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1. "Scrabble - The game is available in Braille. That's a nice fact. This makes me feel better about humanity for some reason. I can't really explain why."
Author: A.J. Jacobs
2. ""This compound should be available from most good drugstores." I got increasingly annoyed with this phrase because in the world I lived in, even ordinary soap was available only intermittently............In an economy that operated by central planning, shortages of just about everything were commonplace." the author dexcribing life in Hungary in the 1950s under Communist Russian rule."
Author: Andrew S. Grove
3. "Stand here today as hopeful as ever that the United States of America will endure, that it will prevail, that the dream of our founders will live on in our time.Barack ObamaAt the Lincolm Memorial concert on National Mall in Washington, January 18, 2009, two days before his inauguration as US President."
Author: Barack Obama
4. "A phenomenon noticeable throughout history regardless of place or period is the pursuit by governments of policies contrary to their own interests. Mankind, it seems, makes a poorer performance of government than of almost any other human activity. In this sphere, wisdom, which may be defined as the exercise of judgment acting on experience, common sense and available information, is less operative and more frustrated than it should be. Why do holders of high office so often act contrary to the way reason points and enlightened self-interest suggests? Why does intelligent mental process seem so often not to function?"
Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
5. "We would do well to remember that envy is clearly the flint that ignites evil in our hearts. It apparently signals "I'm available" to demons searching for a cheap date. Envy is as volatile as nitroglycerin, and we cannot carry it inside us without evil exploding."
Author: Craig Groeschel
6. "Mais nous relisons surtout gratuitement, pour le plaisir de la répétition, la joie des retrouvailles, la mise à l'épreuve de l'intimité."
Author: Daniel Pennac
7. "Israel was seen as having demonstrated unmistakably it wanted peace, and the reason it wasn't available, achievable was because Arafat wouldn't accept it."
Author: Dennis Ross
8. "The policy of the emperors and the senate, as far as it concerned religion, was happily seconded by the reflections of the enlightened, and by the habits of the superstitious, part of their subjects. The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord."
Author: Edward Gibbon
9. "Though I have seen a great deal of the sights, traveled a number of the available paths, there are always corners that remain unexplored, doors that remain unopened."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
10. "Only three routes of upward mobility were available to socially ambitious upstarts such as Columbus: war, the Church, and the sea. Columbus probably contemplated all three: he wanted a clerical career for one of his brothers, and fancied himself as "a captain of cavaliers and conquests." But seafaring was a natural choice, especially for a boy from a maritime community as single-minded as that of Genoa. Opportunities for employment and profit abounded."
Author: Felipe Fernández Armesto
11. "Deux bolides lancés l'un vers l'autre qu'on océan sépare encore.Deux étoiles filantes qui vont entrer en collision.Des retrouvailles trop longtemps différées.Des retrouvailles dangereuses.Car l'amour et la mort n'ont que deux lettres de différence."
Author: Guillaume Musso
12. "I don't know, I don't feel right unless I've got the sea and mountains nearby. People are mostly a product of where they were born and raised. How you think and feel's always linked to the lay of the land, the temperature. The prevailing winds, even."
Author: Haruki Murakami
13. "Si je crois en Dieu? Oui, quand je travaille. Quand je suis soumis et modeste, je me sens tellement aidé par quelqu'un qui me fait faire des choses qui me surpassent."
Author: Henri Matisse
14. "All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it. The character of the voters is not stakes. I cast my vote, perchance, as I think right; but I am not vitally concerned that that right should prevail. I am willing to leave it to the majority. Its obligation, therefore, never exceeds that of expediency. Even voting FOR THE RIGHT is DOING nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
15. "I hear of a convention to be held at Baltimore, or elsewhere, for the selection of a candidate for the Presidency, made up chiefly of editors, and men who are politicians by profession; but I think, what is it to any independent, intellegent, and respectable man what decision they may come to? Shall we not have the advantage of his wisdom and honesty, nevertheless? Can we not count upon some independent votes? Are there not many individuals in the country who do not attend conventions? But no: I find that the respectable man, so called, has immediately drifted from his position, and despairs of his country, when his country has more reason to despair of him. He forthwith adopts one of the candidates thus selected as his only AVAILABLE one, thus proving that he is himself AVAILABLE for any purposes of the demagogue. His vote is of no more worth than that of any unprincipled foreigner or hireling native, who may have been bought."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
16. "Realpolitik for Bismarck depended on flexibility and on the ability to exploit every available option without the constraint of ideology."
Author: Henry Kissinger
17. "Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won't fit into the template available to you on a social networking site."
Author: Jaron Lanier
18. "Death, I had discovered long ago, was available in varying flavors, and none of them particularly palatable."
