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1. "My father was too distracted to see anything in this. Mimicking my mother, he taped it to the fridge in the same place Buckley's long-forgotten drawing of the Inbetween had been. But my brother knew something was wrong with his story. Knew it by how his teacher reacted, doing a double take like they did in his comic books. He took the story down and brought it to my old room while Grandma Lynn was downstairs. He folded it into a tiny square and put it inside the now-empty insides of my four poster bed. ~pgs 217-218; Buckley's childhood"
Author: Alice Sebold
2. "The government researchers, aware of the information in the professional journals, decided to reverse the process (of healing from hysteric dissociation). They decided to use selective trauma on healthy children to create personalities capable of committing acts desired for national security and defense." p. 53 – 54? Secret Weapons: How Two Sisters Were Brainwashed To Kill For Their Country: Dale Griffiths, Cheryl & Lynn Hersha, Ted SchwartzWikipedia has a long history of issues with inaccuracy and bias over dissociative disorders, abuse and ritual abuse"
Author: Cheryl Hersha
3. "According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. (quoted by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly)"
Author: Deepak Chopra
4. "For me, I am a huge fan of Sofia Coppola and Lynn Shelton. I love Lena Dunham, like everybody else. I love Kathryn Bigelow."
Author: Diablo Cody
5. "Imagine you're a forty-year-old, Richard," Hamilton said to me around this time, while working as a salesman at a Radio Shack in Lynn Valley,"and suddenly somebody comes up to you saying, 'Hi, I'd like you to meet Kevin. Kevin is eighteen and will be making all of your career decisions for you.' I'd be flipped out. Wouldn't you? But that's what life is all about - some eighteen-year-old kid making your big decisions for you that stick for a lifetime." He shuddered."
Author: Douglas Coupland
6. "Whenever anything disagreeable is happening in the country, Vera Cruz is sure to get its full share."
Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
7. "Apparve come una scellerata con la presunzione di contrapporsi ad un potere che tutto stritola, sì, ma perdona anche ogni peccato e solleva da ogni responsabilità, e compresi che questa era la vera ragione con cui la folla era stata indotta a rinunciare alla libertà e ad arrendersi al male, perché colpa ed espiazione esistono soltanto nella libertà"
Author: Friedrich Dürrenmatt
8. "...hún var gædd þeim fátíða hæfileika að vera ekki algerlega í heiminum nema þegar þörf krafði"
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
9. "Eins var algengt hjá okkur ef spurt var um líðan einhvers manns: iss hann er feitur; en það þýddi að honum liði vel, eða einsog sagt mundi vera í Danmörku, að hann væri hamingjusamur. Ef einhverjum leið illa, þá var sagt sem svo: æ það hálfsér á honum; og væri sá nær dauða en lífi sem um var rætt, þá var sagt: æ það er í er í honum einhver lurða. Ef einhver var um það bil að verða ellidauður, þá var sagt: æjá hann er hættur að bleyta smjörið. Um þann sem lá banaleguna var sagt: já hann er nú að berja nestið auminginn. Um dauðvona ungling var sagt að það liti ekki út fyrir að hann ætti að kemba hærurnar."
Author: Halldór Laxness
10. "This soirée was followed by a longer and more serious session in Pommeroy's, which had ended once again, I regret to say, with Henry and me recalling the great hits of Dame Vera Lynn. So now I turned my face to the wall, closed my eyes and knew what it was like to stand on the edge of eternity."
Author: John Mortimer
11. "How about I call? We'll do lunch." he blew a kiss toward Miss Lynn's increasingly purple face and jumped off onto the next row.Miss lynn shoved past me, running to block the exit. "Guard the gym door!" she shouted,eyes blazing as she took up her position and waited.And waited.And waited.But jack was long gone,having eluded both Miss lynn and any repercussions for his idiotic actions."
Author: Kiersten White
12. "Hubby, At the pool. If I don't return by nightfall, it's your marital duty to rescue me. If it goes that late, this means I've passed out on a lounge chair in Vegas in summer so my advice is to stock up on aloe vera before you launch the rescue effort.LexieWalker stared at the note thinking that Alexa Berry… Strike that. Alexa Walker was fucking funny."
Author: Kristen Ashley
13. "It is a kiss that, once begun, never really ends. Interrupted, yes. Paused, certainly. But from that very moment onward, Vera sees the whole of her life as only a breath away from kissing him again. On that night in the park, they begin the delicate task of binding their souls together, creating a whole comprising their separate halves."
Author: Kristin Hannah
14. "As Lynn began getting psychologically better, she took me to a variety of sites. She taught me how to read trail markers. In the end, Lynn's stories could not be denied. She was not only a victim, she wanted badly to heal. As her experiences were told and worked through, as she slowly began to come to grips with her past, the personalities within her have slowly begun to heal."
Author: Lynn Hersha
15. "He so enjoyed disconcerting a woman of conservative sensibilities, and he suspected that the detective had inhibitions atop reservations wrapped in reticense."--Lucan thinking about SamanthaDark Need by Lynn Viehl"
Author: Lynn Viehl
16. "È inutile indagare le occasioni mancate. Non sai mai se ti sei salvato dalla morte, o ti sei perso la vera vita."
Author: Margaret Mazzantini
17. "Degustare e' un atto di piacere, raccontare questo piacere e' un fatto artistico, ma l'unica vera opera d'arte, in definitiva, e' il banchetto di un'altro."
Author: Muriel Barbery
18. "'Frogs' came because of another obscure movie I did called... well, the title when we shot it was 'Cactus.' It was released as 'Molly And Lawless John,' and it was a Western with Vera Miles. The greatest thing about that movie was, one day, John Ford showed up on the set just to see Vera. And I got to spend some time with John Ford. That was huge."
Author: Sam Elliott
19. "Mr. Robbins let slip that he had not beensleeping well. He'd given up his room at the lodging house to a lady traveling by herself,who'd come into Nowshera too tired to stand, when Nowshera was overrun and bedsimpossible to find. When the lady left, the landlord had given the room to someone else,leaving Mr. Robbins to sleep in rather atrocious places.""Dear me," said Lady Vera."He didn't know it, but that lady was Mrs. Marsden. And I, for one, will always be gratefulthat he helped her when there was absolutely nothing in it for him."Lady Vera set down her tea. She reached forward and took Leo's hands. "Thank you, Mr.Marsden. Sometimes I forget that beneath Michael's ambition, there is not a void, but muchkindness. Thank you for reminding me."
Author: Sherry Thomas
20. "Sentivo l'urgenza di cominciare a vivere. Cominciare a vivere la mia vera vita? Quand'anche dovesse essere una mascherata pura e semplice e niente affatto la mia vita, era venuto ugualmente il momento in cui bisognava ch'io mi mettessi in cammino, che trascinassi i miei torbidi piedi"
Author: Yukio Mishima

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