rall

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Quotes About Using Foul Language
Quotes About Using Foul Language

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