Author: Jasper Fforde
19. "At all costs the true world of childhood must prevail, must be restored; that world whose momentous, heroic, mysterious quality is fed on airy nothings, whose substance is so ill-fitted to withstand the brutal touch of adult inquisition."
Author: Jean Cocteau
20. "One was watching the other day a red-tailed hawk, high in the heavens, circling effortlessly, without a beat of the wing, just for the fun of flying, just to be sustained by the air-currents. Then it was joined by another, and they were flying together for quite a while. They were marvellous creatures in that blue sky, and to hurt them in any way is a crime against heaven. Of course there is no heaven; man has invented heaven out of hope, for his life has become a hell, an endless conflict from birth to death, coming and going, making money, working endlessly. This life has become a turmoil, a travail of endless striving. One wonders if man, a human being, will ever live on this earth peacefully. Conflict has been the way of his life - within the skin and outside the skin, in the area of the psyche and in the society which that psyche has created."
Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
21. "You can be a member of all of the romance writers associations, take part in all of the networking available, or win the latest romance award... but guess what? None of that makes a difference if you don't WRITE something people want to READ. The greatest editor in the world won't make your book a best seller if it isn't something people care about. So forget all of the fluff that clouds your purpose... writing!!"
Author: Kathryn Le Veque
22. "Justice might well prevail in the end, but ordinary people like me had no guarantee of surviving that long. We might get killed on the whim of some serial killer first."
Author: Kouhei Kadono
23. "It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail."
Author: Lech Walesa
24. "A message had been sent to EmmaVaile at an account I didn't recognize. It was from BennettStern at the same network.Four words: "I'm grateful for you."
Author: Lee Nichols
25. "Now that may be a first. A girl who has no interest whatsoever in the handsome, emotionally unavailable, Dane Wright."
Author: Lisa De Jong
26. "If a creative person steals your idea, he's killing his creative ability, if he steals your art, he's killing his art, if he makes it available to the world, it won,t create de impact you could have created, because it wasn't from the right source."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
27. "Un examen un tant soit peu exhaustif de l'humanité doit nécessairement prendre en compte ce type de phénomènes. De tels êtres humains, historiquement, ont existé.Des êtres humains qui travaillaient toute leur vie, et qui travaillaient dur, uniquement par dévouement et par amour; qui donnaient littéralement leur vie aux autres dans un esprit de dévouement et d'amour; qui n'avaient cependant nullement l'impression de se sacrifier; qui n'envisageaient en réalité d'autre manière de vivre que de donner leur vie aux autres dans un esprit de dévouement et d'amour.En pratique, ces êtres humains étaient généralement des femmes."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
28. "Celui qui éprouve de l'aversion pour les danseurs et veut les dénigrer se heurtera toujours à un obstacle infranchissable : leur honnêteté ; car en s'exposant constamment au public, le danseur se condamne à être irréprochable ; il n'a pas conclu comme Faust un contrat avec le Diable, il l'a conclu avec l'Ange : il veut faire de sa vie une oeuvre d'art et c'est dans ce travail que l'Ange l'aide ; car, n'oublie pas, la danse est un art ! C'est dans cette obsession de voir en sa propre vie la matière d'une oeuvre d'art que se trouve la vraie essence du danseur ; il ne prêche pas la morale, il la danse ! Il veut émouvoir et éblouir le monde par la beauté de sa vie ! il est amoureux de sa vie comme un sculpteur peut être amoureux de la statue qu'il est en train de modeler." (chapitre 6)"
Author: Milan Kundera
29. "Though we have rightly applauded our ancestors for their spiritual achievements (and do not and must not discount them now), those of us who prevail today will have done no small thing. The special spirits who have been reserved to live in this time of challenges and who overcome will one day be praised for their stamina by those who pulled handcarts."
Author: Neal A. Maxwell
30. "As I gazed at Mao's face wearing what was intended as a benign expression but was in fact a smirk of self-satisfaction, I wondered how one single person could have caused the extent of misery that was prevailing in China. There must be something lacking in our own character, I thought, that had made it possible for his evil genius to dominate. Pg. 259"
Author: Nien Cheng
31. "I did not think I should be ever loved: do you indeed Love me so much as now you say you do?Ask of the sea-bird if it loves the sea, Ask of the roses if they love the rain, Ask of the little lark, that will not sing Till day break, if it loves to see the day:And yet, these are but empty images, Mere shadows of my love, which is a fire So great that all the waters of the main Can not avail to quench it."
Author: Oscar Wilde
32. "Freedom of the press is not questioned when investigative journalism unearths scandals, But that does not mean that every classified state document should be made available to journalists."
