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1. "At the Serima Mission, in Victoria Province, I am shown around by an enchantingly pretty African nun called Sister Balbina...She cannot be more than 25, and has the most delightful figure. How poignant that she should have dedicated her life in this way.When we come to the bell tower, I ask her to climb up the ladder in front of me.It was rather a caddish request, I suppose, but I had often wondered. Black petticoats and pink knickers. To think I had to come all this way to find out."
Author: Auberon Waugh
Author: Ernesto Guevara
3. "DEWA Profesional PhotographyDEWA Photography Pre Wedding & Wedding Organizer Plaza Victoria Blok B no.01 Sentul City Bogor 16810. Telp : 021-87953067 Fax : 021-87953076 Hp : 0856 9481 456 8 - 089 660 990 160 - 0853 2788 4373 E-mail : [email protected] / [email protected]"
Author: Fotografer
4. "You know Victoria Beckham. She was in that girl group, and they were about to tell us what they really, really wanted, and I was like "Yes, tell me what you really, really want!" And they were like, "Do you really, really wanna know what I really, really want?" And I was like, "Yes, I just told you!" And it turned out that, instead of wanting something, they just wanted to zigazig ah, which is not even a thing."
Author: John Green
5. "Did he happen to select a color too?""Blue.""Blue?" Victoria burst out, prepared to do physical battle for white.Madame nodded, her finger thoughtfully pressed to her lips, her own hand plunked upon her waist. "Yes, blue. Ice blue. He said you are glorious in that color-'a titian-haired angel,' he said"Victoria abruptly decided ice blue was a lovely color to be married in."
Author: Judith McNaught
6. "After Davy had gone to bed Anne wandered down to Victoria Island and sat there alone, curtained with fine-spun, moonlit gloom, while the water laughed around her in a duet of brook and wind."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
7. "Porque no lloras Vic? -le preguntó- Acaso no le echas de menos? Ella tardó un poco en responder. Cuando lo hizo, Shail deseó no haber preguntado nunca. -Los muertos no pueden llorar- Dijo Victoria con suavidad. -Vic tu no estas muerta-replico el mago con un escalofrío -No-concedio ella-pero tampoco estoy viva del todo, dime Shail, se puede vivir con medio corazon?"
Author: Laura Gallego García
8. "Para las Tierras Fértiles, la victoria era un sueño difícil. Las criaturas estaban extenuadas de dolor. Y ya muchos deseaban descansar, sin entender que no hay reposo en el sueño de los humillados"
Author: Liliana Bodoc
9. "Nuestra recompensa se encuentra en el esfuerzo y no en el resultado. Un esfuerzo total es una victoria completa"
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
10. "I mean I should have known. It always happens this way""What does?""The best discoveries always happened to the people who weren't looking for them. Columbus and America. Pinzón, who stumbled on Brazil while looking for the West Indies. Stanley happening on Victoria Falls. And you. Amy Curry, when I was least expecting her"
Author: Morgan Matson
11. "If I'm racist, don't think I would have directed shows like 'The Parkers' and 'The Wayans Brothers' or worked 41 episodes with Victoria Rowell on 'Diagnosis: Murder.'"
Author: Scott Baio
12. "Again, this week as I walked on Broadway, in front of giant photographs of voluptuous supermodels at a Victoria Secret mega-store, who was rebuilding the sidewalks? With sweaty headbands, ripped-up jeans, and dust on their brown faces? Their muscled hands quivered as they worked the jack-hammers and lugged the concrete chunks into dump trucks. Two men from Guanajuato. Undocumented workers. They both shook my hand vigorously, as if they were relieved I wasn't an INS officer.I imagined how much money Victoria Secret was making off these poor bastards. I wondered why passersby didn't see what was in front of their faces. We use these workers. We profit from them. In the shadows, they work to the bone, for pennies. And it's so easy to blame them for everything andnothing simply because they are powerless, and dark-skinned,and speak with funny accents. Illegal is illegal. It is a phrase, shallow and cruel, that should prompt any decent American to burn with anger."
Author: Sergio Troncoso
13. "De ahí el dicho: conoce al enemigo y conócete a ti mismo, y sobre tu victoria no caerán dudas; conoce el Cielo y la Tierra, y tu victoria estará asegurada del todo."
Author: Sun Tzu
14. "...'I thought the rule was that all monks were shaved.''Oh, Soto says he is bald under the hair,'said Lu Tze. 'He says the hair is a separate creature that just happens to live on him."
Author: Terry Pratchett

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