Author: Otto Schily
33. "I have no language to paint the horrors of our situation. To shed tears was indeed altogether unavailing and withal unmanly yet I was not able to deny myself the relief they served to afford me."
Author: Owen Chase
34. "Emotions can override…the more powerful fundamental motives that drive our lives: hunger, sex, and the will to survive. People will not eat if they think the only food available is disgusting. They may even die, although other people might consider that same food palatable. Emotion triumphs over the hunger drive! A person may never attempt sexual contact because of the interference of fear or disgust, or may never be able to complete a sexual act. Emotion triumphs over the sex drive! And despair can overwhelm even the will to live, motivating a suicide. Emotions triumph over the will to live!"
Author: Paul Ekman
35. "« En un mot, s'il y a au monde quelque ouvrage qui ne puisse être si bien achevé par aucun autre que par le même qui l'a commencé, c'est celui auquel je travaille»."
Author: René Descartes
36. "If all the evidence in the universe turned in favour of creationism, I would be the first to admit it, and I would immediately change my mind. As things stand, however, all available evidence (and there is a vast amount of it) favours evolution."
Author: Richard Dawkins
37. "Freedom from anxiety is characterized by three inner attitudes. If what we have we receive as a gift, and if what we have is to be cared for by God, and if what we have is available to others, then we will possess freedom from anxiety. This is the inward reality of simplicity. However, if what we have we believe we have gotten, and if what we have we believe we must hold onto, and if what we have is not available to others, then we will live in anxiety. Such persons will never know simplicity regardless of the outward contortions they may put themselves through in order to live "the simple life."
Author: Richard J. Foster
38. "Old actors never die, they don't even fade away. They're always available."
Author: Russell Johnson
39. "Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems."
Author: Scott Adams
40. "Never before in human history has more information been available to more people. But at the same time, never before in human history has more bad information been available to more people."
Author: Scott Pelley
41. "Paklause, iš kur aš. Buvau geros nuotaikos, pasakiau, kad esu ciuvašas.— O kur tai?— Ceboksarai, jei teko girdet. Turime daug vertingu iškasenu, aukso, deimantu, anglies, mišku, tautini epa apie kiški ir vilka; kiškis buvo labai gudrus, o vilkas kvailas. Gal nebutinai kvailas, bet jam nuolat nesiseke. Tomo ir Džerio istorija.— Aaaa, — pasake nutesdamas danas.— Taip, butent, — patvirtinau užtikrintai.— Vadinasi, jus — rusai."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
42. "Stop, Morgian. Your wiles cannot avail you now.' He turned to the High King and said, ‘The hurt this woman has done me, I readily forgive. It is for the harm that she has caused others that she is to be judged."
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
43. "After 9/11, the businesses in my district and throughout the New York metropolitan area saw firsthand the result of a lack of availability of terrorism insurance."
Author: Steve Israel
44. "No ability, no strength and force, no power of intellect or power of wealth, shall avail us, if we have not the root of right living in us."
Author: Theodore Roosevelt
45. "People sacrifice the present for the future. But life is available only in the present. That is why we should walk in such a way that every step can bring us to the here and the now."
Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
46. "Science is an inherent contradiction — systematic wonder — applied to the natural world. In its mundane form, the methodical instinct prevails and the result, an orderly procession of papers, advances the perimeter of knowledge, step by laborious step. Great scientific minds partake of that daily discipline and can also suspend it, yielding to the sheer love of allowing the mental engine to spin free. And then Einstein imagines himself riding a light beam, Kekule formulates the structure of benzene in a dream, and Fleming's eye travels past the annoying mold on his glassware to the clear ring surrounding it — a lucid halo in a dish otherwise opaque with bacteria — and penicillin is born. Who knows how many scientific revolutions have been missed because their potential inaugurators disregarded the whimsical, the incidental, the inconvenient inside the laboratory?"
Author: Thomas Lewis
47. "It is as well that the world knows only a fine piece of work and not also its origins, the conditions under which it came into being; for knowledge of the sources of an artist's inspiration would often confuse readers and shock them, and the excellence of the writing would be of no avail."
Author: Thomas Mann
48. "Even back then, I guess, I suspected that sometimes the only available choice in life is to spit on death and run."
Author: Tiffany Baker
49. "She's really married?" Tallow said to Bat."Yeah. Talia's like this Scandinavian Amazon who can break rocks with her boobs. She could fit Scarly in her armpit. Sometimes I think she likes Scarly just because she was the most portable lesbian available."
Author: Warren Ellis
50. "I'd love to learn to cook. I think the ladies like a guy who can cook. Also, there are lots of available ladies at cooking classes. Can you tell I'm single?"
Author: Will Estes

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